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    General Administration of Market Supervision: 6515 cases of health care product remediation and 100-day action

    2019-03-14 17:35:00

    Economic Daily - China Economic Net

    Economic Daily - China Economic Net Beijing March 14th On March 14, the General Administration of Market Supervision released a joint action to rectify the "health" market chaos 100 days of action. As of March 10, the Action CCP filed 6,535 cases and closed 2,290 cases. The case value was 7.79 billion yuan, the penalty amount was 268 million yuan, and 174 cases were transferred to the judicial organs.

    Economic Daily - China Economic Net reporter learned that on January 8 this year, 13 departments including the State Administration of Markets and the United States jointly deployed a 100-day campaign to rectify the "health" market, targeting false publicity and illegal advertising in the "health" market. Remediation of a series of prominent problems such as consumer fraud and counterfeiting.

    The relevant person in charge of the Price Supervision and Competition Bureau of the General Administration of Market Supervision said that after 65 days of centralized rectification, the “Hundred Days Action” achieved some stage results. Among the cases investigated and handled in various places, the number of false publicity and false advertising cases accounted for the highest proportion. In two types of cases, 2,531 cases were filed, accounting for 38.7%; 733 cases were closed, accounting for 32%. The cases of illegal direct sales and pyramid schemes were the highest, with a maximum value of 4.954 billion yuan, accounting for 63.6%; and fines of 194 million yuan, accounting for 72.4%. Cases transferred to the judiciary are mainly suspected of pyramid schemes and food safety violations.

    The person in charge also pointed out that there are some difficulties and challenges in the supervision and enforcement of the previous stage, mainly in the following aspects: First, it is difficult to obtain evidence and difficult to investigate. The illegal acts are more subtle and the evidence is difficult to preserve. In order to avoid the limelight, some operators have temporarily closed their doors, transferred their business premises, and transferred to underground operations. The second is difficult to understand. The understanding of the “health” market by ordinary people, especially the elderly, needs to be further improved. The psychological basis that the elderly are easily tempted by Xiao En Xiaohui is difficult to eliminate in the short term, and it is easy to form resistance to law enforcement. The third is that it is difficult to identify. The “health care” market has a wide range of products, many types of commodities, complicated illegal activities, and strong professionalism. The new business and new problems have developed rapidly. Some illegal actors have walked on the edge of the law and used legal cloaks to cover up the nature of infringing on the rights and interests of the people and seeking illegitimate interests, and evading legal regulation.

    Economic Daily - China Economic Net reporter was informed that the next step, joint rectification of the "health" market chaos like the 100-day joint working group on the basis of continuous regulatory enforcement and increased publicity, has begun to consider the establishment of long-term regulatory mechanisms . At present, the General Administration of Market Supervision, as the lead department, has sent letters to relevant ministries and commissions, as well as the national market supervision system, and will also solicit opinions from the whole society on the establishment of a long-term mechanism in the form of announcements from the General Administration. Governing and sharing the situation in which the whole society participates.

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