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    Be wary: scammers forge a circle of friends More than 30,000 photos are only asking for one price

    2019-03-11 15:43:05

    Beijing Youth Daily, Fu Wei, Dai Youqing

    The beautiful guy at the other end of WeChat may be a liar. The reporter survey found that the "material" transaction

    Forging a circle of friends More than 30,000 photos are only asking for one price

    The scammers pretend to be "Gao Fu Shuai" and "Bai Fumei", swindling to gain the trust of the victims, and then "borrowing money" on the grounds of tight commercial funds and surgery. Recently, police in many places sent a message to remind the public of the fraudulent elements who disguised their identity through the WeChat circle of friends. According to a survey conducted by the Beijing Youth Daily, there are businesses selling photos of live-action circle friends, small videos and other materials, including beauty photos, luxury car videos, and so on. The lawyer reminded that the profit-making behavior of selling and using the photos of others may face legal risks.


    Friend circle exposure, forging money, cheating

    Recently, Harbin police cracked a fraud case. A man is added a friend by a strange girl. The latter constantly uploads stocks, futures profit screenshots and watches, bags and luxury car photos in the circle of friends, making him feel that the other party is not only rich, beautiful, but also investing in mind. In February of this year, this “Bai Fumei” took the initiative to find the man to chat and recommended a short-term, high-yielding investment project. After logging in to the "bulk commodity trading platform" provided by the other party and registering the account, he invested 4,000 yuan. The next day, the website could not be opened, and he was blacked out, so he called for help. In the case of handling the case, the police found that the pictures and videos of the suspects in the circle of friends were mostly purchased from the Internet, and the self-portrait videos and photos were all "high on the", which was very confusing.

    On February 18, the Guangzhou Huadu District Procuratorate announced another fraud case. The 21-member gang first purchased a large number of used mobile phones, computers and other communication equipment, and used the photos of high-value young women as avatars to make female identity. Subsequently, the fraud group released various self-portrait photos and videos in these micro-signal circle of friends every day, accompanied by touching and touching texts, and promoted these micro-signals on some WeChat public numbers. This process lasts for about 15 days and is called “nursing number”.

    Through the "nursing number", each micro-signal has a large number of users actively adding friends every day. When the number reaches 200 to 500, the suspect will filter the friends, the women will be deleted, and the men will pass. Subsequently, according to the refined script to gain a good impression and sympathy, and then spoiled to sell cute, soft and hard foam to sell coffee, fake delivery delay time, and finally claimed to ask for birthday 520 yuan or 1314 yuan red envelope. When the victim finds that he has been deceived, he will immediately “blacken” the other party.

    So, can the material of these scammers disguise themselves be bought online?


    1.1 yuan to buy a set of sellers to avoid infringement

    On March 7th, the reporter of Beiqing Daily used the words “friends circle life photos” and “friends circle show off wealth” as the key words to find out that there are many sellers selling related materials online. It mainly includes beauty life photos, luxury car videos, food, pets and other materials to create a rich life, and many sellers claim that these photo materials are collected from the Internet, high-definition, no watermark, when asked whether it is suspected of stolen graphics and infringement The seller did not respond.

    Beiqing Daily reporter bought a set of materials at a price of 1.1 yuan, including 30,000 pictures of self-display, in addition to life photos, including 3,000 WeChat avatars, more than 700 small videos, etc., involving life, work, travel and other aspects. .

    The reporter of Beiqing Daily also found that the sellers in the division of labor can be described as “everyone has their own strengths”. Some sellers specialize in selling girls’ avatar materials, and only 1,000 yuan for 1,000 avatars. There are also sellers selling luxury car real shot video, after the buyer selects a small video or provides a small video, the seller will help to add the buyer's own voice, make the video appear more realistic, processing a small video price of 5 yuan.

    In addition to beautiful guys

    There are even photos of minors

    In a seller's QQ space, Beiqing Daily reporter saw that there are more than 100 women and more than 20 male models in the sale, there are even pictures of children, the child's face is not processed, but clearly presented . "The pictures you use to do what we can't manage, don't do anything illegal, if you want to buy, we will package it for you." The seller said.

    The reporter of Beiqing Daily spent 5 yuan to buy a set of pictures from the seller. The seller then sent a download address and a download password. After downloading, the reporter of Beiqing Daily found that the set of pictures had two folders and nearly 2,000 photos. It can be seen that the protagonist is a person, but the quality of the photos is uneven.

    On the afternoon of March 7, Beiqing Daily reporter learned from an insider who is engaged in the medical beauty industry. In the medical and beauty industry, there are also many purchases of such sets of pictures into advertisements, which are posted on WeChat or other channels. On the situation.


    Selling someone’s life photo or suspected infringement

    For the legal risks that online sellers may face when selling other people's life photos, Beiqing Daily reporter consulted Zhou Hao, a lawyer of Beijing Yuheng Law Firm. He said that the "General Principles of Civil Law" stipulates that "citizens have the right to portraits and may not use the portraits of citizens for the purpose of making profits without their consent." Therefore, the sale of other people’s life photos for the purpose of making profits violates the right of others’ portraits. Some propaganda in sales may even infringe on the right to reputation.

    For some medical institutions to buy online beauty materials to advertise, Mr. Zhou also said that without the consent of the photo protagonist himself, the purchase of other people's photos through other channels for the production of advertising, will also infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of others, such as portrait rights, It may even infringe on the right to reputation.

    In response to some fraudulent suspects falsifying identity fraud through false photo of friends, many police have repeatedly issued reminders, do not easily add strangers to WeChat friends.

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