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The girl’s money is too good to earn! Cost 3 yuan mask with this trick to make the price at least 5 times

2019-01-08 21:12:35

Xinhua News Agency

"Safer than the ordinary mask, the effect is good! Acne, acne marks, sensitive muscles can be used" ... Nowadays, the medical beauty mask advertising momentum is strong. The medical beauty mask used by the original medical institutions for skin treatment is favored by beauty people because of its medical and safety.

"Xinhua Viewpoint" reporter found that many common masks are sold under the banner of medical beauty masks in the circle of friends, WeChat group, QQ group, e-commerce and other platforms. The cost of a piece of ordinary mask is only three or four yuan. After the layered packaging is labeled with medical beauty, the price has increased at least five times.

Ordinary mask drowning fish "heat"

After completing the micro-cosmetic surgery, Ms. Chen purchased a medical beauty mask called “oligopeptide soothing silk silk film” on an e-commerce platform. Unexpectedly, the skin is itchy and erythema after use. "It is actually a normal mask to find a medical institution. It is really harmful." Ms. Chen said.

The medical beauty mask belongs to the medical device and is registered as the “mechanical font size”; while the ordinary facial mask belongs to the cosmetic product and is registered as the “makeup number”. The mask purchased by Ms. Chen is a regular mask registered as “Makeup”, but its advertisement can be used to calm and repair the skin after finishing the medical beauty project. Some beauty clinics strongly recommend to customers, saying that "redness, anti-inflammatory effect is very good."

The industry insiders told reporters that the medical beauty mask is called medical dressing. For the skin treatment and cosmetic surgery, the ingredients are mostly hyaluronic acid, active collagen, etc., mainly sold in medical institutions.

"'The mechanical size' needs to be produced strictly in accordance with the national medical device standards, which is stricter and more standardized." Mo Xiumei, deputy director of the Department of Dermatology, Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that the medical beauty mask ingredients are relatively single, more targeted, preservatives, etc. Less, after sterile production, it is safe and can be directly used for skin wounds.

The medical beauty mask is getting popular, and some common masks are also coming to the heat. The reporter found in the e-commerce platform that a large number of ordinary masks were sold in the name of medical beauty. For example, a product called "Ipimoen Soothing Repair Moisturizing Mask", which is written in the promotion, is said to be used for postoperative repair of medical procedures such as micro-needle, water and light. However, the reporter found that this product is just a common mask.

In the circle of friends, there are some medical beauty masks that are known as imported, and no record information can be found on the product description.

Mo Xiumei said that there are many hidden dangers in the ordinary facial mask posing as a medical beauty mask. Cosmetic masks contain fragrances, additives, etc., and are dangerous if used after cosmetic surgery or wounds.

The reporter unannounced visits to the three-five yuan mask stickers medical beauty label price of 15 yuan or more

The reporter's investigation found that many cosmetics manufacturers are targeting this market, putting ordinary masks on medical labels, selling them through micro-business, live broadcast, beauty clinics, etc., and the price has been several times.

In Guangzhou Meibo City, the largest cosmetics exhibition and trading center in China, the reporter visited a number of cosmetics production and processing plants. These manufacturers have indicated that they can produce medical beauty masks on their behalf. The order price of a mask varies from 3 to 5 yuan, and the sales price is 15 yuan or more. Some merchants say "selling well" "too cheap to consumers will not believe."

The staff of Guangzhou Chumei Cosmetics Technology Co., Ltd. showed the reporter a “watery muscle hyaluronic acid peptide repair mask”, which showed that the cosmetics production license was “Yue makeup”. The staff said that this mask is not added with preservatives and flavors. It will not be infected or bacteria in the case of broken skin. It is similar to the mask of "French". "Production for two or three years, no adverse reactions occurred. ".

“Most of the medical masks here are not 'machine size'. The 'mechanical name' mask is similar to the 'makeup number' mask, which means that the documents are different.” A biotech company salesperson said that their mask can be used People with acne muscles, sunburn, and freckles, some beauty clinics have long-term purchases. However, the reporter saw on the "repair mask" produced by the company that there is a "skin" on the product ingredient list.

Some manufacturers who claim to be the OEM masks, the micro-business group is their main customer. A company's staff showed a "Makeup" mask called "Medical·Matisha", which is said to be suitable for "laser laser and micro-needle treatment to damage the skin." The staff said that most of their customer base is network anchors, and some anchors purchase thousands of boxes per week. The price of a box of masks is less than 30 yuan, and the sales price is up to 100 yuan.

E-commerce platform should strengthen audit to strengthen supervision of micro-business

According to the Cosmetics Hygiene Supervision Regulations, there must be no content in the advertisements for cosmetics that “the name of the cosmetics, the method of manufacture, the utility, or the performance are falsely exaggerated” and “the role of publicity and medical treatment”. Some e-commerce platforms also have regulations on cosmetic advertising.

But in fact, some sellers have blatantly publicized illegal sales, and did not attract the attention of the e-commerce platform. Song Ruliang, director of the Medical Law Branch of the Guangdong Medical Association, believes that the e-commerce platform should strengthen auditing and supervision. Otherwise, once a consumer dispute occurs, it must also assume corresponding responsibilities.

"Compared with the e-commerce platform, through the circle of friends, WeChat group, etc., due to strong privacy and small scale, supervision is relatively more difficult." Song Ruliang said.

The e-commerce law officially implemented on January 1 clearly stipulates that e-commerce operators should handle the registration of market entities in accordance with the law; if they engage in business activities and need to obtain relevant administrative licenses in accordance with the law, they should obtain administrative licenses according to law. Experts believe that this means that operators such as micro-business, purchasing, and anchors need to register with the market subject and have a business license, otherwise they will face penalties. Song Ruliang said that the social platform should strengthen the check, conduct qualification review and supervision of the micro-business operators, and share data with the regulatory authorities to form online and offline linkage monitoring.

Song Ruliang believes that for business propaganda beyond the scope of examination and approval, misleading consumers and false propaganda under the banner of medical beauty, the regulatory authorities should follow the Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Medical Devices, the Regulations on Hygienic Supervision of Cosmetics, and the Measures for the Management of Medical Beauty Services. Relevant laws and regulations will be cracked down and punished.

"Although the safety is strong, the medical beauty mask is not suitable for everyone. The medical beauty mask is more sensitive to skin trauma and skin repair, and can not solve all the problems. Some cases are allergic after using the regular 'mechanical name' medical beauty mask. It is not uncommon.” Mo Xiumei suggested that consumers should avoid blindly following the trend, choose carefully, and try to purchase through regular platforms such as hospitals and pharmacies.

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