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    Cook made a big move to put the price on the line as long as high sales give up high profits.

    2019-03-11 02:06:37

    Securities dailyYuan Yuan

    Recently, the mobile phone market at home and abroad is really busy. The main mobile phone manufacturers are facing consumers who are about to usher in the 5G exchange boom, or they are separate brands, like Xiaomi and vivo, to capture the market segments of different price ranges; Like Samsung, Huawei has launched a "folding screen" mobile phone with innovative concepts to capture the high-end market.

    Perhaps everyone knows that in this battle for the 5G mobile phone market, there is a natural protagonist or a head card, that is, Apple.

    Since Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007, with its creative mind and insightful design concept, Steve Jobs has shaken the global mobile phone market with its powerful innovative features, becoming the unstoppable leader in the global mobile phone market. "Selling the kidneys to buy apples" has become a hot topic in the market.

    There is a lack of gloom in the moon. With the demise of Steve Jobs, Apple’s new head, Cook, as a marketing master, is not investing heavily in the innovation of a new generation of mobile phones, such as 5G mobile phones, as the innovative functions of Apple’s mobile phones are gradually weakened. R & D, but quite self-aware to play their own strengths: marketing.

    Under the guidance of Cook, Apple played "hunger marketing" for a while, creating signs of market panic and guiding "fruit powder" to pursue; while raising the "high price" weapon, the market price of Apple mobile phone was set higher and higher, deliberately building apples. High brand image in high-end mobile phones. As a result, the price of Apple's mobile phone has risen higher and higher, and the profit of Apple's mobile phone has also dominated the global mobile phone industry. In 2018, it has harvested 62% of the global mobile phone market, making it difficult for other competitors.

    The high price of Apple's mobile phones and Apple's high profits mask the gradual decline in its product innovation capabilities. However, the market's vision is sharp, and when Apple's profits are in full swing, its decline gradually emerges. In the fourth quarter of 2018, Apple launched a new generation of mobile phone iPhone XR, the price is still given to the price of 10,000 yuan. What Cook didn't think was that this time the "fruit powder" suddenly did not buy it. On the first day of the launch of the new machine, every time Apple sold a new machine, it was necessary to queue up to buy the door of the Apple store, “the front door was cold and cold,” and no one was waiting in line. This made Cook feel uneasy, saying that "fruit powder" is no longer loyal to apples.

    Thinking about it, Apple's new opportunity is also cold. First of all, everyone knows that in 2019, we will enter the 5G era. At this time, we will spend 10,000 yuan to buy Apple's 4G new machine, and then switch to a 5G mobile phone one year later. This is not a bad practice. Secondly, the innovative functions of the new machine and the previous models have not changed much. The new functions of consumers are not included, and there is no impulse to purchase.

    The coldness of Apple's new machine made Cook unable to sit still. This time, Cook once again tried his superb marketing skills and released a long-lost big move, which is to cut prices. Since the beginning of November last year, Apple has lowered the price of mobile phones three times. The price of the new machine has dropped by 20% compared with the issue price, while the price of the old model of Apple, such as the iPhone 8, has fallen by 40%.

    Cook has achieved certain results in the price reduction strategy of Apple's mobile phones. The sales of Apple's mobile phones have picked up. While Apple's sales volume is at the same time, its original high profits are bound to decline, and its stock price decline is also necessary.

    What is intriguing is that at the time when Apple’s mobile phone global price play is on the market, the price of Huawei’s new generation of innovative folding screen mobile phones is set at 10,000 yuan. Behind the rise and fall of Apple's mobile phone and Huawei's mobile phone prices, you know.

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