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    Apple set off a price war Huawei's main innovation brand

    2019-02-11 00:07:04

    Securities dailyYuan Yuan

    Today is the first day after the Spring Festival of the Year of the Pig. Maybe you are still immersed in the New Year's wine and food, but the calendar on your mobile phone clearly tells you that it is time to get rid of the New Year's complex and start a new year. .

    Every year, the Spring Festival is a day when Chinese people buy and buy, and it is also the golden season for all merchants to make money. With the steady growth of the income of the Chinese people, the Spring Festival, which originally belonged to the Chinese, has ushered in the glory of the world's major merchants, and they all want to take more than three fights from the Chinese people's crazy Spring Festival consumption.

    Take the mobile phone market, it is a habit of many people to change a new mobile phone a year ago. Just change what kind of new mobile phone to see everyone's feelings and professional market evaluation. In the past few years, the high-end mobile phone market was almost exclusively occupied by the Apple family. Domestic mobile phones can only be attacked in the low-end market.

    As the saying goes: Hedong in 30 years and Hexi in 30 years. In recent years, with the domestic mobile phones represented by Huawei mobile phones, a new generation of mobile phones with high cost performance has been launched. Coupled with the high pricing strategy of Apple's mobile phone under the guidance of Apple's high-priced strategy, Apple's mobile phone market in China's high-end mobile phone market is gradually eroding. The sales volume of Apple's mobile phone in China has fallen sharply, directly leading to Apple's stock price. In January of this year, it fell below the market value of trillions of dollars.

    In the face of the decline in the sales of Apple's mobile phones in the Chinese market, Cook can't sit still. In order to make Apple's mobile phone regain the favor of the Chinese people, in order to seize the mobile phone consumer market in the New Year, the simple and rude price war began. This time, Apple chose the home of the price war in the current market.

    Nowadays, when you open up a lot, you can clearly see that the new iPhoneXR has a sales price of 5,299 yuan, while the iPhone XR has a starting price of 6,499 yuan, and the lowest price of other third-party sales platforms is 4,899 yuan. It is 25%. The price of the iPhone 8 is 5888 yuan, the official website is down to 5099 yuan, and the price above is about 4078 yuan. iPhone 7 starting price is 5388 yuan, the current official website price is only 3899 yuan, the price of the above is more than 2,500 yuan, can be called cabbage price.

    In this large-scale price reduction promotion, Apple's mobile phone sales have risen, and many of the fruit powders that were originally unaffordable because of high prices have naturally been shot. The author feels a bit puzzled, even though Apple's mobile phone can be sold with more. However, the brand positioning of Apple's mobile phone and the brand positioning of many brands do not seem to match?

    The price war initiated by Apple's mobile phone has aroused the vigilance of domestic mobile phones. What is different from the past is that domestic mobile phones represented by Huawei mobile phones are not directly fighting price wars with Apple mobile phones, but developing more high-tech innovative mobile phones to deal with them. Market rumors, Huawei will launch a new generation of flagship mobile phone Huawei P30 in March this year, the machine uses a 6.1-inch drop screen, with a rear 40 million + 20 million wide-angle + 5 million three-shot, plus a front-facing 24 million pixels, become The world's first four-shot phone. I believe that with the advent of these innovative mobile phones, and the domestic 5G mobile phone is about to enter the market, the price war of Apple's mobile phone is just to make the Apple mobile phone more breathing time. Whether Apple's mobile phone can cope with the challenge of domestic mobile phone is still necessary. Do more work on 5G.

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