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    89.2 billion! Ma Huateng has to shoot again? Gossip object helped Tencent make big money 10 years ago

    2019-03-14 08:09:42

    Daily economic news

    At the end of 2007, Tencent ushered in a turning point in the online game business: acting as "crossing the fire line" and "Dungeon and Warriors" (hereinafter referred to as "DNF").

    At the beginning of the introduction of these two games, no one expected that their gold-absorbing ability was so strong. With these two games, Tencent overtook the game overlord at that time: Shanda Games and Netease quickly stabilized the position of the Chinese game industry leader.

    Tencent has been sitting in the position of the boss until today. In 2008, Tencent was regarded as the "first year of the game."

    Although Chinese users are familiar with DNF, they are relatively new to the company behind them. Recently, according to South Korea’s “Economic Daily” report, Tencent became a bidder for the acquisition of Korean game company Nexon.The deal can be up to $13.3 billion (approximately RMB 89.2 billion).The official tender will be held as early as the beginning of April. This may be the highest acquisition amount in the history of the global gaming industry.

    Choose this game

    Tencent game achieves anti-super

    In January of this year, South Korea’s “Economic Daily” reported that Nexon’s founder, Kim Jong-wook, intended to sell 98.64% of the shares of NXC held by his personal and wife parties, while NXP is the parent company of Nexon, holding Nexon 47.89. % of shares. It is understood that Kim Jong-chook currently holds 67.49% of the shares of NXC, his wife holds 29.43% of the shares of NXC, and the company under the personal name of Jin Zhengzhou also owns 1.72% of the shares, all of which account for 98.64% of the shares of NXC. The transaction volume reported at the time was $8.9 billion.

    Every time the film and television (meijingyingshi) reporter contacted Tencent officially to verify the acquisition of Nexon, the official said that it would not comment, which is consistent with the consistent low-key style of Tencent's investment business.

    However, the reporter noted that on February 15, South Korea’s “Central Daily News” reported that Tencent’s senior vice president Ma Xiaotong will visit Krafton’s board of directors at the end of this month. It is speculated that this move is a preliminary communication link for the acquisition of Nexon.

    According to the public information, Ma Xiaoyu has been responsible for Tencent's game business since he joined Tencent in 2007. When Tencent's self-research strength was not so strong, he once accurately selected the "crossing the fire line", "Dungeon and Warriors", etc. The agent of the explosion game has pulled enough space and time for Tencent game to accumulate self-research ability.

    Some media commented that "after the grand Chen Tianqiao, the Chinese game industry has not appeared in the industry-recognized iconic circle, Ma Xiaotong may be the closest one." At the end of 2018, Ma Xiaoyu was exposed to soaring and entered the Tencent General Office, the highest decision-making body of Tencent Group.

    The other party to the deal, Nexon, is one of the top three gaming companies in Korea with a market capitalization of about 13 trillion won. The main works are DNF, Bubble Hall, Kart Racing, Adventure Island and Rocky Heroes. Biography and so on. DNF is a game released by Neople in 2005. On July 10, 2008, Neople was acquired by Nexon for 385.2 billion won.

    DNF was very successful. In the first quarter of 2017, revenues totaled 4.54 billion yuan, and China alone contributed 2.74 billion. According to SuperData statistics,In the 2018 highest-paid game, Nexon's DNF ranked third with revenues of $1.5 billion, second only to Fortress Night and King Glory.

    Why do you choose Nexon to sell your game? The analysis believes that first, because the Korean game industry is going downhill, and second, Nexon has not seen a new global explosion in recent years, eating the old.

    Independent game commentator Zhang Shule told every reporter (meijingyingshi) that in the mobile Internet and mobile games era, Nexon has fallen behind, but for Tencent, the acquisition will be able to complete its current lack of IP matrix, and then In IP energy, it is promoted to the position of a veteran game company like Nintendo (not the profit).

    Buying and buying is still one of the core strategies

    In recent years, Tencent has acquired nearly 20 game companies worldwide.

    Although Tencent is considered to be the most powerful bidder, it is not easy to win Nexon. In addition to Tencent, bidders include South Korea's largest chat software operator Kakao, South Korea's largest mobile game company Netmarble, and some private equity firms such as MBK Partners, TPG Capital, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, and Carlyle. However, the reporter noted that Tencent is the second largest shareholder of Kakao and the third largest shareholder of Netmarble.

    An industry analyst told reporters of the film (meijingyingshi): First of all, the price of acquiring Nexon is very high. The current reported price is as fast as 90 billion yuan, almost accounting for half of Tencent’s annual revenue. It can be said that it is a broken. Recorded transaction volume; Secondly, the bidders outside Tencent are also very strong, and it is not easy to eat Nexon smoothly.

    In addition, Tencent’s influence in the Korean game industry is increasing. A senior game industry practitioner told reporters that this has caused some concerns in the Korean local game industry, and that Tencent’s strong control will cause some disadvantages to the Korean local game industry. Impact, the opposition voice in South Korea may hinder the acquisition.

    However, Zhang Shule believes that Tencent has a big chance of winning. Tencent's channel advantage is unmatched in China. China is the largest online game market and the starting point for the great success of Korean games. This advantage will be a great temptation."Tencent was the first agent to represent his family and established the status of the rivers and lakes. Nexon has not gained the opportunity to develop by relying on Tencent's agent success."

    "Compared with 10 years ago, the situation is completely different. At that time, Tencent executives had to wait a long time to sign a contract with the Korean game company." Previous media reports said that a game industry executive in South Korea said Now, it is not easy for Korean game companies to see Tencent.

    After Tencent became the leader of the Chinese game industry, no channel or product has been able to surpass the company for many years. In the world, Tencent has also been continuously acquiring game companies. According to incomplete statistics, Tencent has invested in nearly 20 game companies at home and abroad, the most well-known of which is 100% wholly-owned acquisition of the fist company, and its "League of Legends" is also one of Tencent's most successful games. In addition to the fist company, Tencent also holds shares in major global game companies such as Super Cell and Activision Blizzard.

    In 2018, Tencent once fell into the whirlpool of "investment banking". On February 20 this year, Tencent President Liu Chiping generously released Tencent's investment transcript and said that investment is one of Tencent's core strategies. Tencent's investment scale in 2019 Will not shrink.

    Enhancing overseas influence, winning a number of well-known IPs, and establishing an absolute voice abroad. This acquisition looks like a lot of benefits, but I have to admit that the development of the global game industry has been relatively stable. The end-game is not as big as the development of mobile games. Is it worth Tencent’s determination to buy a target with a market value of more than 10 billion U.S. dollars?

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