February 11th topic: The first day of the new year opens Several happy families!

The first day after the opening of the festival Who is the hell of heaven?

Happy: Beijing culture has to go out of the market?

The K-line chart of the A-share market jump during the Chinese New Year is temporarily calm. On the other hand, behind the real-time update of the Spring Festival movie market, a fierce capital competition is being staged. According to the Cat Shadow Professional Edition data, the first day of the Spring Festival (February 5), the box office reached 1.44 billion yuan, refreshing the domestic single-day box office record, and also the single-day box office record of the world single market. "Wandering Earth" box office overtakes "Crazy Alien", the counterattack is the first box office of the Year of the Pig.Behind this, it is the winner of Beijing culture!

Looking at the total box office of Chinese movies, only the 2017 "War Wolf 2" is beyond its box office.

Behind "War Wolf 2" and "Wandering Earth", Beijing culture is also standing.

This Spring Festival stall, the box office dark horse "Wandering Earth" is jointly produced by Beijing Culture and Chinese Film, among which Beijing culture is the main investment and main release, in addition to Ali Film, Tencent Pictures, Youku Movie, Mango Entertainment, etc. up to 23 The home joint producer.The Beijing culture, which has been laid out in the entertainment industry for less than five years, is also a dark horse. In recent years, it has repeatedly won high box office, and successively bet on the "Spirit of the Heart", "War Wolf 2", "I am not a drug god" and other explosions. Among them, the guarantee release of "War Wolf 2" is to make Beijing culture earn a lot of money.

Sad: Chinese medicine is frightened?

On the evening of February 6, the Shanghai Municipal Drug Administration issued a message saying that the Shanghai Drug Administration Department is conducting a comprehensive investigation into the relevant batches of human immunoglobulins of Shanghai Xinxing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. The municipal drug supervision department immediately organized law enforcement personnel and experts to enter the production site, conduct investigation and disposal, control all relevant production and inspection records of the enterprise, and sample the products for inspection. The company has been required to stop production and initiate an emergency recall. According to public information, Shanghai Xinxing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a national designated manufacturer of blood products, mainly engaged in the production and sales of blood products. It is now managed by China Pharmaceutical Health Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Medicine).

At present, the types and quantities of emerging products in Shanghai rank second in the domestic industry, and the comprehensive utilization rate of raw materials and plasma is high. The company's annual design of raw materials plasma processing capacity of more than 300 tons, in the domestic industry in the forefront. Shanghai Xinxing has been involved in two penalties, one of which is that the product does not implement GMP as required. According to the semi-annual report of China Pharmaceuticals in 2018, Shanghai Xinxing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has an asset scale of 375.185 million yuan, operating income of 97.123 million yuan, net profit of 49.973 million yuan, and a net interest rate of 50.5%.

A few happy couples, your first trading day, look forward to it?

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