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    2000 merchants immediately moved away. Huaqiang North, who walked out of the counter from the billionaire, changed his face.

    2019-03-14 08:05:31

    Daily economic news

    At the beginning of the 21st century, foreigners must look at three places in Shenzhen: Window of the World, Dongmen Clothing Market andHuaqiang North.At that time, Huaqiang North was the most dynamic place in Shenzhen and even China's market economy. It was hailed as “China's First Street of Electronics” and continued to stage the myth of a one-meter counter to get out of billionaires.

    In recent years, in the context of e-commerce shocks and smart phone sweeps, Huaqiang North is no longer a sight, and newspapers are often seen in the news. Recently, the Internet once again flowed out of Huaqiang North and started the tide of the shop, and then the daily economic news (micro-signal: nbdnews) reporters went to the Huaqiangbei business circle several times to explore the truth of the "gate tide".

    The reporter learned that the Gaokede electronics market located in the Huaqiangbei business district is undergoing an unprecedented relocation:The building has been approved by the government and needs to be demolished, and more than 2,000 merchants in the market have to move out in just a few months.This large-scale migration has caused Huaqiang North to re-emerge in the "one shop is hard to find" market, and the prices of surrounding shops have risen.

    Manha Digital Plaza Block A is not a true shop

    On February 28, 2019, it was reported that most shops in Block A of Huaqiang North Manha Digital Plaza had been closed, and only a few unexpired businesses were operating. The investment manager said that Block A has to undergo industrial transformation in the near future and is no longer renting out. For the industry to be transformed, the other party said that it is unclear and is still waiting for the company's notice.

    Manha Group official website data shows that Manha Digital Plaza is located at the junction of Huaqiang North Road and Zhenxing Road. It has a superior geographical position. After several renovations, the existing business area is 100,000 square meters. It has more than 5,000 merchants and is Shenzhen. "Old" large-scale licensed mobile phone trading center, mobile communication accessories wholesale center, smart phone repair center, foreign trade trading center.

    Recently, the Daily Economic News (micro-signal: nbdnews) reporters came to Block A of Huaqiang North Manha Digital Plaza. Most of the shops on the first floor have been closed, and some shops are undergoing renovation work. The reporter went up from the first floor and found that most of the shops were closed. Then the reporter came to the Merchants Department of Block A to rent a shop on the grounds of doing mobile phone accessories business. However, the staff of the China Merchants Department told the reporter that the shops on the second and third floors have been “completed” and are no longer rented out.

    For the specific circumstances of "default", the staff revealed to reporters that

    "High-tech electronics market is going to be demolished. Our second and third floors have taken over the high-tech commercials of the screens. Now the domestic sales are not enough. The second and third floors are full, and there are no stalls.You look like these shops are closed, and they are actually rented out.

    Then the reporter came to the mezzanine on the first floor. Wang Yong, the investment manager of the floor, was busy collecting money in front of a stall. According to Wang Yong’s map of the mezzanine shops on the first floor, most shops have already marked the rental, leaving only a dozen to rent. "Now the stalls on the first floor of the mezzanine have been set at 7788. Many of them are from the high-tech side. In order to accept the merchants that Gaokede moved out, the market moved most of the original merchants in Block A to Block B and C. Block, the entire A seat was vacated." Wang Yong told reporters.

    On many door-to-door shops, the reporter did find many relocation announcements such as “This stall has been relocated to Block B, 2F138, welcome new and old customers to continue to visit”. Most of the shops have moved to Block B of Manha Digital Plaza and Block C.It can be seen that the closing of the shops in Block A of Manha Digital Plaza is not a real barrier.

    The 2000 merchants immediately moved away, and Huaqiang North, who walked out of the counter from the billionaire, changed his face.

    More than 2,000 merchants moved away from Gao Kede

    In the investment manager of Manha Digital Plaza, the relocation of the high-tech electronics market was mentioned many times. Recently, the Daily Economic News (WeChat: nbdnews) reporter came to the high-tech electronics market at Exit A of Huaqiang North Subway Station. On the big wall on the right side of the building, there is a message saying “Junjia’s urban renewal project has been obtained. The government approved and decided to remove the reconstruction of the market.

    The Junjia company mentioned in the banner is the real owner of the high-tech electronics market. Shenzhen Gaokede Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Gaokede Company) signed a “House Rental Contract” with Junjia Company, rented the entire building and leased it to each merchant for unified management. Popularly speaking, Gaokede Company is the second landlord of the high-tech electronics market.

    According to the introduction of Huaqiangbei Computer Network in 2011, the high-tech electronics market has a total operating area of ​​more than 40,000 square meters, which can accommodate more than 10,000 booths. The traffic volume around the market has reached 800,000-1 million passengers per day, and the traffic volume has reached 200,000 vehicles per day.In 2005, the region’s annual sales reached 28 billion yuan, more than Beijing’s at that time.WangfujingAnd Nanjing Road in Shanghai.

    However, nowadays reporters enter the high-tech electronics market, but they see another scene: except for the outdoor business on the first floor, most shops have been closed, and some shops are closed, leaving only some relocations. The rest of the garbage;The ceiling of each floor was also taken away a lot, the wires and steel bars were exposed, and the whole market was very old.

    "The entire building of Gaokede has to be demolished. The market requires merchants to move before March 31, 2019. There are more than 2,000 merchants in the whole building. Basically, they have moved to the surrounding markets. There are still more than 150 of them. move."The second floor of a shop owner, Mr. Chen told reporters, "Some merchants on the first floor, the room was separated soon, a room invested tens of thousands of pieces of decoration, now it is less than two months to say that it is demolished, the market has no compensation, only The rent for February and March is exempted, so many people are reluctant to move."

    Li Yilong, a shop owner who runs a LCD screen on the third floor, told reporters that a merchant on the first floor spent 150,000 yuan to transfer a rented counter to the street, and spent several tens of thousands of renovations. Now he is told that the building will be demolished. The stall must be removed by March 31.

    The reporter also obtained a “Announcement on Urging Remaining Merchants to Relocate and Return the Property as Quickly as Possible” from many merchants. The announcement stated that the Chunjia B210-0024 plot urban renewal project has been approved by the government, and Junjia and Gao Kede signed the “ The House Lease Contract also expires on December 31, 2018.From January 1, 2019 to March 31, 2019, the merchant will be given a three-month clearance period.If it is considered that there is a lease dispute with Gaokede Company, it shall negotiate with itself or another legal way, but must withdraw from the venue unconditionally and return the property of Junjia Company.

    Regarding the relocation of merchants, the reporter went to the management office on the 7th floor to understand that the staff of the management office only said that “most of them have moved away”.

    The above-mentioned shop owner Mr. Chen told reporters that because more than 2,000 merchants in the high-tech electronics market need to relocate, the rents of shops in the surrounding markets should rise. “Many merchants moved to the nearby Shenfang Building, because the high-tech demolition, the Shenzhen Textile Building The floor of the warehouse is cleared to accept the relocated merchants, and the rental price is 600 yuan per square meter. My current stall is 9 square meters, and the monthly rent is about 3,000 yuan, which is a lot more expensive.

    "In the case of a bad market, there has suddenly been a large-scale relocation of merchants. It is hard to find a shop. Many merchants with counters in their hands will take the opportunity to raise the transfer fee and earn a profit.In fact, there is no market in the market, Gao Decide's demolition, there is such a small market. Originally, the business would not be good, and the transfer fee of hundreds of thousands and hundreds of thousands would have to earn a long time to earn back.Mr. Chen added.

    Huaqiang North "the scenery is no longer"

    Since the 1990s, as Shenzhen is the open trading port closest to Hong Kong in the mainland, Huaqiang North has developed the earliest mobile phone market in the Mainland through the transformation of Huaqiang North from the industrial zone to the commercial zone. Later, the SEG Building was demolished and rebuilt, and Huaqiang Company transformed several factories into Huaqiang Electronic World, CLP Information Times Square, Sunda Electronics, Yuanwang Digital City, and Metropolis.Electronic cityIn the electronic market such as New Asia Electronics City, "China Electronics First Street" came into being.

    “When I was chatting with the floor manager Pharaoh, I heard him tell the scene of the splendid time of SEG Plaza. At that time, there were a lot of people coming to SEG, people crowded, and then the mall began to limit the flow.Two security guards are set up on the escalator on each floor. One rope is pulled, the people in the queue are stopped outside, and people are put in and out. Otherwise, there are too many people to control.The owner of a shop in SEG Plaza introduced the reporter to the reporter.

    Mr. Chen, the shop owner mentioned above, said, “The 1990s and 2008 were the most brilliant times of Huaqiang North. Later, when the era of intelligent machines and the era of e-commerce came, Huaqiang North suffered a huge impact and began to decline. I came around in 2012. Did not catch up with the glory." The reporter also learned that in March 2013, Huaqiang North was closed due to the construction of Metro Line 7, and the flow of people was greatly reduced. On January 14, 2017, after nearly four years of subway construction, Huaqiang North re-established. Opening the street, but the scenery has been no longer.

    Although the so-called "gateway tide" is not caused by the poor business of merchants, the decline of Huaqiang North is a fact.Deep SEG(000058, SZ) The property held in Huaqiang North is mainly based on SEG Electronics Market and Baohua Building. It is understood that SEG Plaza has 1-10 floors of podium building with a total construction area of ​​14,500 square meters. Baohua Building is adjacent to Shenzhen SEG Electronics Market, with a construction area of ​​25,300 square meters, of which 1-4 floors are electronic markets, about 7,000 square meters.

    In the "2018 Report on the Credit Rating of Corporate Bonds for Qualified Investors", Shen SEG said that in 2015-2016, the company achieved a total operating income of 847 million yuan and 761 million yuan respectively, including electronic market and property leasing and management, trade. The total business revenue accounted for 80.25% and 82.48%, respectively.Under the impact of factors such as the rapid development of e-commerce, the company's electronic market and property leasing and management revenue decreased by 17.31% in 2016, a large decrease.

    A shop staff at SEG Plaza told reporters that some of the properties on the 4th floor were also upgraded and upgraded by SEG. Before the Bitcoin fire, some mining machine companies poured into SEG, and now the virtual currency market deteriorated. Many mining machines supported Without a high rent, he has already left. “Now SEG has concentrated the shops in this area and separated them into small ones. The price is cheaper. Although the overall rent of the stalls has decreased, the unit price per square meter is actually rising. This is to make the store better. rent".

    According to the "Securities Times" report,Shenzhen Huaqiang(000064, SZ) The 2018 mid-term bills credit rating report shows that Huaqiang Group's electronic world stores are mostly concentrated in the Huaqiang North market. There are 3,757 shops in Shenzhen, and the occupancy rate reached 95% in 2015, and then declined year by year. In 2017, it fell to 89%, and it rose from January to September 2018, at 92%. The number of shops in Shenzhen Second Store is 1,729, and the occupancy rate from January to September 2018 is 87%.

    Mr. Chen told reporters that every year in Huaqiang North, about 20% of shops will be eliminated. Although the market is not good, Huaqiang North has not made money before, but it is still coming to the scene, but the transfer fee of up to one million yuan is hard to come by.

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