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Based in Asia and facing the world, Boao Forum is dedicated to promoting and deepening economic exchanges, coordination and cooperation between the region and the region and the rest of the world. Provide a high-level dialogue platform for government, enterprises, experts and scholars to discuss economic, social, environmental and other related issues.

Sub-Forum: World Economic Outlook 2019 Deterministic and Uncertainty
Sub-forum: How cross-border e-commerce can overcome new challenges in globalization
Nash, Vice President of PayPal: Strengthening cross-border e-commerce security needs to implement data opening

We must find a way to make our discussion more open and find a long-term, long-term solution. After all, we must consider the different interests of all parties before we can do well.

Sub-forum: 70 years and 40 years of memory. Entering the new era of China
Sub-forum: Ocean The most familiar stranger "stranger"
Wang Hong, Director of the State Oceanic Administration: China's marine economic development has made great progress

Overall, the development of China's marine economy has made great progress in recent years. At present, the marine economy should be said to occupy an extremely important position in the Chinese economic recession.

Wang Hong, Director of the State Oceanic Administration: The government is committed to promoting the high quality development of the marine economy

The government needs to pay attention to the three aspects of marine economic reform, optimized layout and technological innovation in promoting the high-quality development of the marine economy.

Sub-forum: WTO reform
Zhou Xiaochuan responded to how to resolve trade disputes: returning to the WTO framework to solve

The current trade dispute is not a dispute between two countries, but a complex relationship between the global trade industry chains.

Sub-forum: One Belt and One Road: "Building Roads" for Globalization
Zheng Zhijie, President of CDB: Global infrastructure construction requires the cooperation of all parties

Global infrastructure construction requires the joint efforts of all parties to achieve one country, one policy, and one policy.

ALi President Jin Liqun: AIIB promotes global cooperation Need new ideas and practices

In any country, any investor's project in any place, as long as it promotes global and regional cooperation, peace and development, it is a one-on-one project.

Sub-forum: Financial "Breakout"
Sub-forum: The Energy Industry in Change
Trina Solar's Gao Jifan: The energy system will achieve breakthrough innovation in the future

Now we have seen a new energy system with low carbon, safety, autonomy and low cost in the future.

Roland Berger: The supply and demand fluctuations in the energy industry can be governed

The fluctuations in the meaning of oil and gas and the supply of demand in the energy industry are driven by demand.

Sub-forum: The era of urban development in China's regional development
Sub-forum: Opportunities and Challenges of Financial Technology
Sub-forum: Securities Market: Rainbow after the storm
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