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    China Consumers Association announced 2018 car complaint analysis Mercedes-Benz BMW FAW-Volkswagen are among them

    2019-03-11 10:44:00

    China Net Finance

    China Financial News Network (reporter segment Shirley) March 11, China Consumer Association published the "Analysis of the National Consumers Association Organization accepted automotive product complaints in 2018" (hereinafter referred to as "analysis"), "analysis" shows that in 2018 received a total of There were 17,773 complaints about automobile-related consumption. Automobile-related complaints mainly focused on after-sales service, contract and quality issues, accounting for 32.2%, 20.7% and 20.0% respectively. The three types of problems accounted for more than 70%.

    From the perspective of the complaint involving the brand, the top 10 involvedBYDMercedes-Benz, BMW, Buick, Audi, FAW Volkswagen, Changan Ford, Dongfeng Nissan, SAIC Volkswagen and Dongfeng Honda and other well-known brands at home and abroad. "Analysis" specifically reminds that this complaint data is an absolute value. Because the sales volume and possession of each automobile brand are different, consumers who should rank the complaints of "Analysis" should consider it comprehensively.

    In response to automobile complaints, China Consumers Association also issued consumer suggestions and warnings. It is said that consumers should strengthen their awareness of rights protection and pay attention to retaining relevant documents such as car purchase and maintenance. In the process of buying a car, consumers should pay special attention to the verbal commitments of the merchants to refund the car deposit, insurance deposit, etc., pay attention to retain the deposit or deposit receipt, record the verbal commitment of the merchant if necessary, and actively strive to sign a paper deposit or deposit refund agreement. .

    After the implementation of the three-package of the car, consumers should pay attention to retain the vehicle purchase invoice and the car three-pack certificate. This is the basic condition for consumers to use the three-pack of the car to defend their rights. Article 13 of the third chapter of the car three-package stipulates: "The repairer should Establish and implement a record system for repair records. Written repair records should be made in duplicate, one for each file and one for the consumer. “So every time the consumer repairs, he should ask the 4S shop or repair shop for a repair invoice for future rights protection. evidence.

    In the case of the elimination of cooperation, it is suggested that operators should learn the law, understand the law, abide by the law, and improve credit is the long-term way of doing business. Article 14 of the "Automobile Sales Management Measures" fully implemented on July 1, 2017 stipulates that suppliers and distributors shall not limit the location of consumers' household registration, and shall not restrict consumers' products such as automobiles, supplies, finance, insurance, and rescue. Providers and after-sales service providers, except for accessories and services used by suppliers for the “three guarantees” service, recalls, etc. When a dealer sells a car, the consumer may not be forced to purchase insurance or provide services such as registration of the vehicle. As a car operator, we should actively learn new laws and regulations, strictly abide by laws and regulations, do not bundle sales, honor promises, do not make false propaganda, improve credibility, and win a good reputation in order to be invincible in the market competition. .

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