Fan Gang said that 18 years ago, the happiest thing in China was real estate entrepreneurs. Nowadays (real estate entrepreneurs) "the days are still good", the formulation of national policies still puts the issue of housing prices in the first place, and the policy attention is still in the forefront. ...[full text]

Judging from the sales completion in the first half of the year, the completion ratio indicates that this year will be an extraordinary year for many companies. Among the 30 sample companies randomly selected from the opinion index, the number of real estate enterprises with a target completion rate of more than 50% was the highest, reaching 16 (53.33%); the number of real estate enterprises with target completion rates between 40% and 50% reached 10 Only one housing company with a target completion rate of less than 30%...[full text]


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Meeting information

Time: 2018.08.01--08.04
Location: China·Hainan

Special financial portal

Preview of the meeting

2018 Boao Real Estate Forum

Real estate elite

August 1st - 4th, 2018 - Hainan, China

The 18th Annual Meeting of the 2018 Boao Real Estate Forum will be held in Hainan, China on August 1-4, 2018. Organized by the viewpoint real estate new media, the forum is an industry-wide forum with great influence, wide participation and high authority in China's real estate industry. It is an ideological event of China's real estate wisdom peak collision.

The theme of this forum is “Time and Future of Real Estate Return”.

2018 Boao Real Estate Forum will retain the exploration and innovation based on the classic of 17 years. On August 1-4, Boao thought continues to bloom. Let us meet in Hainan and participate in such a "1818 Boao Real Estate Forum". ![full text]


Macro article: Reform forty years and real estate

Chen Qizong: China's housing industry is more "mad" than the era of easy money making ends

In the past years, Chen Qizong said that taking land and taking money are very special (informal) ways. This complete pursuit of quantity and speed has led to a lot of "madmen" in the real estate industry, but this "madman" It is not unique to China. In the past 40 or 50 years, there have been many "madmen" in Hong Kong, including local and foreign "madmen" such as Japan, Southeast Asia and Australia. ...[detailed]

Jia Kang believes that we should review the issues that were objectively too high-profile and not good at guarding the previous period, thus angering competitors and being consistently suppressed. He said that after all aspects have been mastered and after some internship and compromise, it is necessary to find a new balance between China and the United States, the most important bilateral relationship in the world, and prevent the worst situation. ...[full text]

Many parties are optimistic about the impact of Sino-US trade friction on China's property market. Among them, Jia Kang believes that the Sino-US trade war has only a 0.2% impact on GDP, and will not have a direct impact on real estate, but it will cause the expected low. Fan Gang also believes that there will be no major global cracking. At present, the economy of the United States is also among you. I have you, and it is totally different from the past. The world economy will not have a big decline. ...[full text]

Real estate elite One of the Boao swords: the boom cycle transcends change and uncertainty

Unlike China Merchants Shekou Liu Wei, Baoneng Group Yu Ying and others who are bearish or flat, Fang Mingfu boldly predicts that housing prices will have a 5%-10% upside potential next year. He said that the current housing market price has already bottomed out and the general trend is still rising. ...[full text]

Liu Wei believes that the result of this kind of house price regulation is that investors (speculators) are more. The winner can obtain the profit in the first time, and the “time-sharing” regulation effect can also be achieved through the “initiative by the city”. He said that lowering the price of control than second-hand housing will only attract more speculators, and eventually the value-added tax will be “into” income speculators. ...[full text]

Industry articles: industry and innovation

Theme Forum 1: A Better Future

Jia Kang: Coordinating the Safeguards Market Track, Accelerating the Real Estate Tax Curb

Jia Kang said that the tax system cannot simply copy the United States. It is recommended that the first set of tax exemptions for single-paying families and the first two sets of tax-free for double-income families...[detailed]

Ouyang Jie: Policy orientation will not change Traffic public service solution resource mismatch

Ouyang Jie said that by solving the problem of people's money and resources mismatch by opening up rail transit and solving the problem of public service and city...[detailed]

Theme Forum 2: Transforming to Industry

In an interview, Ye Bing said that the application of 58 City and Anjuke in the VR technology will promote the matching efficiency of both the broker and the buyer, but this does not mean that there is no room for improvement in the housing experience. , including the richness of the relative information of the listings, etc. can also continue to improve. Regarding the problem of false information, Ye Bing believes that this is a chronic illness in the real estate industry. The 58 Group mainly improves and prevents it through three levels. The first level is to work with the government and a number of real estate brokerage services companies to promote false information governance across the industry; the second level is to promote the establishment of a reputation system for brokers across the industry, including through different levels of punishment; The level is to promote the construction of human and library. Regarding technical obstacles, Ye Bing believes that as long as everyone has a common sense of management, taking the construction of a common human pool as an example, Ye Bing said that this requires an open, multi-party delegation system...[full text]

Boao Night

On the evening of the 2nd, the “China Real Estate Fashion Awards Ceremony” kicked off again. The China Real Estate Fashion Awards was established in 2003. It has been held for 16 consecutive years by the viewpoint property. The ceremony was named by the European Home Furnishings. The winners are: I. 2018 China Real Estate's annual influence listed companies: Oceanwide Holdings, Jianye Real Estate, Lai Meng International, Rongxin China, Xuhui Group, Pazhou Real Estate, Zhengrong Real Estate, COFCO Real Estate, Huafa Shares. Second, 2018 China's annual impact on real estate brands: Poly Real Estate, Jinke Group, Road King Real Estate, Blu-ray development. Zhu Zhongyi, former vice president of China Real Estate Association, member of the Committee of Experts of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and Zhang Xiuzhu, general manager of Ou Paijia Group Engineering Marketing Line, presented the awards to the above enterprises. ...[full text]

Real estate elite Boao on the second of the sword: the return of real estate long-term future

Shi Yongqing said that real estate not only reflects our annual growth, but also reflects the long-term accumulation. It also reflects that the funds outside the first-tier cities are concentrated in the first-tier cities, so its price growth is faster than economic growth, which is the convergence of other places. The purchasing power to a point cannot be said to be completely unreasonable, but from a certain point of view, it is true that the investment is too concentrated...[full text]

Chen Huai said that as an optimist all along, he has to say, "Never underestimate the difficulties that the real estate industry may face in 2018 and a while." He also pointed out that on the other hand, whether in the next three or ten years, China's real estate market will remain the world's largest real estate market, the fastest growing real estate market, this prospect will not be due to Sino-US trade war or other The problem has changed...[full text]

Capital Finance: Capital and Market

Cai Jinqiang: After the magical back pot man real estate, the shed was changed into "the top back pot man"

He pointed out that the recent shacking reform was not a big thing, but in the previous news reports, the National Development Bank had to accept the approval power of the shed to receive the head office, plus "the shed reform must be across the country, the national suspension" and "the shed reform is Rumors such as artificial bubbles, after the real estate became a magical "back pot man", the shed became the top "back pot man"...[detailed]

Zhu Haibin: The Ministry of Finance is ordering the central bank to pay the bill. Under the strict supervision, the credit is difficult to rebound.

Zhu Haibin pointed out that at the same time as the adjustment of monetary policy and fiscal policy, this round is very important. One is that strict supervision of finance will continue. He believes that in the case of strict financial supervision, the part of bank-related loans other than shadow credit and financial loans is still shrinking, so this round of credit is hard to see a rebound from the bottom...[detailed]

Shell Research Institute Yang is now: second-hand with a new house to go

Yang Xianling said that since the beginning of China's comprehensive housing reform in 1998, it has started from the intermediary industry, and today it has been 20 years old. From the data point of view, the scale of second-hand housing transactions in the country has grown from less than 10 billion in 1998 to today's trillion level. In 2017, the ratio of second-hand housing transactions to new housing transactions in China is about 1:2. The transaction volume of the room has been greatly improved...[detailed]

Boao University Lecture Hall: Operational Times

Le Hu founder Luo Yi: Long-term rental apartment is not a vent

Luo Yi believes that the supply of long-term rental market in the future must be diversified, but institutionalization should be the direction. Regarding the long-term rental apartment industry, he said that it is not as good as everyone thinks, and not as bad as everyone thinks. Luo Yi said that long-term rental apartments represent not a cusp but a current, a huge historical change, especially after the 19th lease and sale, everyone thinks (long-rent apartment) is the real estate in the next 20 or 30 years. Possible directions of the industry...[detailed]

The financial sector website August 3rd 2018 Boao Real Estate Forum was held in Hainan, China from 1 to 8 in 2018. The theme of this forum is “Real Estate Return Time and Future”, aiming to “reflecting the success or failure of China's real estate and enlightening new real estate thinking” . The forum was hosted by the viewpoint real estate new media. In the section of the Boao lecture hall, Li Changjiang, executive director and general manager of Country Garden Service Holdings Co., Ltd. gave a speech on the theme “AI+ Service: Building the Strongest Brain for Community Service”. At the beginning of the speech, Li Changjiang said that in any case, he has great confidence in the future of the property industry and the future of Country Garden service. Li Changjiang said that Country Garden property should build its own system in AI and build the nation's largest community neural network. In terms of property services, it mainly upgrades from security services, cleaning services, greening services and butler services. He said Country Garden Group has already Established a robot company, security has also signed a contract with Tencent, the two sides will jointly create a smart community...[full text]

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