April 15th topic: The market is hot! Foreign leeks can't stop it!

You are still in the A-share market, staring at the rise and fall of the trading day to guard the bull market? Prospective investors have already turned their attention to foreign countries. According to media reports, more than 3,000 Chinese investors have opened accounts in the Vietnamese stock market, ranking fourth among foreign investment groups.

With Vietnam's relaxation of account opening restrictions, more and more foreign investors have flooded into the Vietnamese market. Why do you think the Vietnamese market is an opportunity? Can foreign investors bring a bull market in Vietnam?

This has to explain the current situation in the Vietnamese stock market.

In addition to the investment opportunities brought by the repatriation of Vietnamese state-owned enterprises, the overall market prospects are still optimistic for many investors. The main concerns of foreign investors in Vietnam are the real estate, retail and commodity industries. In general, this situation is very similar to the situation in which China just opened up the capital market. The degree of marketization is not high, but there are many original investments. The opportunity is no wonder that many foreign investors have flooded into the Vietnamese market.Alibaba's $460 billion, Tencent's 415 billion Hong Kong dollars, Baidu's $87 billion, and Jingdong's $62.4 billion


Vietnam stock market situation

Of course, we must pay attention to the specific situation of the stock market. Although foreign investors are not interested in the Vietnamese stock market, some small-cap stocks are also rebounding against the trend, but in general, Vietnam's stock market is still in a down state.

Can the market in Vietnam be taken by foreign capital? Opportunities are there. Look at the situation, and the leek is also spring.