March 14th topic: Nuclear Power Harvester! What is the estimated amount of Facebook currency for harvesting leek?

A few days ago, the chain introduced Facebook's magnificent currency program. At that time, many Chinese companies were relieved. Because Facebook stated in the same report: Give up the Chinese market.

However, everyone is not too happy to be too early. Industry experts predict that Facebook will earn 127.6 billion yuan through the currency program in 3 years! Absolutely a fighter in the harvester!


So how do you do that?

  First, we need to understand Facebook's currency program.

There are three types:


2. Algorithmic currency

3. General score currency

Among them, the harvesting emperor is the universal integral stable currency. This is a hybrid model of asset-backed stable currency and algorithmic stable currency. Can't understand? That's right! Not let us understand.

The secret of this coin is to use Facebook's brand value and goodwill as a support for market confidence. You must scream: Isn't this the "Q coin" more than a decade ago? Of course, it is not that simple. This asset sets the “AI central bank” to deal with the opponent and maintain the stability of the currency. This is a model that the industry is exploring.


Barcela analyst Ross Sander, who is watching Facebook Coin

Barclays Bank made a financial analysis and forecast of Facebook’s issue of cryptocurrency. Barclays Bank analyst Ross Sander believes that if Facebook successfully issues its own cryptocurrency and uses cryptocurrency to re-combine the Facebook empire’s product line of business, The transformation of the profit model will result in a profit of around $19 billion within three years, that is, before 2021.

  Ways to make money include:

1. "Advertising companies that rely on selling user data to advertisers"

2. Transformation is called a financial company that protects user data and privacy.

It turns out that the transition from an advertising company to a financial company is "just a distance from a blockchain."

Barclays, the buddy believes that "if Facebook's stable currency is successful, then Facebook will gradually expand online payments to areas such as loans, remittances, and even physical payments."

Translate: Facebook accurately replaces VISA MasterCard's weak goods.

  Knowledge Popularization: How does Facebook's stable currency design an economic model? (Facebook official update)

  There are three options

  Option One:At present, Facebook has already passed some exchanges and sold FacebookCoin. Currently 1:1 anchors the dollar. Operated in the form of a subsidiary. Inhibit inflation.

  Option II:Linked to the US dollar, the euro, the renminbi (another news is the Indian rupee), a “one basket” plan is set up, and the above three currencies are simultaneously deposited on the international accounts of the companies to which the stable currency is linked, and finally go to the form of a fund.

  third solution:It is completely different from the first two types of “collateralized stable coins”. It is a kind of “combination of credit currency and mortgage currency”. The value is generated by “behavior mining + user recharge”. The value of the mining part of the behavior is derived from the product use value provided by Facebook Ecology, and the user recharge generates The currency is generated by the legal currency of the user's own country.

Old iron, which one do you think is better?

  The final form of Facebook blockchain transformation: (ideal)


According to Xiaobian, the product planning will change like this:

1. Facebook Money, will be from Facebook's three wholly-owned applications: WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram.

2. With 2.7 billion monthly active users, the blockchain will reshape Facebook's user system, advertising experience, and online game payment system.

3. FacebookCoin is the most widely distributed Internet currency on the planet, and will be promoted to all partners in the world using the Facebook ecosystem through the API interface.

4. Facebook became the ultimate platform for a blockchain ecosystem of 5.1 billion people, and eventually separated from the Facebook system to serve all humanity.


Written here, Xiaobian trembled, Xiaozha's ambition is not covered!

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