China's public chain technology has reached the global leading level

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  • Zhang Wei
Guest introduction

    Zhang Wei

Managing Director of Guojin Public Chain Software System

Core point

China's public chain technology has reached the global leading level

Blockchain will have a revolutionary impact on informationization

The shortage of professional talents in blockchain needs to be solved urgently

Blockchain has revolutionary significance for industrial structure optimization and coordinated development

Blockchain development speed may be comparable to mobile internet


China's public chain technology has reached the global leading level

financial:At present, China still has a large space in the research and development of the underlying technology of blockchain. What new achievements have been made in the development of blockchain infrastructure in the industry, and what are the obstacles? What international experience is worth learning?

Zhang WeiThis problem is very big. The underlying technology of the blockchain is developing rapidly in China, but it is far from mature. There are several main types of underlying technologies in blockchain. The development of blockchain infrastructure involves the combination of encryption algorithms, consensus mechanisms, network transmission technologies, and decentralized storage. Public chains, alliance chains, etc. are blockchains. Infrastructure. As the value of blockchain technology is recognized, more organizations and teams have joined the blockchain technology research and development system, and recently achieved considerable results, the most significant of which is the advancement of blockchain technology performance, especially It is the most difficult public chain technology advancement to overcome the "impossible triangle". In the important index - TPS (transactions per second) performance, the domestic public chain has basically achieved synchronization with the world. Typical such as Guojin Public Chain recently in the joint evaluation of China Software Testing Center and CCID (Qingdao) Blockchain Research Institute, the overall technical architecture is outstanding, the public network TPS is stable at more than 16,000, has reached the global blockchain The leading level of chain technology development.

The current obstacles in the development of blockchain technology are the landing of large-scale applications. Currently, it is a problem all over the world. There are not many foreign experiences. The overseas blockchain projects are mainly concentrated in the field of blockchain games and forecasting markets. From the perspective of development trends, combining with the real economy and serving the industrial development will be the focus of the long-term blockchain application.


Blockchain will have a revolutionary impact on informationization

financial:The blockchain is entering some aspects of life, and the financial services industry has become one of the first to test the water industry. Do you think that the blockchain has similar application prospects in other industries?

Zhang Wei:The birth of blockchain technology is closely related to encrypted digital currency, so blockchain technology is naturally associated with the financial services industry. Finance is also one of the first industries in which blockchain technology is first introduced. At the same time, blockchain technology is also used in other industries. There will be a very large application prospect. On February 24, 2019, the National Gold Public Chain held the “China Blockchain Public Chain Development Strategy and Application Summit Forum and Project Launching Ceremony” in Beijing. The forum released the “National Gold Public Chain 100 City Enterprise Winding Plan”, which was comprehensively introduced. 12 major application scenarios for the design of the national gold public chain - new retail, military-civilian integration innovation, commodity traceability, supply chain finance, big health services, logistics, Internet of Things, poverty alleviation, intelligent manufacturing, insurance, education and training, brands, etc. In the scenario and industry, there is a large demand and value of blockchain technology application. Of course, there will be more extensive application space in the future. Blockchain technology, like AI and big data, will inevitably penetrate into various segments of information technology applications, and will certainly have a revolutionary impact on informationization in various industries.


The shortage of professional talents in blockchain needs to be solved urgently

financial:You have suggested that there is a shortage of talents in the application of public trust in SMEs, and it needs the guidance and support of national policies. What suggestions do you have for the innovation of blockchain talent training mechanism and the alleviation of shortage of professional and technical talents?

Zhang Wei:In June 2018, the People’s Daily published an article saying that the current industry blockchain has a talent shortage of more than 500,000. As of April 2019, the talent gap will be more than 1.5 times that of 2018, because many universities have no blocks. Chain professional, or no plan for talent development in the blockchain industry.

In mitigating the shortage of professional and technical talents, there are mainly two suggestions. One is to provide standardized development tools and application model design from the contradiction between the need to alleviate the development of blockchain development and the shortage of development talents. For example, the National Gold Corporation will provide By customizing standardized smart contracts, reducing development difficulty, and forming standardized applications, plug-ins or templates for some industry-wide solutions, companies can easily access them and solve the problem of insufficient R&D talents. On the other hand, it is necessary to fundamentally strengthen the training of blockchain talents and solve the problem of talent shortage. Guojin Public Chain has also joined the CCID Blockchain Research Institute. Based on the “blockchain professional and technical talent certificate” issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Education and Examination Center, it relies on rich first-line technology research and application development experience to create a systematic and practical public. Chain industry innovation talent training system. In addition, the National Gold Public Chain will implement the “Thousand Hundred and Ten” plan, and plans to jointly establish a blockchain application laboratory with 1,000 universities. Each laboratory will develop 100 blockchain industrial applications per year, and cultivate 100,000 blocks. Chain application of technical talents to alleviate the shortage of talent.


Blockchain has revolutionary significance for industrial structure optimization and coordinated development

financial:Realizing the transition from high-speed growth to high-quality development is currently the most important proposition of the Chinese economy. What role do you think the blockchain can play in promoting industrial structure optimization and coordinated development?

Zhang Wei:Industrial structure optimization and coordinated development are major issues for China's reform and opening up and economic development to enter the deep water area. The most optimistic role of blockchain technology application is to play in this field. With the distributed encrypted ledger and consensus mechanism of the blockchain, combined with the smart contract, trust can be determined and transmitted efficiently and even instantly, thus providing technically possible reform of the production relationship. For the first time, it can be technically It is close to the automatic distribution of labor value according to the aggregate supply of production materials and the labor and contribution in the production process, once again proving that technology is the primary productive force.

There are several main aspects to the revolutionary significance of industrial structure optimization and coordinated development:

First, use consensus technology such as zero-knowledge proof and smart contracts that cannot be tampered with to effectively establish trust between industrial organizations and greatly improve synergy efficiency;

Second, it will greatly weaken the shortcomings brought about by the mode of operation of the intermediary and centralized industries, and monopolistic pricing will be hedged to a certain extent;

Third, close to automatic distribution, the realization of the code is law, smart contracts can significantly reduce the friction costs of industrial collaboration, and it is expected to achieve large-scale social collaboration in the future;

Fourth, the transformation of the production data collection model will bring revolutionary changes to the industrial structure in the future.


Blockchain development speed may be comparable to mobile internet

financial:What is the future direction of the blockchain? What kind of picture is the perfect blockchain era in your mind?

Zhang Wei:Blockchain technology has a strong vitality, its own evolution can follow its own rules, blockchain infrastructure construction and scene application landing are the two main lines of future development. In the foreseeable future, blockchain technology will penetrate into all walks of life in information applications. The speed of the near-complete blockchain era may be as amazing as the development of mobile Internet.

Looking forward to the picture of the blockchain era: the general public economy will be popular, and the general certificate will be used as a circulation right certificate to encourage the evolution of various organizations and communities, and form a scene application ecology; all kinds of DAPP will spring up like mushrooms, serving All walks of life; the way of gathering production materials in the future may change gradually, the will of capital will change, the traditional financial products and investment forms will be greatly impacted, resulting in considerable deconstruction and reconstruction; The technical community and the application community will have a major impact on the governance structure of the organization. The form and governance of production and service organizations may be more diverse and more rational, the intelligence of business organizations will evolve significantly; government functions will be more efficient and secure. The identification and data sharing chain will bring higher operational efficiency to the government; the organization and personal credit information will be more perfect, and the privacy and protection of information will be strengthened.

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