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    Tencent invests in the US version of "Post Bar" Reddit overseas headlines to pull back a city?

    2019-02-11 09:03:11

    Titanium Media Zhang Yuan

    Source | titanium Media (ID: taimeiti), Author: Zhang Yuan, the text view for reference

    Compared to the live answer, the battle for short videos is difficult to solve last year's Spring Festival. This year, in addition to the "Red Packet Wars" in the Spring Festival Evening, the Internet circle appears calm and calm. The most heated debate is the issue of the soaring of the "Wandering Earth" and the Spring Festival stalls in the first year of science fiction films.

    In such a quiet and boring air-filled year, Tencent will lead the investment and even the news of Reddit, the largest news aggregator in the United States, to become a small cannon that lights up the bleak night sky.

    On New Year's Day, TechCrunch, the US technology media, announced that Tencent will lead Reddit, the largest news aggregator in the United States. This is the D round of financing since the establishment of Reddit. The pre-financing value is 2.7 billion US dollars, the financing amount is about 150 million to 300 million US dollars, and the expected valuation may reach 3 billion US dollars after the completion of financing.

    The reason why Tencent's investment has attracted much attention is because Reddit is second only to Google, YouTube, Facebook and Amazon, and is the fifth largest website in the US. It is understood that today's headline 2016 also tried to acquire Reddit but failed. If Tencent can successfully acquire shares, it means regaining a city in the international competition.

    Chinese people generally refer to Reddit as the US version of the post, because both are based on the old forum mode, users can join or create sub-themes of various topics, launch topics in sub-forums, or under the topic initiated by others. Leave a comment.

    The difference is that Reddit also incorporates a similar voting mechanism. The ranking of topics in the community is determined by the user's vote. The topic that gets more user support (upvote) will be displayed first, and the topic that is opposed (downvote) will sink. bottom.

    Although Reddit and Post Bar seem to be similar, the background and operating mechanism of the two are completely different.

    Posting is based on the Chinese Internet's largest traffic portal, through the keyword diversion and aggregation. Even the UGC 2.0 website, which has more social attributes such as Douban, Weibo, and Zhihu, has emerged and took over the baton of online discussion and manufacturing hotspots. However, the topic forum of “zero threshold” like Post Bar is still irreplaceable.

    For some rare topics such as riding shots, shakuhachi, engraving, cold weapons, etc., because of the breadth of netizens, it can still reach a sufficient number of fans to form a high-quality discussion atmosphere, killing other "small mesh" Social networking site. At this point, the breadth determines the depth.

    What Reddit plays on the US Internet is similar to today's headline role, which solves the problem of scattered network information and difficult screening. Due to the strict copyright protection on the Internet in the United States and the media brand effect accumulated over the past century, information aggregation platforms such as portals and headlines have not become mainstream from beginning to end. Today, media sites such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today are still important sources of information for users.

    And Reddit, a netizen recommendation, and the “curve to save the country” route voted by netizens, made it the largest news aggregation and discussion platform in the United States, and some domestic imitators (such as the new hot list of drawers) have not yet emerged from the minority. .

    Because of the "homogeneity" of American society, like Craigslist, Reddit's 10-year-old theme aggregation forum has been well-suited for aggregating discussions on various topics and interests. This is one of the reasons why Quora has never been as successful in China as it is in China. The officially announced 330 million monthly users have basically wiped out the mainstream Internet users in the United States.

    Due to the "heterogeneity" of the Chinese Internet user community, the primary "online filter" of Post Bar has not become the "end point" like Reddit. Tianya Forum, Douban Group, Tiger Puff, Weibo, Zhihu, Xiaohongshu - Wenshi lovers, literary youth, steel straight men, eating melons, knowledge youth, grass planting girls - various "heterogeneous" groups All need to be tonal, atmosphere and even design a completely different community of interest.

    This kind of original content and the dispersion of online hotspots also gave the opportunity for the immediate rise of such a “global hotspot aggregation platform”.

    Just a year ago, Tencent’s online newsletter aPP Lizhi was accused of plagiarism. When Tencent and plagiarism were linked together, the fermentation of public opinion was unstoppable. Well-known media people Feng Dahui and keso stood up and denounced Tencent. And when the article from the media has not been written, the situation has a 180-degree turn.

    Li Zhi, suspected of plagiarism, went offline from the app store. Immediately, CEO Ye Xidong also issued a message in a timely circle of friends, saying that he had communicated with the Lizhi team and there was a misunderstanding. Tencent is a shareholder and has a lot of immediate help. I hope the media will not follow up on the report. Intriguingly, Ma Huateng commented on this circle of friends: Thank you.

    In addition to exposing the poor communication between Tencent's investment department and the product department, this "Oolong incident" also shows that Tencent is eager to achieve information through this interest group and "point of interest push trigger mechanism" outside the strategic layout. In the field of distribution, the "curve overtaking" of today's headlines.

    Immediately based on interest segmentation, user recommendation and algorithm recommendation, social media hotspot “network-wide aggregation” operation is more suitable for fragmentation, community-based content distribution, and people’s “interest circle”, user sharing The interactive community atmosphere, even Weibo has to launch similar products to deal with.

    In contrast, the problem of aging users in today's headlines has become increasingly prominent, and original communities such as micro-headlines, questions and answers have not achieved the expected success. The reason why it tried to acquire reddit in 2016 is also to introduce a community mechanism for content distribution.

    After giving up the "re-engraving" immediate plan, Tencent can only make it to the mainstream further through over-investment and greater support. This year's hot music variety instant voice is Tencent's attempt to help out of the niche community and further expand the user community.

    Due to the high threshold of discovery of the theme, the low-frequency push trigger mechanism has a very high requirement for the user's "information management ability", so immediately failed to get out of the "niche group" and screaming for the dilemma.

    Later, immediately outside the attention mechanism, the weight of algorithm push was increased, but it still did not go out of the role of “global aggregation”, and it was difficult to replace any “heterogeneous” content community. On the road to becoming the "Young Edition Today's Headlines," the challenges it faces are much larger than today's headlines.

    Of course, Reddit's content is also one of the immediate sources of aggregation. The circle "We all love Reddit" has nearly 50,000 users, and the circle "The Reddit AMA question and answer worthy of attention" has 8,000 users.

    Tencent will lead the Reddit D wheel financing in a year, which will make the headline lose an important springboard for internationalization.

    In terms of internationalization, the more radical headlines have achieved greater success, and compared to graphic information, the internationalization of short videos without borders and language restrictions is even more powerful.

    Today's headline, after the full acquisition of Musical.ly in November 2017, achieved product integration with the international version of Tik Tok in 2018, helping Tik Tok sweep the global app store rankings.

    In contrast, the division of Tencent's investment department and product division has made the layout of other areas beyond the layout of the game field not provoke too much splash, and it seems to be passive in the face of the headline's aggressive offensive.

    Tencent's shareholding Snapchat has been in trouble since its launch, and in the second half of 2018, it has been significantly affected by Tik Tok. In the regulatory filings filed on Wednesday, Snapchat's parent company, Snap, first listed Tik Tok as a competitor.

    Even if Tencent successfully controlled Reddit, it could not achieve the linkage of products at home and abroad like the vibrato. Reddit, a product based on the “homogeneity” of US netizens, is also difficult to replicate in other regions. And this kind of aggregate product based on the dispersion of Chinese interest communities is also difficult to graft on Reddit. And Tencent's Snapchat has almost no possibility to link with Reddit.

    It can be seen that Tencent’s shot during the Spring Festival, in addition to curbing the layout of the headlines overseas, is still unable to piece together a clear international road map.

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