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    Malaysian Badminton Association said that Li Zongwei’s return time has not been determined

    2019-03-14 21:39:00

    Securities Times Network 

    Xinhua News Agency, Malaysian Badminton Association President Noelza Road Zakaria said on the 14th that the three-time Olympic men's silver medal winner Li Zongwei can come back to the Malaysian Badminton Open in early April, and it still needs a doctor's check to finally determine.

    In the Malaysian Open final last year, Lee Chong Wei defeated the Japanese player Tao Tian Xian Dou, who ranked first in the world men's singles, and won the championship for the 12th time. However, he soon found out that he had nasal cancer and received treatment until the end of last year. According to the latest ranking released by the World Badminton on the 12th, Li Zongwei ranked 41st in the men's singles.

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