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    The news said that this year, the new iPad will continue to retain the Touch ID and headphone jack.

    2019-03-10 17:59:07

    Love fan

    The iPad is already the cheapest iOS device, and its entry price is even lower than the iPadMini.

    In terms of features and experience, this entry-level iPad is also doing well enough, and it even started supporting APPlePencil.

    But Apple has no plans to let the iPad enter the slow-to-update ‘mature period’ like the iPadMini. A number of media quoted MacOtakara as saying that from the supply chain, Apple will soon release the 7th generation iPad.

    The new iPad will retain the current generation of the design, while retaining the TouchID and 3.5mm headphone jack, which means that the new iPad will probably not have the full screen design and face ID on the iPadPro.

    One of the suppliers said that the screen size of the new iPad is 10 inches, but some suppliers said that Apple will continue to use the current 9.7-inch screen. So the screen size of the new iPad has not been determined.

    But we can combine the rumors about the new iPad. In February, Guo Minglu, who is known as the 'strongest analyst on the surface of the earth', also pointed out in the report that in 2019, Apple will upgrade the size of the iPad screen to 10.2 inches.

    Earlier, Taiwan’s "Business Times" quoted insiders familiar with Apple's supply chain as saying that Apple plans to launch two iPads in the first half of 2019, one to use the current 9.7-inch screen, and the other screen size will be enlarged to 10 inches, but the latter's case size is the same, it will be like a 10.5-inch iPadPro, by narrowing the frame into a smaller screen into a larger screen.

    In the same period, Guo Minghao predicted that the iPadMini, which has been silent for four years, will also be updated in 2019, but the appearance will remain the same, but will be equipped with faster processors. MacOtakara and Bloomberg further broke the news that the new iPadMini will continue to retain the Lighting interface and 3.5mm headphone jack.

    The new iPad is likely to be released simultaneously with the iPadMini5.

    On March 25th, Apple will hold a press conference at the Jobs Theatre. Many media broke the news. This conference is more about introducing the news subscription service launched by Apple. However, according to the usual practice, Apple's low-priced products will generally be released in March. There will be no new iPads in this release, and we will continue to pay attention.

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    Editor in charge: Zhang Zhenjiang

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