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    The fourth day of the air crash Boeing recommended the global grounding 737 MAX passenger aircraft

    2019-03-14 07:34:46

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    Affected by the Ethiopian aviation air crash on March 10,The United States and Canada have joined the ranks of the no-fly Boeing 737 MAX 8.

    Trump spoke at the White House on Wednesday (March 13), announcing that the United States will issue an "emergency order" to ground all 737Max8 and 737Max9 aircraft. Before taking action in the United States, Canada decided earlier on Wednesday to suspend the 737 Max series aircraft flying in its airspace.

    The Canadian Transport Minister said that satellite data tracking the flight of the Ethiopian Airlines showed that the crash might be "similar" to the crash of the Lion Air crash on October 29 last year. At that time, the Max 8 that was flying at the time issued a mandatory command to drop the nose several times due to software failure, and then crashed near the Indonesian coastline. All 189 people on board were killed.

    As of the early morning of March 14, according to incomplete statistics, of the 55 airlines with 737 MAX aircraft, only Panamanian Airlines in Panama and Mauritania in Mauritania continued to fly.

     On the fourth day of the crash, Boeing recommended that the global 737 MAX aircraft be grounded.

    On March 10, a Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft crashed into Ethiopian Airlines, and 157 people were killed. This is the Boeing 737 MAX 8 after the 189-year-old martyrdom caused by the Indonesian Lion Air accident on October 29 last year. The second air crash occurred in the aircraft.

    On the morning of March 11th, the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued a document notice to each transport airline requesting suspension of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 commercial operation. This decision quickly led to the follow-up of multinational regulators or airlines around the world.

    BoeingIt is recommended to suspend the operation of 371 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft worldwide

    Boeing said in a statement on Wednesday that after consulting with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and its customers,Boeing supported the suspension of the operation of the 737 MAX and decided to recommend to the FAA to suspend the operation of 371 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft worldwide.But at the same time, Boeing said it continues to have confidence in the safety of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

    According to reports, Boeing is developing an important software for changing the navigation control system. The software is mainly used for the 737 MAX models that crashed last year.

    It is reported that,The software that changed the navigation control system had been in operation before the Ethiopian aircraft crashed on the weekend, marking a major change in the way the Boeing Company first designed the anti-stall function when it first delivered the 737Max to the airline in 2017.

    On Monday night, Boeing announced details of its 737Max software update program on its website. A company spokesperson confirmed that this update will include the use of multiple data transfers in Max's anti-stall system, rather than the current reliance on individual sensors.

    Since this week, Boeing has fallen more than 10%, and the market value has evaporated.About 170 billion yuan

    Boeing's share price in the US has shaken off the impact of the US announcement that the Boeing 737 MAX series will be grounded, ending the two-day losing streak.

    Boeing's share price rose late on Wednesday, eventually closing up 0.56% higher at $377.50, and fell more than 3% in intraday trading.Although the United States ordered the temporary suspension of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. However, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said it may issue special permits for non-guest Boeing 737 MAX flights as needed.

    Since the beginning of this week, Boeing has fallen 10.66%, and the market value has evaporated by 25.447 billion US dollars, equivalent to about 170 billion yuan.

     On the fourth day of the crash, Boeing recommended that the global 737 MAX aircraft be grounded.

    Fitch said that the Boeing 737 MAX may become a concern in the entire aviation industry credit field for a long time in 2019.

    Fitch said it was too early to take a credit rating action, as the final conclusions about the Ethiopian Airlines and Lion Air crashes are still unknown. “Because Boeing has a large amount of liquidity, financial flexibility, low leverage, market position and diversified income, its credit status is not immediately affected by two crashes.”

    Fitch said it did not believe that the 737 MAX incident would have a significant impact on the aircraft leasing industry covered by Fitch.

    Brokerage Edward Jones downgraded Boeing's stock rating from buy to hold, saying that Egypt's aviation accident may have caused the company to suffer "order delays."

    The pilot had discovered Boeing 737 Max defective a few months ago...

    According to a survey conducted by local media in the United States,In the months leading up to the recent crash, five pilots have complained to Boeing about the safety of the 737 Max. One of the captains said: "The safety performance of this model is seriously insufficient."

    The captain also stated: "This model requires the jury to operate the flight as a de facto warning signal. Now, we know that the system used is error-prone - even if the pilot is not sure what these systems are, what are the redundancy? And failure mode. But what else is the pilot and the captain do not know?"

     On the fourth day of the crash, Boeing recommended that the global 737 MAX aircraft be grounded.

    A captain driving the Max 8 said in November that Boeing and the federal authorities were allowed to pilot pilots without adequate training, which was “unreasonable”, including the failure to fully disclose the apparent difference between their systems and other aircraft.

    A spokesperson for the US Federal Aviation Administration said that the reporting system was submitted directly to NASA, a neutral third party responsible for reporting complaints.

    Sen. Ted Cruz, chairman of the Senate Subcommittee overseeing the aviation industry, said: "Further investigations may reveal that mechanical problems are not the cause, but until then, our priority must be the safety of the flying public."

    Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft are usually used for international flights. The regular routes are as follows:

     On the fourth day of the crash, Boeing recommended that the global 737 MAX aircraft be grounded.

    Super 50 airlines ban fly 737MAX8

    Ethiopian Airlines

    The airline has grounded its Boeing 737 MAX 8 as an "extra safety precaution" to resume flight and other notice.


    China Airlines, ChinaEastern AirlinesCompany and Chinasouthern AirlineThe company, China Aviation's Big Three, operates 97 aircraft. After the crash on Sunday, the Civil Aviation Authority issued the order for all domestic 737 MAX 8 jets at 6 pm on Monday, saying it was “zero tolerance for safety hazards”.


    Earlier Wednesday, the Canadian government announced the suspension of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. The Canadian Transportation Minister said satellite data indicates that the flight mode of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft operating in Canada may be similar to that of an aircraft crashed in Ethiopia.

    United States

    US President Trump said that US regulators changed their practices on Wednesday and will stop flying the Boeing 737 Max series because of concerns about the safety of their crash in Ethiopia last Sunday. Trump announced that the United States will issue an "emergency order" to ground all 737Max8 and 737Max9 aircraft.


    Indonesia suspended all Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft operated by its airlines on Monday, awaiting further inspection. The Air Transport Administration of the Ministry of Transport said in a statement that the policy will "ensure that aircraft operating in Indonesia are in an airworthy state."

    Mexican Airlines

    Mexicana Airlines temporarily suspended its use of its six 737 MAX 8 aircraft, "until it can provide more comprehensive information on the ET302 flight accident investigation."

    Argentine Airlines

    Argentine Airlines said it will suspend the commercial operations of five 737 MAX 8 in its fleet.

    Cayman Airlines

    Cayman Airways operates two new Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft. It said on Monday that the two aircraft were suspended from the mission until more information was received.

    Comair Airlines

    The South African airline said it would remove the 737 MAX 8 from its flight schedule, although "regulators and manufacturers have not asked it to do so."

    Eastar Jet

    South Korean budget airline Eatar Jet said it will temporarily suspend its two 737 MAX 8 aircraft on Wednesday to "eliminate concerns and concerns." The company said it will resume without security problems.

    TUI fly

    TUI Airlines, one of the UK's largest airlines, issued a statement on Tuesday confirming that seven of its MAX 8 aircraft operating in the UK have been grounded. The carrier stated that the decision was made under the direction of a British regulatory agency.


    The Brazilian airline has suspended its fleet of seven 737 MAX 8. In a statement, the company apologized for any inconvenience caused to the customer.


    On Tuesday, the Malaysian Civil Aviation Authority announced that it would immediately suspend the Boeing 737 MAX 8 in Malaysian airspace until further notice.


    A spokesman for the Ministry of Transportation told CNN on Tuesday that German Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer will close the Boeing 737 MAX 8 mission.


    Icelandic Airlines confirmed that they will announce a moratorium on their official account on Tuesday.


    The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore announced on Tuesday that "the operation of all Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in and out of Singapore was suspended in less than five months due to two fatal accidents involving the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft."

    The suspension will start at 2 pm Singapore time, affecting the city's regional airline SilkAir and the following airlines flying to Singapore: China Southern Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, Shandong Airlines and Thailand Lion Air airline.


    SilkAir has previously stated that it has no plans to operate six 737 MAX 8 aircraft between Bangalore, Cairns, Chongqing, Darwin, Hiroshima, Hyderabad, Kathmandu, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Phnom Penh, Phuket and Wuhan.


    The Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) temporarily suspends airlines from flying or flying all Boeing 737 MAX jets to Australia.

    British Civil Aviation Authority

    According to a spokesperson, the UK has banned all 737 MAX aircraft from entering its airspace, not just 8. The regulator said in a statement, "As a precautionary measure, we have issued instructions prohibiting any operator from arriving, leaving or flying over British airspace."


    On Tuesday, the Oman Civil Aviation Authority issued a tweet saying it would suspend the operation of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft "until further notice."

    Norwegian Airlines

    Norway has 18 737 MAX 8 aircraft, which will be suspended on Tuesday. According to news reports, Norwegian acting chief operating officer Thomas? Tomas Hesthammer apologized to the customer and said that "security is always our top priority." In addition, Norwegian Airlines hopes Boeing will compensate for the lost revenue.


    The Civil Aviation Authority of the French Civil Aviation Authority stated that it has decided to ban the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft from French airspace.


    The organization said on Tuesday that the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) has temporarily "suspended" the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft from Irish airspace. The suspension took effect at 11 am Eastern time on Tuesday.

    Turkish Airlines

    The Turkish Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure said in a statement on Tuesday that it is laying the groundwork for all Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

    Wednesday (March 13),Lebanon, Thailand, Serbia, Uzbekistan, etc.It has announced the suspension of Boeing related models.

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