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Xiao Wei: Actively promote the registration system

We should not simply use the capital market as a market for raising funds.[More]

Kechuang board turned out to be the top 50 venture capitalists who have the most gold

Expand direct financing, stimulate technological innovation, and benefit the real economy.[More]

Pilot China
2017 financial sector pilot China
The 2nd Intelligent Finance International Forum and Pilot China Annual Festival

The "Second Intelligent Finance International Forum and the 6th Financial Industry Pilot China Annual Festival" hosted by the financial community website was held in Nanjing on February 2nd. The forum attracted the attention of many industries with the theme of "financial security and innovation". Nearly 500 people came to the meeting...

Column introduction:Once a year, he led the China Financial Summit Forum and invited heavyweight guests to discuss and attract the attention of the industry.

Financial street meeting room
The 279th issue of Financial Street Living Room is not a good time to sell stocks: Ma

Since entering September, A shares have shown signs of decline and their quantity has continued to shrink. All market participants are thinking about a question: Is this the bottom? Throughout the domestic economy, the inflation and stagflation crisis has not yet been lifted, while on the other side, the US economy is in full swing, and the A-shares under double-sided attacks are...

Column introduction:Communicate value, feel wise, and reflect the most realistic and vivid image of the capital front.

Don't spit

Column introduction:Focus on China's capital market, choose the topic with the most daily feelings, and create a communication space for investors.

Eye-catching brokers - 2018 media industry analysts

Insights Brokers -2018 Media Industry Analysts 金融 Taiwan The financial industry collects annual strategy reports from 30 major brokerage industry analysts, comparing the industry ratings, key points and key stocks in the report, and conducting long-term follow-up studies on these stocks. Help you discover...

Column introduction:Dig deep into the brokerage research report, find the most valuable information, rank the analysts, and help you to see the brokers.

China Financial Securities Institute Directors Forum 2016 Summer Session

A stock market crash has almost touched the bottom line of China's financial security, and it has also highlighted the systemic risk of the 26-year-old A-share. Reflection can make it better to move forward. Over the past year, the regulatory authorities have been moving frequently, and the historical ills such as “roasting shells” and insider trading have been put on the agenda, and A shares are being fully restructured.

Column introduction:Provide the market with the most "professional, rational and constructive" opinions, and make a road to China's reform.

Entering the listed company
The financial industry website enters the series of listed companies - Beijing-Tianjin

In order to eliminate the information gap between investors and listed companies, the financial community website organized a series of listed company research activities, through real visits to listed companies, with investors' issues and face-to-face exchanges with listed company executives, real-time delivery of listed companies Let the public listed...

Column introduction:Visit the most representative listed companies and record this group that is fought hard in the trend.

Financial observation
Financial Watch No. 221: Two-day rise in offshore RMB hit a record high

With the start of the new year, the offshore renminbi, which fell to a historical low in 2016, also changed its course; the offshore renminbi continued its upward trend on Wednesday, and its two-day gains hit a record high in the past according to data dating back to 2010; On the 5th of the month, the offshore RMB against the US dollar was in the afternoon of the afternoon...

Column introduction:Pursuing the concept of “seeing the truth of the treasury and seeing the truth of the incident”, we have an insight into the nature of the problem and dig deep into the truth of the incident.

Eyesight Fund
Eyesight Fund No. 170: Which MSCI Concept Funds Are Worth Buying

The A-shares are included in the MSCI Emerging Markets Index, which is expected to boost blue-chip stocks such as finance and consumption in the short-term, and promote the allocation of international funds to the Chinese market in the medium and long term.

Column introduction:Use professional data analysis to conduct in-depth reviews of the fund, tap the investment value, and provide investment advice.