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    Want to borrow a property market to regulate a city and a real estate speculator? Economic Daily: Hehe, I want to be beautiful.

    2019-05-07 14:12:59

    Economic daily

    The property market is the world of things

    Everything touches people's hearts


    I’m going to talk about the property market.

    The establishment of a sound urban-rural integration mechanism has been introduced, and the number of cities that have relaxed restrictions on settlement has increased. More cities have joined the “one city, one policy” team... These changes have caused the real estate market to be in turmoil.

    Some "smart people" saw the opportunity and began to make a fuss, and wanted to borrow the "one city, one policy" to re-operate the real estate industry.Then, "one city, one policyDoes it mean regulation and relaxation? Can real estate speculators really fish in troubled waters?

    I don’t worry about it, let’s see the facts:

     Fan Pei Kun photo Xinhua News Agency

    Fan Pei Kun photo Xinhua News Agency

    Recently, many cities have made new moves in the property market regulation policy, including some first-tier cities and second-tier hotspot cities:

    Shenzhen: The policy on April 29 was clear. The rent and selling price of housing-type commercial housing were about 50% of the rent of commercial housing in the same type in the same region.

    ChangshaFrom April 22nd, the second set of improved housing for individuals to buy a family will be subject to a deed tax of 4%.

    JinanIn February, the Jinan City Construction Committee said that because housing prices have stabilized, the government has stopped guiding price limits.

    LanzhouRecently, the Lanzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau released a message saying that the Lanzhou settled in the New Deal has been implemented since March 13 this year. The secondary school or above or the corresponding professional technical title personnel, students from universities and colleges in China can move. Entered Lanzhou City to settle down.

    Qingdao: On April 28, Qingdao Municipal Housing Provident Fund Center issued a notice to cancel the second housing loan of Qingdao City Housing Fund from June 1st. The initial provident fund loan has to be settled for a period of two years. After the initial provident fund loan is settled, Can apply for a second provident fund loan. In other words, after the provident fund loan is over, you can immediately continue to lend.


    These policies have different footholds, butBasically, it reflects the "one city and one policy"Regulatory thinking.

    If someone is willing to think that this is relaxation, then please read:

    Changsha: Suspension of the second house deed tax preferential policy

    On April 15th, Hunan Province issued a document stating that in Changsha City, the deed tax rate for the second set of improved housing for the family will be stopped, that is, the second set of improved housing for the individual will be purchased, and the deed tax will be imposed at the rate of 4%. Officially implemented since April 22.

    The tightening of the second suite preferential policy is a sword for the speculators. Compress the preferential space, to a certain extent, can force the speculators to retreat.

    Jinan: Spreading the property market to control untrue information, severely hit!

    Recently, Jinan City issued a document stating that public security, network and other departments have joined forces to investigate and deal with real estate development enterprises, intermediaries, underwriters, individual media, self-media and individuals who disseminate untrue and bad information and disrupt the regulation of the real estate market. Inform the society of the results of the processing.

    Beijing: aiming at the need and strictly implementing the policy of affordable housing

    As the “wind vane” of the real estate market in the first-tier cities, the changes in the Beijing property market have attracted much attention.

    The common property housing launched by Beijing is currently at the peak of supply. Due to the relatively loose restrictions, some real estate speculators are regarded as “opportunities”. In order to further target the policy, Beijing strictly enforces the “except for the no-family, no sales record, and other purchase thresholds. It also stipulates that the listing is not allowed for less than 5 years, and it is allowed to transfer to other households eligible for purchase for 5 years. The government's agency to give priority to the purchase of the provisions, the speculators are pressing harder.

    In addition, some time ago, the Beijing Guoguan Provident Fund implemented the policy of “recognizing the house and recognizing the loan”, which was also a real move to refuse to speculate the tenants.

    It can be seen that in some places the real estate policy has been fine-tuned.On the one hand, it is to attract talents and increase the regional economy's stamina and vitality. On the other hand, it is to protect the needs and needs.They are all based on the "one city, one policy" principle of the normal regulation of the property market, and certainly not some people understand the "relaxation."

    In fact, ensuring the immediate needs of housing and improving the interests of demanders is the pursuit of the relevant government departments, and the regulatory policies have always adhered to this bottom line thinking. Allowing space for the regulation of different cities' property markets does not mean giving the real estate speculators a chance.

    Say a thousand, 10,000.No matter how the wind direction of the property market changes, "the house does not fry" will not change.The relevant person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission clearly stated at the press conference on May 6 that in recent years, the relaxation of the settlement conditions in large cities does not mean relaxing the regulation of real estate, and will resolutely prevent speculators from taking the opportunity to “drill the gap”. .

    Therefore, the real estate speculators, wash and sleep;

    Onlookers are scattered!

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    Editor in charge: Guo Yanyan RF12556

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