Artificial milk is also here! Scientist: You don't need cows, milk without breasts, would you drink?

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The artificial meat company has just listed fire in the US, and artificial milk has come.

On May 7th, Mike Shedlock, a columnist at MishTalk, a global economic research website, introduced an environmentally friendly, healthier, and more lucrative artificial milk in an article. Scientists believe that we are at the cutting edge of the dramatic changes in the way milk is produced in history: no cows are needed.

From Silicon Valley to Switzerland, hundreds of millionsDollarA new technology used to produce "real milk" - contains the same casein and whey protein in real items - but does not involve any humans, cows or other animals at all.

According to Save the Children data, 2017 globalDairy productsThe value of the industry is $413 billion, and the market for infant formula is expected to reach $70 billion this year.

From animal abuse on factory farms to deforestation and rising emissions associated with climate change, raising cattle to produce milk is facing increasing reputational challenges.

“If you see how cows are treated during milking... From an ethical point of view, this is shocking for most people,” said Five Seasons Ventures, a Paris-based agricultural technology fund. Niccolo Manzoni, founding partner of the company.

A study published last week by the World Health Organization involved nearly 30,000 children in 16 countries, suggesting that breastfeeding has a “protective effect” on avoiding adipose tissue. The study found that bottle-fed infants eventually suffered from obesity by 25%.

US-based DowDuPont, BASF, Nestlé and other corporate giants, as well as start-ups such as Sugarlogix, Gnubiotics Sciences and Jennewein Biotechnologie are busy investing in laboratory research. They are developing products that are very similar to human milk, a complex hybrid of more than 1,000 proteins and unique ingredients called human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs).

A future without breasts may eventually become a reality. When scientists have perfected this technology, how far is the public's acceptance?

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