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    Ma Yun: BAT these companies can be 996 is our blessings

    2019-04-12 15:28:10

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    Recently, the "996" topic swept the network. This initial boycott activity initiated by programmers is gradually spreading to other industries and has become a topic of the whole people, causing people to vomit.

     On the evening of April 11, during the internal exchange activities in Ali, Ma Yun and Ali's classmates exchanged the topic of 996, talked about how young people in Ali grow up, how to achieve their ideals, and how to make more contributions to society through public welfare.

    Ma Yun said that being able to do 996 is a huge blessing. Many companies and many people think that 996 has no chance. If you are not 996 when you are young, when can you 996? You have no 996 in your life, do you think you are very proud? In this world, every one of us wants to succeed, we all want a better life, and we all want to be respected. I ask everyone, you don’t have to work hard and time beyond others, how can you achieve the success you want?

    The following is the full text:

    Ma Yun talks 996

    About 996, this is a hot topic in China now, and many companies have this problem. I personally think that being able to do 996 is a huge blessing. Many companies and many people think that 996 has no chance. If you are not 996 when you are young, when can you 996? You have no 996 in your life, do you think you are very proud? In this world, every one of us wants to succeed, we all want a better life, and we all want to be respected. I ask everyone, you don’t have to work hard and time beyond others, how can you achieve the success you want?

    I don't want to say 996. As of today, I am definitely 12x12 or more. There are a lot of people in the world with 996. There are a lot of people working 12 times a day and 13 hours a day. There are many people who are harder than us, harder than us, smarter than us. Not all people who do 996 have this opportunity to really do it - some A thing that is valuable, meaningful, and capable of achieving a sense of accomplishment.

    So today China BAT companies can be 996, I think it is the blessings of those of us. If you think about people who don't have a job, think about the people who may be closing the company tomorrow. Think about the people who don't know where the company's Revenue will be in the next quarter. Think about how much you have done. The program is not used by anyone.... Compared with them, until today, I still feel so, I am very lucky, I have not regretted 12x12, I have never changed myself.

    Many photos now tell the position of Ma Yun station, and now it is C. I am already the President of the Student Union and the President of the Hangzhou Student Union at the University. You go to see those photos. When I was in that corner, people were brought out by me. I was their big head. Why am I a big boss? Because I spend more time than they do. In addition to the class test, I spend more time working as a student union than anyone else. I learn how to serve others, learn how to build relationships between classmates, and let students do a good job in school. Only if you pay a huge price, one day will be rewarded. If you don't pay the price, you can't have a return.

    Another, what kind of company is Alibaba? Alibaba "Let the world have no difficult business to do", this is our mission, our company is very hard, we have not deceived everyone, we have not told you that the company is very comfortable. Do you think that "making the world a business that is not difficult to do" is to fool you? We are really doing this.

    Today, we have so many resources, we have a huge mission, and hope that in the future, there will be no hard-to-do business in the world. Can you not pay for it? No. So we said that if you join Ali, you have to prepare for 12 hours a day, otherwise what do you come to Ali? We don't lack people who are comfortable for 8 hours to work. Today we have to recruit some 8 hours to go to work, sitting in a good office every day, the conditions are very good, the canteen is also good, and the sense of honor is also good. Such people can find it on the street.

    But what do we need? We ask you what you want to do with this company? It is to change oneself, help others, and achieve a mission.

    Ali also worked overtime in his early years, but what class do we add? Plus the class, after our 8 hours of work, the most important night is the resumption and study. What we did wrong today, what should be fixed, how should we learn from each other. Two hours and three hours outside of 8 hours are learning and upgrading, not going to work overtime.

    I hope that the Ali people love the work you do. If you don't love it, even if you are 8 hours, you are very long. If you love, 12 hours is not too long.

    If you are not happy for 8 hours of work, the things you do have no meaning and you are not comfortable. What are you doing, 8 hours don't know what to do, it doesn't make sense, so even if you don't 996, you don't know what to do.

    This is life, you have chosen - one of the top companies in China today, the first - is to pay the price. There are at least 50 million companies in China. If you choose not to choose another company, this is certainly not the same. I went home at 1 o'clock yesterday. why? My own choice of road, no complaints, no complaints, this is my choice. Everyone came to Ali. Since you have chosen, instead of letting yourself suffer, it is better to be more comfortable with your 996. You have worked for ten years and can work for 20 years. This is the case.

    Joining Alibaba, what are we bringing to others, what is the return? This is the most I have thought about this time.

    I think that Ali is not for high wages, not because of stocks, not because we have a good working environment, not because of the year-end awards, not because of these things. These are very important. We are all old and young, have wives and children, and we must take care of them. If you can't take good care of this family, you can't give them a good life, a good education, and take care of your parents' health. That is the wrong life. But what I most want to consider is that you have been in Ali for ten years, how do we turn you into a different person.

    Change within a year, change within three years, you go back, your parents found that this child has changed, your wife found out how my husband has become ideal, has become an idea, has become focused on work, your child I feel that Mom and Dad are not like people. This is the personal growth of the Ali people we hope. This growth is not how big the position is, but what you think about the problem. You have a difficult attitude and your attitude towards life.

    All those who joined Ali will not be in three years, and will not be the same after five years. The Ali people ten years later, we are relieved to go anywhere. We must definitely develop this skill, but in the past ten years, you have to practice it, that is, to pay the price beyond ordinary people. Otherwise what are you doing? I have said this very thoroughly, it is a bit ugly, but it makes sense. We don't fool everyone, oh come, the conditions are very good, we don't need to flick now, we haven't been fooling before, and we don't need to be fooled today.

    I feel so today that Alibaba can't do anything. What we do can have real value to society, letCommon peopleBuy something better and enjoy a better life.

    Business is the biggest public good, creating jobs, creating taxes, no commercial taxation, no economic development, where is the high-speed rail, and where is the highway? We have contributed to the progress of society. We have made everyone in Ali grow and we have created countless jobs.

    Ali has a blessing, we people have solved their own food and clothing, have their own good income, their company does not have to worry too much about profit, we can also do something for others, this is a great blessing.

    In fact, charity is to help yourself, and charity may be to help others. I am really proud of it. Many of us in Alibaba today are just a lot of people who are not open. They all have a lot of charity. I also hope that all Ali people will participate in countless non-profit organizations throughout the Alibaba Group. Or participate in Alibaba's charity fund

    Many people just want to buy a car and a house for Mom and Dad. This is very important, but I think you should have this ideal. You can build your own charity fund one day in the 10 years and 15 years in Ali. Can you do something that you are willing to do, can help your child to be more blessed, and help you to be blessed, isn't it a good thing? This requires 996.

    On April 11th, Ma Yun’s speech inside Alibaba

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    Editor in charge: Zhang Zhenjiang

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