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    The liar has a new routine! "Chongcao girl" story is more blood

    2019-04-01 16:07:59


    Young girls are poor,

    The family made a marriage contract for the bridesend.

    In order to help her get rid of the fate of "one wife and four husbands",

    Hundreds of enthusiastic big brothers donated generously...

    Do you think this is a love story?

    NO! It is a scam!

    Following the "tea sister" and "teaching beauty",

    "Chongcao Girl" is on the line!

    The liar pretends to be a "Chongcao girl" to defraud the 30-50 year old man

    In fact, like the previous scams, the scammers first registered the micro-signal to pretend to be a young female, targeting a married man between 30 and 50 years old.

    In this script, the "female protagonist" is a poor girl who is born in the Cordyceps family. She was placed in a tragic marriage contract by her elders, and even faced the fate of "one wife and four husbands". So the girl fled to Guangzhou, but at home. The only way out for people to catch her back is to sell the collected Cordyceps for the return of the "grabs."

    After the big brothers moved their hearts, "Chongcao Girl" said that there is still a rescue! The "rescue plan" is prepared in three ways:

    ■ Buy my Cordyceps and help me refund my money! (The selling price is more than 100 yuan, and the scammers buy only 20 yuan from the market).

    ■ Borrow money to help me, I must still!

    ■ Big Brother is too sympathetic, and actively raises donations and loves.

    Although they are all routines, there are still many people who have made a move. Since December 2018, nearly 300 people across the country have been defrauded more than 800,000 yuan!

    The police solved the case: "Chongcao girl" has men and women. The monthly story is changed in early January 2019. The Shanghai police found that a criminal gang has long used the network to sell fraud in the name of Cordyceps. On February 27th, the Shanghai police smashed the gang in Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province. 30 suspects, such as Hong Mou and Zhang Mou, were escorted back to Shanghai and detained in accordance with the law.

    "Chongcao girl" is now in shape. She is not a girl from a poor family, but a group of so-called "tech companies" with men and women.

    The company has a total of 36 salesmen, corresponding to the registration of 36 WeChat trumpet, through the "growth" advertisers to add more than 300 friends for each number as fraud targets, the target audience are 30 to 50 years old married men.

    With more than 300 WeChat "friends", the salesmen began to raise the trumpet every day: release the daily photos of "Chongcao Girl", so that the target audience can gradually understand their own life. In fact, these photos were taken for model shooting. Since the incident, six groups of photos have been taken, and each group of photos corresponds to a plot.

    The gang changes a story every month, and the storyline is similar. But basically, the "Chongcao Girl" is the main line, creating a story of a girl fighting for fate. Basically, the girl returned to the bridge section of a certain province in the west. Many good-hearted brothers were rescued by "unable to hold". The arrangement of "one wife and four husbands" was the most poked in the heart of the victim.

    Since December last year, the company has taken pre-investment such as taking model photos, promoting powder absorption, rent, and recruitment. The 40-day “performance” reached nearly 500,000 yuan and the profit was 140,000 yuan. Among them, Hongmou, which provided the company with “core technology”, scored 49,000. “Our employees have a base salary of 2,500 and a certain commission. The best-performing employees earned more than 10,000 a month.”

    Video calls can also be faked

    What makes these big brothers generously donate to a girl who has never met? The victims, Mr. Gu and Mr. Li, said that in addition to their sympathetic life, they also had video calls. "I have encountered fraud in the past, selling stocks, tea or something, have been seen by me." Mr. Gu said that unlike other frauds, the other party promised to make a video call.

    The suspect, Hong Mou, said that video calls can also be forged!

    They use a software to connect the pre-recorded video. After the video call is connected, the victim can see the "Chongcao Girl" appear in the dialog box. "These videos are very short. For a few seconds, the content is probably about girls in meetings, shopping, and then hang up with a few words."

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