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    Mercedes-Benz owners are forced to pay 15,000 financial service fees. Industry: 4S stores are like this

    2019-04-15 14:14:17

    China Consumer News

    These two days

    Xi'an Mercedes-Benz owner's rights defending event continues to ferment

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    The owner said that he was forced to pay

    15,000 yuan "financial service fee"

    Raising hot discussion

    On April 13th, the female car owner met with the person in charge of the 4S shop. After several hours of communication and negotiation, the two sides finally broke up.

    On the same night, a recording of the consultation between the female car owner and the Mercedes-Benz sales executive on the Internet lasted for more than 18 minutes.

    The owner made eight appeals

    And questioned 4S shop to charge "Mercedes Financial" service fee

    Suspected of deceiving consumers

    "Crying rights defending" Mercedes-Benz owners and 4S shop executives dialogue recording exposure, questioning "Mercedes-Benz financial" service fees suspected of fraud


    Executives: I didn't see you in time because I went abroad. I have been looking for you for ten days, and I have a net abroad.

    Executives: Before you drafted the agreement, it is ready to be confirmed next Monday. Owner: Don't play the official position on the spot. Why is the agreement to be signed in the future be said to have been reached?

    Owner: After paying the down payment, Mercedes-Benz gave me Mercedes-Benz Finance without knowing it, and received a service fee of 15,000. I was forced to do the follow-up after the scene was forced to pay. Is this reasonable?

    The money, not only did not have an invoice, but was transferred to a private account via WeChat. The female car owner claimed that she must make a statement on behalf of the consumers for this cost.

    Some netizens said, "Personal car change is no longer the focus, and it is the key to maliciously charging service fees." Many people who have bought a car may have been "pitted" by the so-called "financial service fee."


    Many 4S stores in Beijing indicate

    Will charge a "financial service fee"

    What exactly is the “financial service fee” mentioned by the parties? Do I have to pay this fee when I apply for a loan at a 4S store? In this regard, the reporter visited several different brands of 4S stores in Beijing.

    Mercedes-Benz 4S shop staff: "The 'financial service fee' has, for example, you do all the business procedures, apply for financial loans, follow-up audits, including mortgage registration, these are the personnel who need to serve you, so this part There will definitely be a fee."

    Beijing Hyundai 4S shop staff: "The service fee is 2,800 yuan, and Beijing Hyundai Financial Business also needs to charge service fees."

    The reporter found that paying "financial service fees" is a common phenomenon when buying cars in 4S stores. Some consumers may even choose to buy a full car because they are worried about these costs.

    Consumers: "I know that there are a lot of fees, such as interest, fees, etc., and I don't know, so I choose to buy the car in full."


    Insider broke the news

    "Financial service fee" is

    4S shop a way to charge

    It seems that when the loan is purchased, the consumer can not afford to pay the "financial service fee". As the female car owner asks, who is the money, 4S shop provides consumers with What service?

    △ CCTV Finance "economic information network" column video

    This is a new car's consumer order, which shows the breakdown of the cost of buying a car. A closer look reveals that there is a car loan service fee, which is the "financial service fee" mentioned earlier.

    The sales quotation of a 4S shop in Beijing clearly indicates that there is such a service fee. Therefore, this fee is not hidden in every 4S shop before buying a car. Many stores will inform in advance, but the money is What exactly is it? Why pay this fee? Who is collecting it?

    A car 4S shop staff: "'Financial service fee' is the service fee when the loan is received. Different dealers, 4S stores, different models, brands, and different fees. Generally speaking, it is 3% of the loan amount. It is charged at 5%. It is the cost of collecting data and approval process when helping consumers with loans.

    There is no legal basis for charging this fee, and all 4S stores have this problem.

    This money should be the fee charged by the dealer himself. Most stores should not be able to invoice, usually in the form of a receipt for you. ”


    Many people may choose to buy the whole lot when they buy a car, but sales will let him use the loan method. Why?

    Insider: "Because he usually gives consumers two prices, one is the price of your full car purchase, the other is the price of the loan, the general loan purchase price will be more favorable, so he will guide consumers to use the loan to buy a car, However, in the middle of the loan, it can be charged, such as loan handling fees, or a series of services such as full insurance in the store, so it is more inclined to guide consumers to use the loan to buy a car."


    If I am a consumer now, I choose not to pay this so-called financial service fee. What happens?

    Insider: "It is impossible to directly handle the financial plan, and it is not possible to handle it directly. It will not accept the business."


    Lawyers claim 15,000 "financial service fees"

    Infringement of consumer rights

    Then, the service content that is not informed of the "financial service fee" is charged step by step, and after that, the 4S shop can only provide the receipt without invoicing. Is this a kind of "temptation" behavior?

    In this regard, Zhao Zhan, deputy director of Beijing Zhilin Law Firm and researcher of the Intellectual Property Center of China University of Political Science and Law, said in an interview with reporters that the financial service fee collection of Mercedes-Benz Xi'an Lixing Star 4S shop violates consumers' autonomy and right to know. And so many questions.

    Image source: video screenshot

    Zhao Occupation explained that the report showed that the Mercedes-Benz female car owner had to buy the car in full, but the 4S shop induced the loan to buy the car. The purpose of the loan at this moment is to collect the "financial service fee" of the consumer. Consumers have the right to choose how to pay, and 4S shop induces loans that infringe consumers' autonomy.

    “In the process, there are also compulsive and deceptive components. Consumers do not know the cost until the first payment is made, until the last minute to inform the consumer, causing the consumer’s right to know to be violated; although currently market-priced However, the 4S shop did not provide the equivalent service after charging the service fee." Zhao Occupy said.


    Mercedes-Benz response

    On the 14th, on the occasion that the owner was forced to pay 15,000 "financial service fees", Mercedes-Benz issued a statement saying that it has always respected and carried out business operations in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and does not charge any financial services fees to dealers and customers. . He also stated that Mercedes-Benz has openly and repeatedly requested dealers to be honest and law-abiding in the process of their independent operation to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

    The 4S shop involved has not yet given a positive response.

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