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    Earn more than 10,000 yuan to support the tens of billions of projects. Who said that "month and a half" has no market?

    2019-04-15 14:09:10

    CCTV Finance

    By e-commerce express train and live air outlet, the large-size clothing market has heated up rapidly in the past two years. The sales of large-size women's clothing on the e-commerce platform has exceeded 10 billion.

    Not only the large-size clothing, large-size beauty, food, and even cultural and creative products, but also related industry chains have gradually become a climate. In Hangzhou, this year, the number of stores specializing in large-size clothing has increased significantly.

    //From clothing to food “Large people” hold up the tens of billions of markets //

    At a large-scale Wenchuang base in Hangzhou, designer Guo Rongdong and colleagues are preparing new products online. Different from previous years, this year, the main store of “big size clothing” is obviously more on the e-commerce platform.

    Large-size clothing designer Guo Rongdong: When I first started doing large-size clothing in 2013, few of them in the country were doing big-size clothing. Now, the data we are looking at is several times larger than in previous years, and large-size clothing is getting younger and younger.

    Ten years ago, when Guo Rongdong was doing foreign trade business, he noticed that there were various types of foreign clothing orders, such as standard, high, short, and large, and there was no such subdivision in the domestic clothing market. But by 2018, there were more than 10,000 Taobao stores for large-size women's clothing, of which more than 10 had annual sales of over 100 million.

    Large size clothing designer Guo Rongdong: Three years ago, large-sized people bought clothes that were too big. He was not very picky. Nowadays, the requirements of large-size people are higher. They must be the same style as the small-size clothing, even more sexy and more cute.

    Today, food, beauty, large size backpacks, large size seats, large size swim rings and other products around the "big size" have formed a market of more than 10 billion scale, and grow steadily at a rate of 20% per year. . In Hangzhou, even the large code Wenchuang base appeared.

    Li Zhige, the initiator of Dafa Wenchuang: For example, the large-size market has some accessories, shoes, and even household items, and some daily travel supplies. Around the big code, we can do more full-category expansion.

    With the update of sales methods such as e-commerce platform live broadcast, many large-scale sales people are also a sudden rise. The Sichuan girl Xiu Xiu, who used to do food processing, became a red man of big-size food sales because of his cute appearance.

    Big code sales anchor show: I sell better, the first is snacks, and one is home supplies. I used to sell a broken machine. The sales of one night can reach more than 100,000. Consumers may think that I am the same as them, and there is no sense of distance.

    E-commerce food business Feiyan: There is a portrait of a crowd behind the large-scale sales person, which can better access our customer base.

    // "Large-scale economy" gave birth to "big-size broker" //

    △ CCTV Finance "economic information network" column video

    The rise of the large-size personal goods market is mainly on the e-commerce platform. Nowadays, consumers are not satisfied with the product introduction through pictures and short videos. The large-size sales people who are similar to their own bodies are more easily converted into purchase orders by means of e-commerce live broadcast. This has also spawned a brokerage company that specializes in incubating large-scale sales.

    Fang Jian, the head of a large-scale sales anchor brokerage company in Hangzhou: We have about 400 square meters here, and there are five live broadcast rooms, which are dedicated to large-scale vertical fields.

    Fang Jian told reporters that two years ago, it was still an ordinary clothing company, and the business was not warm. As a result of optimistic about the large-format market, Fang Jian and his partners decided to transform the brokerage company that made large-scale sales. I did not expect to only do one month, the company's signed large-size sales anchors have reached two or three hundred daily orders. The company’s contractors have also changed from the original two or three to more than 30 today.

    Fang Jian, head of a large-scale sales anchor brokerage company in Hangzhou: Everyone continues to discover that the market in this field is actually very large. Nowadays, at least 5-10 large-size people find their company to apply for it every day, and they want to be a big-code anchor.

    Tong Shasha is a signing contractor of Fangjian Company. She has been doing live sales for more than one year, and she has accumulated more than 30,000 fans.

    Tong Sasha told reporters that she was not good at finding a job because of her size, but now she has become a sales person who can earn thousands or even tens of thousands of commissions a day. The turnover of the large-size sales anchors signed by the company has exceeded 300,000 a day.

    For large people, it is better to see the use of the products through live broadcasts, and they can push them to place orders. This has led to an urgent need for the market to sell large-scale live broadcasts. According to incomplete statistics, today, there are more than 600 large-format products broadcast live every day. In March 2019 alone, the sales of large-size products driven by live broadcast exceeded 100 million yuan.

    // tailored to the big code market to be further subdivided //

    △ CCTV Finance "economic information network" column video

    Large-size featured products, coupled with the live broadcast recommendation of sales people, just emerging the big-code economy, seems to perfectly replicate the sales model of the traditional e-commerce goods "to bring people". However, the industry also pointed out that simply superimposing the big code with this sales model is far from enough. The activity of this market has yet to be stimulated, and the diversification of individualization needs further subdivision.

    Lily after 90 is a new big-size anchor. Although the big-size market is very hot today, Lily admits that making money with "fat" is far less easy than in previous years.

    Big code sales anchor Lily: I am now broadcasting 6-8 hours a day, but for now, the entire income is only over 1,000 yuan a month.

    Although there were five or six thousand people watching Lily live on the weekend, how to turn the amount of viewing into a single order still confuses her.

    Big code sales anchor Lily: You just came to the extent that fans may like you. He has his own considerations in all aspects. Maybe your clothes are not enough for him. Maybe your own affinity is not enough. Some new people will not sell them. Go out.

    The confusion of newcomer Lily, Chen Shide, who has now sold millions of fruits through live broadcasts, has also been there. More than three years ago, he started a fruit business with his classmates. He thought that he could attract fans by interesting live broadcasts, but the market did not buy it.

    As a result, Chen Shide moved the live broadcast scene to the field, fully demonstrating the unique quality of Hainan fruit, and quickly attracted tens of thousands of fans.

    Large-size sales anchor Chen Shide: Now selling an hour and a dozen, the fruit repurchase rate of our store is very high, there are five possible repurchases.

    In the large-code characteristic market, more and more practitioners realize that only by constantly satisfying consumers' demand for product quality and value can they take the lead in the market.

    Today, China has surpassed Europe and the United States to become the country with the most obese population in the world. In all aspects of life, people need products with high quality, comfort and characteristics. In the segment of the large-code market, not only the "special" products such as food, beauty, and household items are yet to be developed, and even in the forefront of the large-size clothing industry, there is still room for digging.

    Li Zhige, the initiator of Dafa Wenchuang: Large-size clothing is not just about expanding the size of small-size clothing. Some people are fat thighs, some people are fat stomachs, some people are fat shoulders, and the dressing needs of these people are solved. You can do a special design.

    Zhao Zizhong, Dean of the New Media Research Institute of Communication University of China: Personalization and diversification are very important ways in modern commodity supply. It is very important to make special products for such specific groups. I think that in fact, everyone has underestimated the market size of featured products.

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