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    Tong Ren Tang: "Honey Gate" is expected to reduce revenue in 2018 by 14.56 million yuan

    2019-02-11 19:00:00

    China Net Finance

    China Net Finance February 11th According to BeijingTong Ren TangThe announcement of the company limited by shares shows that the Binhai County Market Supervision Bureau has determined that some of the management personnel of Tongrentang Bee Industry have used recycled honey as raw material to produce honey and marked false production date when they were produced in Yancheng Golden Bee. The relevant provisions of the Security Law impose a fine of RMB 14,088,266.1 on this. According to the investigation of Daxing District Food and Drug Administration, 2,284 bottles of honey produced by Tongrentang Bee Industry since October 2018 have entered the market. According to the relevant provisions of the Food Safety Law, the illegal income of RMB 111,740.88 was confiscated and 3,300 bottles of honey were confiscated. . At the same time, the Tongrentang apiculture food business license shall be revoked. The food production and operation license shall not be applied within five years from the date of the penalty decision. The relevant personnel shall not apply for food production and operation license or engage in food production within five years from the date of the penalty decision. Management and work, serving as food safety management personnel in food production and operation enterprises.

    As of the third quarter of 2018, Tongrentang Bee Industry's operating income was 197 million yuan and its net profit was -873,000 yuan. Its operating income accounted for 1.88% of the company's operating income in the first three quarters of 2018 (unaudited) of 10.477 billion yuan. Tongrentang Net profit for the first three quarters of 2018 (unaudited) was 1.449 billion yuan. According to the above treatment, and taking into account future business adjustments and related asset disposal, it is expected that the Tongrentang Bee Industry's 2018 annual operating income will be reduced by approximately RMB 14,456,900, and the total profit will be reduced by RMB 112,266,100; it is expected to reduce the Company's 2018 annual operating income by approximately RMB 14.56 million. Yuan, reducing total profits by about 112,266,100 yuan, reducing the net profit attributable to the parent company by about 57,768,500 yuan. The above data is only preliminary accounting data, and the specific accurate financial data is subject to the audited 2018 annual report disclosed by Tong Ren Tang.

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