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    "This woman can't do it, too much" is accused of insulting women, Orange Hotel apologizes for comprehensive reflection

    2019-03-09 20:06:56

    Financial sector website 

    On the day before “3.8 Women's Day”, the Orange Crystal Hotel, a chain brand of China Living Hotel Group, was accused of being “supplely vulgar” because of an article titled “This woman can’t do it, too much...” Marketing has caused quite a part of women's discomfort."

    The cover of the article was set up as a picture of a woman lying in the bath, although the article is the hotel's own marketing article, which tells the story of several women's struggles and entrepreneurship, but because of the article title and the accompanying picture ", caused a resentment of some readers, was pointed out by netizens that there is insult to women.

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    In this regard, Orange Crystal Hotel's official Weibo "Orange Hotel" issued an apology statement on the evening of March 8, saying that the media and netizens criticized. And said, "The content of the text of WeChat pushed on March 7 is intended to praise women's independence, encourage women to bravely pursue themselves, and not be bound by the rules. But the title of the tweet is indeed inadequate, we accept everyone's criticism and correction. We will use this as a warning and comprehensively reflect."

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    The following is the full text of the statement:

    For the dissatisfaction of netizens caused by the title of WeChat public account of Orange Crystal Hotel, we accept criticism from the media and netizens, and sincerely apologize, especially to the unhappy women in this beautiful holiday today. Orange Crystal has been striving to advocate contemporary women to be self-reliant and to convey positive energy to life. For example, the text content of WeChat pushed on March 7 is intended to praise women's independence and encourage women to bravely pursue themselves and not be bound by rules and regulations. However, the title of the tweet is indeed inadequate. We accept criticism and correction from everyone. We will take this as a warning, comprehensively reflect on, improve the review of various propaganda texts, and provide more positive and positive energy content for everyone. Welcome everyone to continue to supervise and correct.

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