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    The essence of the drug "going pain tablets" sampling failed, the Secretary said that he did not know

    2019-02-11 16:14:00

    China Net Finance

    China Net Finance February 11 (Reporter Du Ding) last year because of "Essence pharmaceuticalThe essence of the drug on the "management case" was unqualified when it was exposed to the "pain-killing tablets" produced in the first year of this year. For the results of the random inspection, Wang Jianfeng, the elite pharmaceutical secretary, said that he did not know when replying to China Net Finance.

    Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Drug Administration issued the "Announcement on the Quality Supervision of the First Phase of Drug Supervision in 2019". Among them, the pain-relieving tablets produced by the elite pharmaceuticals (batch number: 37160604) were sampled and found to have a disintegration time limit that did not meet the requirements. The drug was sampled from Yinxing Road, Shanghai Mind Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

    Shanghai Drug Administration said that Shanghai Yinmin Pharmacy Co., Ltd. Yinxing Road store from ShanghaiKyushutongPharmaceutical Co., Ltd. purchased the “Draining Tablet” with the batch number of 37160604 from the elite pharmaceutical production, and purchased a total of 44 bottles of 8 times. On May 3, 2018, the Shanghai Municipal Drug Administration, which sampled 4 bottles, was inspected by the Shanghai Chongming Food and Drug Inspection Institute according to the first volume of the drug standardization drugs and preparations of the Ministry of Health. The time limit for disintegration under the inspection items did not meet the requirements.

    On September 4, 2018, Shanghai Jiuzhou Tong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. recalled 7 bottles and actually sold 33 bottles. The retail price is 21 yuan / bottle. After receiving the unqualified report, Essence Pharmaceuticals applied for re-inspection to Shanghai Food and Drug Administration on September 13, 2018. On October 11, 2018, Shanghai Drug Administration received the re-inspection report of Shanghai Food and Drug Administration. The result is not in compliance with the regulations.

    This batch was sampled out of the unqualified “degassing tablets”. How many bottles did Essence Pharmaceuticals produce? In addition to the Shanghai Yinmin Pharmacy Co., Ltd. Yinxing Road store, which was taken out, where did it flow? Have you been recalled now? In this regard, China Net Finance reporter called Essence Pharmaceuticals, its director secret, Wang Jianfeng said that he did not see the news and did not understand the situation.

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