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    This 仗 America must win! Trump announced that 1.84 trillion yuan of gold has been laughed at 5G users.

    2019-04-15 07:24:53

    Daily Economic News Every edited

    On April 12, local time, the White House government website quietly announced a "big news" when Americans were preparing to celebrate the weekend.

     "This is the United States must win!" Trump announced that 1.84 trillion yuan of gold is going to 5G, and netizens laughed.

    Every time the Xiaobian notes, the White House newsletter is titled "President Trump is taking steps to ensure that the United States wins the 5G competition."

    The manuscript said that the US government and the private sectorA total of 275 billion US dollars (about 1.84 trillion yuan) is planned to be invested on the 5G network.Create 3 million jobs and ultimately increase the US economy by $500 billion.

     "This is the United States must win!" Trump announced that 1.84 trillion yuan of gold is going to 5G, and netizens laughed.

    The White House official tweet is even more arrogant. "Thanks to President Trump, the United States is rapidly deploying a safe and reliable 5G network and winning global technology competition."

    However, this ambitious investment plan has not been recognized by netizens.

     "This is the United States must win!" Trump announced that 1.84 trillion yuan of gold is going to 5G, and netizens laughed.

    Someone said that

    "The number of 4G base stations in China has surpassed that of the United States, enabling application scenarios such as mobile payment and e-commerce. The large number of Internet users in China has made the rapid development of network communication technology possible.China will continue to maintain its technological superiority in the 5G era. ”

     "This is the United States must win!" Trump announced that 1.84 trillion yuan of gold is going to 5G, and netizens laughed.

    Some people expressed dissatisfaction with the White House’s “thanks to Trump” attitude, and joked that if there was a question related to 5G in Coulter, he would probably not ask.

     "This is the United States must win!" Trump announced that 1.84 trillion yuan of gold is going to 5G, and netizens laughed.

    More welcoming netizens point out,The United States has lagged behind China, Japan and South Korea in 5G technology.I don’t think about the promotion of the White House.

    5G investment totals 275 billion US dollars

    US President Trump and the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) jointly announced several initiatives aimed at promoting US 5G network growth on Friday (12th).

    In his statement, Trump stated clearly, "5G competition has begun and the US must win! ”

    Trump said,

    "This is a competition that the great private companies in the United States are now participating in. According to some estimates, the US wireless communications industry plans to invest 275 billion dollars in 5G networks, which will create 3 million jobs for Americans. Our economy has increased the benefits of $500 billion."

    The FCC said in a statement that by the end of 2019, 92 US 5G network sites will be ready.Will surpass South Korea by then(There will be 48 5G network sites by the end of 2019).

    5G is the next generation wireless network that enables faster data speeds. Unlike 4G LTE networks, which are primarily targeted at mobile phones, tablets and computers, 5G is also expected to help automate vehicles to achieve more reliable connections and to achieve "Internet of Things" smart cities, such as connecting street lights, traffic lights and more. The ultra-high network speed of 5G enables these scenarios that require continuous data entry.

    AT&T and Verizon have already launched 5G networks in the US, while T-Mobile and Sprint plan to activate their 5G networks later in 2019.

    The United States speeds up spectrum auctions and still lags behind China

    Trump also ordered the US Federal Communications Commission,In order to cope with the rapid development of 5G networks,Want to free up as much radio spectrum resources as possible. The spectrum is a radio wave network used to provide networking services to devices, and is managed by the Federal Communications Commission in the US spectrum space.

    The US Federal Communications Commission said it will offer "the largest spectrum auction in US history" by the end of this year, allowing operators to bid for new spectrum in the 37GHz, 39GHz and 47GHz bands. The Federal Communications Commission said that the newly released spectrum resources will be used preferentially to "promote the development of 5G, the Internet of Things and other advanced spectrum-based services."

    In addition, the US Federal Communications Commission has introduced new rules that allow "fixed satellite service operators to use the 50GHz spectrum to provide faster, more advanced services to their customers." The Federal Communications Commission also said that the current rules "reduce the ability of users to deploy small next-generation network equipment on their own property," especially in rural areas. The committee also proposed to allow people to install "hubs and relay antennas" on private property to stimulate the development of 5G networks.

    According to the latest report of the American Wireless Communications and Internet Association (CTIA),China's IF spectrum resources are four times that of the USTherefore, the relevant US regulators are called upon to increase the spectrum to promote the development of 5G.

    CTIA CEO Melettis said: "The United States has made remarkable progress in the 5G competition, but we can not be proud of it because the 5G competition has just begun.We must redouble our efforts to surpass China and other countries.. ”

    According to research by the international consulting firm Analysis Group, by releasing more spectrum resources in the next five years, the US wireless industry can bring in $391 billion in revenue to the US, while providing 1.8 million new jobs.

    In addition, CTIA also called for efforts to increase the number of cellular base stations throughout the United States. According to the report,China has more than 14 wireless cellular base stations per 10,000 people, compared to 4.7 in the US.. In addition, Chinese operators have installed more than five sites per 10 square miles, compared to 0.4 in the United States.

    US user experience 5G:Crazy

    On April 3, local time, Verizon, the largest US telecom operator, released a 5G network in Chicago and Minneapolis, just one hour later than South Korea. Verizon used Motorola's MotoZ3 and 5GMotoMod phones.

    Jessica, the editor of the technology website CNET, described his first 5G experience with the words "frustrated", "confused" and "completely crazy".

    She said that the maximum speed of the 5G network is really amazing, and you can download an album or a video in an instant. but,5G network is very unstableThe network speed can sometimes reach 600Mbps, but sometimes only 200Mbps. More often, the phone displays 5G signals, but the speed is like 4G.

     "This is the United States must win!" Trump announced that 1.84 trillion yuan of gold is going to 5G, and netizens laughed.

    Wilson, the editor of another technology media TheVerge, said he stayed in Chicago for 18 hours.It is very difficult to find 5G network coverage in the whole city.The signal is quite small. Even in the vicinity of the 5G node, if there is a 5G signal near the door and window of the building,A few steps away from the inside of the building, the signal is gone.

    Where there are 5G signals, the data speed is much faster than the 4G LTE network, averaging 400-600Mbps, almost ten times that of the iPhoneXSMax mobile phone. However, the upload speed is slower than expected, and the speed is 20 to 30 Mbps.

    At present, although the US 5G high-speed network has been running, it has not been officially completed, and its stability is still insufficient, and 5G is still sharing infrastructure with 4G LTE.

    For the evaluation of the above two technology media, Verberon's vice president of network engineering, Haberman explained to CNBC: "The 5G mobile phone signal display is different from the past. Only when the user tries to use 5G, the mobile phone will display the connection 5G. Even in the signal coverage area, the phone does not necessarily display the 5G signal icon."

    Just like the first few years of 4GLTE launch, users have experienced the same capacity problems, such as the mobile phone will be disconnected from the stadium where the crowd gathers. But Haberman confidently said that 5G will not have such problems.

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