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    Total iron: the ticketing software has been limited. The payment success rate is much lower than the display result.

    2019-01-28 10:39:32

    Financial sector website 

    According to CCTV Financial News, in order to buy a train ticket to go home, some people ask for help to grab the ticket software, then how does the ticket-selling software work? It is understood that the third-party software grabs the ticket is to constantly refresh the 12306 website's remaining ticket information, so as to grab tickets for consumers, but the third-party ticketing software has security risks, personal privacy information is not guaranteed. In view of this, the State Railway Administration has also taken relevant measures.

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    According to the introduction of the railway department, since the servers of the major ticket-sending APPs have been updated 12306 year-round, relevant machine features have been identified and restricted measures have been implemented. In other words, even if the user pays for the acceleration service, the success rate of the ticket purchase will never be the same as that displayed by each ticketing software. The railway department reminds the passengers that the ticket rushing software is essentially a proxy service, and the software operator uses the identity information of the purchaser to purchase the ticket. For travel safety, it is best not to purchase tickets through third-party purchasing websites and mobile phone clients, so as to avoid the inability to refund or change the online registration due to the use of other people's information by the purchasing party. At the same time, in the process of using the third party ticketing platform, users also face the risk of personal information leakage.

    At present, the railway 12306 has launched the “alternate ticket purchase” function to help passengers purchase train tickets. It is reported that the waiting for ticket purchase means that when the passenger encounters the sale of the ticket, after registering the ticket purchase information on the 12306 platform to pay the pre-purchased funds, if there is a refund or the remaining ticket, the 12306 system will automatically purchase the ticket for it. Ticket speed and success rate are stronger than the ticketing software.

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