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    Ampang first group executives change! Former Taibao Chief Digital Officer Yang Xiaoling joined

    2019-03-14 06:41:26

    Brokerage China Liu Jingyuan Deng Xiongying

    A year after the Anbon Insurance Group's takeover period was extended, restructuring and high-level personnel changes continued to advance.

    On March 13, the Financial Association said that the originalChina Pacific InsuranceYang Xiaoling, the chief digital officer of the group, was approved as the deputy general manager of Anbang Group. The Chinese reporter of the brokerage firm confirmed from many parties that Yang Xiaoling will indeed be the senior executive of Ampang Group. He may be mainly responsible for digital technology and operations in Ampang.

    Since the beginning of this year, there have been many changes in the top management of the Anbang subsidiary. Yang Xiaoling is the first executive of Ampang Group, which means that since the acquisition of Ampang, market-oriented talent introduction is underway.

    Previously, since being taken over on February 23, 2018, Anbang Group has been reorganizing its operations. The insurance protection fund has invested 60.804 billion yuan, the selection of strategic shareholders has started, comprehensively sorted out and evaluated assets, and gradually reduced the assets. ", has transferred equity to a number of subsidiaries.

    Anbang has entered the extended takeover period. The China Insurance Regulatory Commission said that the takeover team will continue to perform its duties in accordance with the law, actively promote various tasks and maintain the stable operation of Anbang Group.

    Most likely responsible for digital technology and operations

    Yang Xiaoling previously served as the chief digital officer of China Pacific Insurance, and just retired in October last year. On October 26 last year, China Pacific Insurance announced that Yang Xiaoling, the company's chief digital officer, resigned as the chief digital officer of the company due to his age.

    People familiar with the matter said that after Yang Xiaoling joined Ampang, he was probably responsible for digital technology and operations.

    According to industry insiders, when Yang Xiaoling was appointed as the chief digital officer of Pacific Insurance, China Pacific Insurance's digital business was remarkable, and “Alpha Insurance” became the most concerned intelligent insurance product. The product was established in February 2017, and officially launched R&D in April. It lasted for 5 months and 30 versions of the iteration and was successfully launched on September 1st of that year. By the middle of last year, this product has covered nearly 5 million users and has become a phenomenal product for the application of artificial intelligence technology in the insurance industry.

    In fact, in January 2017, China Pacific Insurance took the lead in launching the “Digital Pacific Insurance” strategy. In the "Transformation 2.0" launched by the Taibao Group in 2018, the "digital" was further identified as one of the five key keywords for transformation. The data shows that in 2017, China Pacific Insurance's digital coverage rate reached 74.2%, and more than 70 digital products have been applied to multiple service scenarios such as claims, customer service, etc. Three-year expected digital revenues can reach 2.5 billion yuan, only annualized paper saving. It reached 209 million pieces.

    Yang Xiaoling said in an interview with the media last year that the continuous penetration of emerging technologies will reshape the insurance business model and become a new kinetic energy for the development of the insurance industry. He believes that in the future, whoever grasps the opportunities of insurance technology, whoever grasps the key to winning.

    According to public information, Yang Xiaoling was born in October 1958. He has been serving in China Pacific Insurance and retired as the chief digital officer of the Pacific Insurance Group. He used to be deputy director of the office of China Pacific Insurance Company Shanghai Branch, deputy manager of Pudong business department, manager of investigation and research department, manager of business management department, assistant to general manager of Shanghai branch, deputy general manager of Taibao Life Insurance Shanghai Branch, and CPIC life insurance underwriting Deputy Director of the Compensation Center, General Manager of Taibao Life Insurance Beijing Branch, General Manager of Strategic Planning Department of Taibao Group, General Manager, Chief Operating Officer and Deputy General Manager of Taibao Life Insurance Development Planning Department.

    The Chinese reporters of the brokerage also learned that since the Anbang Group was taken over, the takeover group has paid more attention to the improvement of its information technology capabilities. It has arranged for the technical department of Ampang to conduct business exchanges with technology-leading insurance companies, hoping that the latter will be safe. The state provides technical support, including an Internet insurance company.

    Anbang has begun to introduce market talents

    Since the Anbang Group was taken over on February 23, 2018, the restructuring action has been promoted and the recruitment of market-oriented talents has also started. Prior to Yang Xiaoling, a number of Anbang subsidiaries had reported high-level personnel changes.

    In mid-January this year, Shi Hui, a veteran with more than 30 years of experience in property insurance, was reported to be the general manager of Anbang Property Insurance. Shi Hui is well known to the people in the property and casualty industry. This person worked in companies such as PICC, Huatai, and Hezhong. In 2018, he joined the insurance technology company Quantum Insurance.

    According to the news in late January, Ampang's health insurance subsidiary Harmony Health Insurance has been sold, new buyers are exposed, and equity changes will also be accompanied by executive changes. According to the Chinese reporter of the brokerage firm, Harmony and Health has initially identified new candidates for the chairman and president.

    In mid-February, the general manager of Anbang Asset Management changed, and Wu Jianfei, the general manager of the original Minsheng Plus Fund, was allowed to take up this position. Some people in the industry have analyzed the brokerage Chinese journalists. Wu Jianfei has been in the securities field for many years. He is elegant and not impetuous. He has a good track record in the people's livelihood and silver, and at the same time he is awed by risks and has experience in insurance management. He is the manager of insurance management and is no stranger to this field, but also has new space.

    Yang Xiaoling is an executive at the Ampang Group level and was the first to be exposed.

    Transfer of assets, transfer of equity, Anbang asset restructuring

    Previously, on the day when the Anbon Group took over the one-year takeover, the China Banking Regulatory Commission announced that it would extend its takeover period by one year, that is, until February 22, 2020. The Banking Regulatory Commission stated that during the extension of the takeover, the composition of the takeover group, the authority of the takeover group and the implementation method of takeover will remain unchanged. The takeover group will continue to perform its duties in accordance with the law, actively promote various tasks, maintain the stable operation of Anbang Group, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of insurance consumers and various stakeholders in accordance with the law.

    The China Insurance Regulatory Commission said that since the takeover, the takeover team has steadily promoted relevant work and disposed of risks in an orderly manner. Anbang Group's operations have remained stable, its operational capabilities have gradually recovered, and the insurance consumers and the legitimate rights and interests of all parties concerned have been effectively guaranteed. In order to consolidate the results achieved by the takeover, the Anbang Group was actively promoted to move into normal operations.

    Public information shows that since the takeover, the Anbang Group has been reorganizing. The insurance protection fund invested 60.804 billion yuan, initiated the selection of strategic shareholders, comprehensively sorted out and evaluated the assets, and carried out the “slimming” of transferring assets. The equity transfer has been carried out for a number of subsidiaries.

    In May 2018, Anbang listed and transferred its 91.65% stake in Century Securities, September.Xiamen International TradeAnnounced and Qianhai Jinkong jointly with the listing price of 3.56 billion yuan. Xiamen Guomao announced on the evening of March 13 that its joint venture with Qianhai Jinkong had obtained the approval of the Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau.

    In November 2018, Ampang Life Insurance and Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank listed the state-owned financial leasing (Bangyin Leasing) and proposed to clear all of its shares. The reserve price was 4.735 billion yuan. On February 19, Zhongyuan Bank announced that it would join a third-party Henan Wansong to win a 100% stake in Bangyin Leasing at a reserve price of 4.735 billion yuan.

    On December 12, 2018, Anbang listed and transferred all 35% equity of Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank with a reserve price of 16.8 billion yuan. By January 9, 2019, the listing period for the first 20 working days has expired. In late January, Beijin issued a notice stating that it received an application from Anbang Group for the termination of the listing project, and the equity transfer project was terminated.

    At the same time, since last year, Ampang has been repeatedly reported to sell overseas assets, including the Belgian insurance company FIDEA, the portfolio of about 15 luxury hotels, Japanese real estate, the Netherlands VIVAT insurance shares, Vancouver office buildings.

    In addition, the shareholding of A-share listed companies in Anbang Department carried out a round of centralized large-scale internal transfer in June and September last year. Previously, Anbang Group, Anbang Pension, Anbang Property Insurance, Harmony and Health, Most of the joint-stock companies such as Ampang Life Insurance were changed to a shareholding by Ampang Life Insurance, and the shares of Anbang Group, Anbang Property Insurance and Anbang Pension were significantly reduced.

    In addition, in the board of directors of several listed companies of Ampang, the former Ampang resident director resigned, and most of the relevant directorships were replaced by members of the takeover group.

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