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    From the Yanjiao, where the real estate group is pitted, which houses in the county are worth buying?

    2019-03-14 07:36:02

    Big cat finance


    The earth rejuvenated, the horror has passed, and in addition to the insects, there are housing prices, such as the Yanjiao property market that was once shackled, is said to be quietly warming up.

    The cat brother went to lie down last week, once passed through the inspection station in Yanjiao, selling sales everywhere, selling flyers on the roadside, and the bustling and bustling, this scene has been gone for a long time.Everywhere, the news that "Yanjiao property prices have to turn over" is being circulated.The dead market has a little bit of alive.

    Statistics also show the trend of price increases:

    The average price of new home prices in July last year was 16,350 yuan.Now the intermediary said that the new house with a price of 24,000 yuan was also bought.Second-hand housing rose from 16,722 yuan in October last year to the current 19,696 yuan.It has risen by nearly 18%.Chain home Yanjiao sold about 150 sets of second-hand houses in December last year, and in July 2018 this figure was only about 30 sets.

    The most gratifying thing about this kind of sign is that those who have leveraged real estate are locked up.

    Think of the original Yanjiao, it took less than half a year, from the unit price of 15,000 yuan to the breakthrough of 30,000 yuan.At that time, the intermediary was about to blow Yanjiao to the sky. Compared with the price of more than 160,000 yuan in the Beijing school district, it was said that Yanjiao’s house price was only 30,000 yuan, and 70,000 yuan was not a dream. So every day, there are a lot of people coming to Yanjiao to see the house. At the time, Yanjiao was a paradise for real estate speculators.


    Cat brother has an intermediary friend called Kunzi, and now she is still exhausted.

    He said: "If we don't have to squander the house, we will rely on this to make money. In 2017, many of our agents have a monthly income of 50,000, and the good performers even have 100,000. We are urging us to buy a house. The customer quickly signed, thinking about giving himself a good house type. Later, looking at the price increase of 100,000 yuan and 200,000 yuan, I invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in the property market in Yanjiao, thinking about each suite. If you go up another 1 million, you will sell it and resign to travel."

    Everyone may know that the bubble is going to be broken, but it is breaking too fast.

    In June 2017, the purchase restriction policy was introduced, and the social security of Yanjiao was paid for three years. This stroke has completely eliminated the liquidity of Yanjiao.In the worst time, there were only 8 sets of transactions in Yanjiao, which was big every month.If you want to enter, you can't get in and think of it.

    For a time, the entire property market in Yanjiao was smashed, the intermediary stores were closed, the intermediary was unemployed, and the monthly mortgage of 40,000 yuan became a mountain on the body of Kunzi.

    Selling became the only option, this is a circle of friends of the speculators:

     From the Yanjiao, where the real estate group is pitted, which houses in the county are worth buying?

    What do you mean?Simply put, "The house is free to send you, as long as you continue with the remaining months."The house price fell too fast, the homeowner has already lost the down payment, and the monthly payment is completely down. If you go to the auction, you will have to go to the blacklist of the letter, so you have to make a decision.

    Think about it too,The loan is 2 million yuan. If you have 20 years, you need to pay more than 3.1 million yuan. The house price is low, and the down payment is distressed.The bank will also give interest to the bank every month. The total interest is more than 1.1 million yuan, which is equivalent to giving the bank ten years of work.


    Therefore, for the news that "Yanjiao housing prices have to turn over", the most important thing to pass is the intermediary and the homeowner.The intermediary is for income, and the homeowner is for understanding the set.

    How did they come in at the beginning? The reasons for attracting them at that time were sufficient.

     From the Yanjiao, where the real estate group is pitted, which houses in the county are worth buying?

    ? The administrative deputy center will move eastward and will drive 400,000 people in Beijing to move eastward.

    ? After the subway is opened to traffic, Yanjiao is expected to arrive at the Tongzhou Sub-center in 15 minutes, enter the East Fourth Ring in 30 minutes, and arrive at the new and old airports within one hour.

    ? After the high-speed rail is repaired, it will pass through Tongzhou, passing through Yanjiao, Dachang and Xianghe, running through the three counties. The whole journey is 150 kilometers and the speed is up to 300 kilometers per hour. The whole journey is only half an hour.


    These seem to be the reasons for "Yanjiao must rise", after all,They believe that the greatest potential of Yanjiao is to meet the spillover needs of functions, population and industry from Beijing.Compared with some districts and counties in Beijing, such as Yanqing, Pinggu, Shunyi, Yanjiao has a better geographical position, separated by a river, Tongzhou 50,000, Yanjiao 30,000, how do you choose?

    These fantasies eventually lost to the control measures. Although they are now raising prices, the high-end speculators have a long, long and long time.


    Yanjiao is an example of a sharp rise and fall.

    Every day, many people ask the cat brother, is the house in a certain place worth buying? Many of them are county towns. This is understandable. The number of county towns is large, contributing the most population and vitality. Even in the first and second tier cities, the small county town that is raising you is still worried about the dreams. ,But which county towns are worth buying? It is indeed a problem.

    In the past two years, the prices of some small county towns have caught up with the second-tier cities, bought the dark joy, missed anxiety.Let's first take a look at the main reasons for the price increase in county towns:

    ? Urbanization

    ? Shed change

    ? Return home to buy a home.

    Yi Jin does not return home, such as Jin Yi night trip. But among those who return home,Many are also due to urbanization and shed reforms.The shed reforms were completed in 2020, and the intensity is now much smaller. Urbanization will continue for some time, but the most consuming people have already bought houses. So, these reasons can explain the past rise, butCan not see the continued support for future housing prices.

    From the perspective of buying a house,We can divide the county into four types:

    ? Ordinary county town;

    ? a scarce resource county;

    ? a favorable county town;

    ? The county town that “has a good money effect”.

    Ordinary county towns are places where the economy is average, the income is average, and the population does not flow in. The proportion is very large. When it comes to sheds, the houses in these places will rise, even rising very sharply, like some places in Jiaodong Bay. The average income is 3,000. In the heyday, the house price was 20,000.However, these places cannot be sustained. A family suite is the norm. Apart from living alone, the rent is low and the tenants are low, and the liquidity is poor. There is basically no investment value.We focus on the other several.


    A few years ago, there was a real estate company with internal offers, and Xishuangbanna’s house was less than 4,000.

    Cat brother thought, why go to a place more than 3,000 kilometers away from Beijing to buy a house? I refused. In the second year, I went to Xishuangbanna to look at it. On the weekend, the traffic jam in the core city was blocked, and the bus of a car could only move. The grandfather and aunt from Beijing and Shanghai came down to buy a house.

    It has the only tropical rainforest in China and is rich in tourism resources.Local officials said that we are afraid to promote the purchase of housing, for fear of raising prices.But still useless, a few years of effort, the price here is easy to break.At the time, I recommended the house of the cat brother, the current price is 12,000, and the annualized income is 25%.

    What is sold here is the resource, the typical “scarce resource” county town.

    More typical is Hainan, which is familiar to everyone. The real estate association counted the price increase of the county directly under the county, the top 10 is this:

     From the Yanjiao, where the real estate group is pitted, which houses in the county are worth buying?

    These ten counties are all in Hainan.....

    Although China's coastline is very long, there is only one Hainan. The beaches and climate here are too attractive for the elderly. There are more and more elderly people who buy houses and migratory birds.Therefore, buying a house in these places does not have to worry about value-added and liquidity. The disadvantage is that the quantity is too small and the price is slightly higher.


    There are two types of “policy-friendly” county towns.

    The first kind is Yanjiao, which is the favorite of real estate speculators.Because they are rising fast, they all want to use the difference in information to make a difference.

    Many of the earliest speculators in Yanjiao have doubled their departures. Later, a bunch of squadrons were locked up. The earliest to Xiongxian County, also went to the real estate. These places, unless you have the advantage of poor information, the results are really hard to say.

    The second is to look at long-term planning and make it easier to operate.

    What is the biggest urban plan for the future?

    It is a city group centered on megacities.We have already planned 19 urban agglomerations, three of which are on the right track: Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau, the Greater Bay Area, the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei urban agglomeration.

     From the Yanjiao, where the real estate group is pitted, which houses in the county are worth buying?

    The concept of urban agglomeration is rooted in the theory of industrial agglomeration. The larger the city, the higher the output. In a large, integrated labor market, employers are more likely to find people, and as companies gather together and specialized supply chains are formed, knowledge will be more easily disseminated.

    By doubling the urban population, productivity will increase by 2-5%. China's potential is even greater because our megacities have insufficient population density. The World Bank has said that if Guangzhou's population density is the same as Seoul's, it will be able to accommodate an additional 4.2 million people on its existing land.

    According to the plan, the average population of the largest five urban clusters is 110 million.There is a population policy, and the house here is safer. The planning of the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District was released last month, and then the Guangzhou property market broke out, like last week.The trading volume of Panyu was 7 times that of the same period of last year, and Nansha District increased by 194% year-on-year....

    Buying a house in this planning circle has a higher probability of maintaining value.


    But the most reliable county towns are those that have good money-making effects.

    The reason is very simple. The place where you can make money has a population, employment, vision and opportunity. OneThe price of a city depends mainly on the number of local high and medium net worth people.How to find such a place?

    The easiest way,Can refer to the "Top 100 County Rankings",This is easy to find. In general, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, and Fujian data are eye-catching, and once again in Hunan and other places, this should be consistent with everyone's impression.

    In general, the risk of buying a house in a county with a policy dividend and mainly using market competition to produce a “money-making effect” is not high: the first level recommends the Yangtze River Delta and Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao; once again, the core cities such as the two lakes and Chengdu can be considered.

    Relying on poor policy information, it is more difficult, suitable for people with craftsmanship. In addition, most of the county towns just need to buy it and buy it. The investment needs to be cautious, especially now that it is not known how to collect the property tax. The extra money can now be considered for the purchase of some financial products, and the stable compound interest is more trustworthy than the unreliable house.

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