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    "Digital currency" also has a cottage! More than fraud, "fraud" 20 days pit 70 million

    2019-04-01 16:09:38

    CCTV Finance

    Shareholders invest in “digital currency”

    Ms. Wang of Zhejiang Jinhua likes to stocks, and recently put hundreds of thousands of dollars into a digital currency called PCE. What Miss Wang did not expect was thatAfter half a month, the digital currency of the PCE that he invested in suddenly fell from 5 yuan per unit to less than 4 cents. This cliff-style plunge caused Ms. Wang to lose more than 350,000 yuan in an instant..

    Victim Ms. Wang:It fell more than two o'clock that night, and I immediately found out.

    After receiving the alarm from Ms. Wang, the Zhejiang Jinhua police passed the case and found that within the scope of Jinhua, a total of three investors invested in PCE digital currency, with a loss of 1.2 million yuan. The investigators found that it is very difficult to find out the true origin of the PCE digital currency trading platform.

    Civilian Chen Liang:If there is no evidence that the platform is fake, we dare not touch it. Even if we know that they are there, we can't touch it. Now we have the trial as the center and we should tell the evidence.

    Civilian Zhou Zhenlei:The digital currency bought by the victim plummeted by 90% in two minutes.In addition, the police simply searched for the so-called digital currency. Only on this platform, there is this digital currency, which cannot be searched by other platforms.

    There are indications,This so-called digital currency is probably just a symbol for criminals to defraud money. It is actually just a cottage currency..

    PoliceZhou Zhenlei:These apps and websites are all outside the country, and the police have no direction to start.

    PoliceChen Liang:The money has basically been washed away, and there is no way to check it. Every step has gone to the pool of funds.

    Under the guidance of the Jinhua Anti-Fraud Center, the case-handling personnel changed their thinking and started to look for clues from the developers of the digital currency operation platform. A few days later, I found a suspicious object.

     Civilian Wang Xia: I quickly found one of them Wang.

    Civilian Wang Xia: I quickly found one of them Wang.

    Civilian Zhou Zhenlei:Found that Wang is a shareholder of a technology company in Xi'an.

    Civilian Chen Liang:He was still working outside two years ago. Through these two years, we have found that his entire standard of living and the holding of houses, cars, and consumption levels have changed a lot. It is not normal and it is impossible to get rich for two years.

    After half a month of in-depth investigation, the investigators have a comprehensive understanding of the technology company located in downtown Xi'an. The legal representative is Yang, and Wang is one of the shareholders. They have a large and complex structure below.

    Civilian Wang Xia:There are operational fraud links, a teacher lecture team, a trade team, and a lot of business dens. After sorting out the relationship, the gang can be studied before it can be played. Because once there is a link that can't be successfully destroyed, it is very difficult to form the chain of evidence.

    The police arrested the network in advance and arrested 12 suspects.

    According to the rhythm of cracking down on telecommunication network fraud in the past, it usually takes about two months from the beginning of investigation to the final collection. Jinhua police found that the fraud group is preparing to apply for a passport and is ready to move the dens abroad. The task force decided that it must be collected in advance. network.

    In the cooperation of public security organs in Xi'an, Hubei, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Guangzhou, Jiangxi, Inner Mongolia and other places, Jinhua police arrested several arrest groups and smashed six fraudulent dens, and arrested Wang and Yang. More than 60 major criminal members, frozen funds of more than 50 million yuan. Carefully planned together to lure victims into buying fake digital currencies with the help of blockchain technology concepts.More than 20 days of crazy online scams of more than 70 million yuan, surfaced.

    Criminal suspect Qiu:The main speaker, the so-called business manager,They casually recommend a stock, and this stock has gone up, it just happened to take the opportunity to let customers participate in the digital currency.This node opportunity is more critical.

    Civilian Wang Xia:By manipulating a large number of chips at hand to buy and sell currencies, so that the currency may rise or fall, it is actually controlled by the dealer.The banker is in the form of sitting in the form of a village to kill and implement the process of fraud.

    At present, the 12 suspects involved in the case have been approved for arrest.The police reminded that compared with the traditional speculation of spot and futures fraud, the fraud group wearing the blockchain coat is more concealed.In this case, in more than 20 days, there are more than 500 victims from all over the country. If they do not receive the net in time, the consequences will be disastrous.

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