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    58 city selection houses are trapped in "true and false mystery"

    2019-03-11 13:49:07

    Zhongxin Jingwei Xue Yufei

    The problem of false housing has always been the ill-health of the same information platform in the same city. After many criticisms and punishments by the regulatory authorities last year, 58 cities shouted the slogan of “real listing”, but Zhongxin Jingwei visited and found that The problem of false listings still exists.

    At the same time, some information publishers who joined the selected housings reported that their real listings were repeatedly removed and deducted from the deposit, and because of the poor feedback channels, there was no way to complain.

    01Fake listings still exist

    Recently, Zhongxin Jingwei searched for rented houses near Fuchengmen, Xicheng District, Beijing in the same city APP. After clicking on the options of “share” and “security”, the listing of a long-rent apartment brand appeared on the top of the page. The three-bedroom master bedroom price is 1590 yuan / month. This listing is located in Beijing Second Ring Road, close toFinancial streetThe rent of 1590 yuan / month is significantly lower than the market price.

    Zhongxin Jingwei dialed the phone number of the listing, and a staff member who claimed to be responsible for the matching of the property said that 1590 yuan is the price of the first month discount. From the second month of occupancy, the price will return to 2590 yuan / month. After that, the staff member transferred the call to a sales person in the long-term rental apartment. The salesperson said that the house pushed on the 58 city-city APP had been rented and recommended other rental houses nearby.

    Under the guidance of the above sales staff, Zhongxin Jingwei saw another rented house in Fuchengmen, which is also a house of 10 square meters. The price has risen to 3,590 yuan/month. This property offers 1,000 yuan for the first month, and then returns 100 yuan per month. For the 1590 yuan / month house, the salesperson said: "There is really no such price around this. This low price, sometimes the house has been rented out, sometimes the information does not match, and sometimes the house in other locations Move to the hot spot."

    On the 58 City App, a house near the Tongzhou Beiyuan, Tongzhou District, Beijing, is being rented. The price of the master bedroom in the three-bedroom apartment is 1744 yuan/month, and the price is lower than the nearby houses. However, the final contact with Zhongxin Jingwei is still the sales staff of the aforementioned long-rent apartment. He did not mention the source of the suite and directly recommended other rental houses. Not only the location is far away, but the price is also several hundred yuan.

    In Tongzhou Beiyuan, a man surnamed Zhang surnamed a room for renting a house to be selected, and displayed the words “Anzhenzhen Real Estate Fake One Hundred Dollars” on the prominent position of the page. The man said that the house was rented by a real estate agency, and he chose to sublease it because he had withdrawn his rent in advance. After proposing to look at the house, the man asked Zhongxin Jingwei to contact one of his friends, but somehow, the caller was a broker of a real estate agency.

    On the phone, the agent did not introduce the above listing, but recommended other nearby properties. When asked if the above property is still rented, the agent said that the property is still there, but refused to disclose details such as the room.

    02Anzhen real house encounter

    Faced with severe supervision and fierce market competition, 58 cities shouted the slogan of “real listing” and launched measures such as selecting houses to ensure the authenticity of the property. It is understood that after the user performs real identity authentication and submits the corresponding property ownership qualification document or pays a certain margin, the published listing information can be marked as a security listing, and the security deposit is 100 yuan per post. However, if a user reports false information in the listing, the information publisher's deposit will be deducted and the listing will be removed.

    According to the rules, the selection of the property must meet the authenticity of the publisher's identity, listing information, status, price, location, office and indoor facilities, type, and contact information. However, a number of listing information publishers reported to Zhongxin Jingwei that their real estate listings were also removed from the same city and were deducted from the deposit.

    In Shanghai, Cheng Shu (a pseudonym) has several sets of resettlement houses for rent. Since there is no real estate license for the resettlement houses, on January 8 this year, she released rent information on the 58th city by paying the security deposit. 10 posts were handed over. A deposit of 1,000 yuan. A few days later, one of the posts was reported by the user who had previously consulted the rental information. In the same city, 58 all the posts associated with her mobile phone number were removed, and the 1000 yuan deposit was deducted.

     3.15 observation | 58 city selection of housing in the "true and false mystery"

    ▲Chen Shu’s election listing complaint did not pass. Image Source: Respondents for the picture

    Due to the absence of a real estate license, Cheng Shu’s appeal was unsuccessful. 58 The city sent a letter to Cheng Shu: According to the feedback from the user, you are not personally identifiable. According to the user's evidence, you have verified and confirmed that your release belongs to the company's behavior. The company's house needs a registered broker and cannot be published in the individual. In the category.

     3.15 observation | 58 city selection of housing in the "true and false mystery"

    ▲The listing released by Wang Feng was taken down. Source: Respondents for the picture

    Wang Feng (a pseudonym) is a professional landlord in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. Several rental houses in his hand have joined the housing of the election. In January this year, without receiving any notice, the 1000 yuan deposit on the Wang Feng account was 58 in the same city detained, the listing was removed. After the appeal, Wang Feng received the same reply as Cheng Shu.

    In fact, Wang Feng’s post did not receive any report, and 58 did not display the report information in the same city. Wang Feng said to Zhongxin Jingwei that he has always been a personal business, and in the name of "personal sublease" in 58 cities to release news, the real estate exists, identity information has not been falsified.

    Xi'an real estate agent Luo Qiang (a pseudonym) reflected to Zhongxin Jingwei, many people in Xi'an were deducted from the deposit, he was also pulled into a rights group of more than 300 people. Afterwards, they negotiated with the staff of the Xi'an area in the same city. The deposits of many people in the group were refunded. He also received a refund of 600 yuan.

    03Controversy behind true and false listings

    In response to the situation of Cheng Shu and Wang Feng, 58 people in the same city responded to Zhongxin Jingwei, saying that they are not individual landlords through user-initiated complaints and platform verification. According to the rules of personal housing management, the platform deducts all houses under the publisher account. Source Margin and delete all rental property information published under all associated accounts.

    The above-mentioned person also said that the report reported that both Cheng Shu and Wang Feng admitted that they were brokers. But Cheng Shu said that the house is hers and never told the user that she is a real estate agent. Wang Feng said that he did not say that he is a landlord, nor did he say that he is an intermediary. His identity is a professional landlord or a second landlord.

    The user reports the fake property and then removes it. It can really manage the false information of the property, but 58 City deletes the property and deducts the deposit without verifying with the property publisher, so that some real property publishers feel Wronged. Cheng Shu said that before the 58th city deleted the post and deducted the deposit, she did not contact her. It was unreasonable to listen to the unilateral information of the reporter. "The deposit is mine. I will deduct the deposit if I don't verify that the report is true. I just send a text message afterwards, it is a bit bully." Cheng Shu said.

     3.15 observation | 58 city selection of housing in the "true and false mystery"

    ▲ Screenshot of Cheng Shu and 58 city customer service staff. Image source: Respondents for the picture

    Both Cheng Shu and Wang Feng said that although 58 cities can appeal, if there is a failure in the first appeal, there is no channel to solve the problem. Cheng Shu said: "After the complaint failed, I contacted the 58 city customer service, the intermediary customer service let me contact the personal customer service, personal customer service let me contact the election, but there is no one to control the election."

    According to the introduction, Cheng Shu contacted the staff of 58 in the same city in Shanghai, but the staff said that the election is not under their control and has nothing to do with them. Once the deposit is deducted, it is difficult to recover. Luo Qiang said: "The last time we returned the deposit, the staff of the same city Xi'an also said that in the future, there will be a situation of deducting the deposit, and they will no longer manage it."

    According to the 58th City “Personal User Renting House Promotion Service Agreement”, the user should appeal within 48 hours from the receipt of the deposit deduction notice. If the user fails to appeal within the time limit, it will be deemed to be automatically waived.

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