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    Negotiations broke down! Trump wants to start the B plan, the United States is afraid to stop the crisis

    2019-02-11 08:27:10

    Huitong Net 

    Congressional negotiators discussed a security plan that included a budget for the US-Mexico border wall, hoping to reach an agreement acceptable to US President Trump to prevent the government from closing again. According to US lawmakers and assistants, the talks broke down on Saturday (February 9).

    Bipartisan negotiations are deadlocked

    The Republican Party and the Democratic Party have temporarily stopped communicating, and this is a threat to the prospect of reaching an agreement when time is running out. Negotiations are still back on track, but the prospect of reaching an agreement before the Friday deadline is that the MPs originally thought that a compromise could be reached.

    Trump said in a tweet on Saturday that if the Democrats did not give him all the money required to build the wall, he might take administrative action to build it.. The Democrats have warned that such actions will face court challenges, and some Republicans believe that it is best to avoid such choices.

    If the funding agreement is not reached, the nine federal government agencies and related agencies will close again after a record 35 days of lockout a few weeks ago. The negotiating parties had hoped to announce the agreement on Monday, so that the Senate and the House of Representatives could vote before another suspension. If a member of Parliament is unable to reach an agreement, he or she can resort to a grant scheme that continues until September 30.

    The scale of funds in the US-Mexico border wall is the key to differences

    People familiar with the matter said thatThe number of border wall funds raised by negotiators is between $1.3 billion and $2 billion, which is much lower than the $5.7 billion that Trump requires.. The number and purpose of immigration shelters are the main obstacles to the negotiation. In the past, at the level of the border security budget, the number of shelter beds was often seen as an issue of incidental discussion.

    Steven Palazzo, a representative of the Senate and House of Representatives who held the talks, predicted on Friday that the deal that could be reached “before the weekend” might not be finalized until Monday. The Mississippi State Councilor said that some key details are still under negotiation, including the amount of funds related to the US-Mexico border wall.

    Senate Approver Committee Chairman Richard Shelby said on Sunday that the chances of reaching an agreement are half and half, and there are some problems with the Democratic Party on the allocation of funds for the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. And Senator Jon Tester of the Democratic Party of Montana believes that it is not certain whether an agreement can be reached.

    Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney pointed out that "Trump can't sign everything that is handed to him. There are things we can't agree with. You can't rule out the possibility of a lockout, and you can't ignore the $5.7 billion." It refers to the scale of funds required by Trump to build a wall at the US-Mexico border.

    Mulvaney added that the government's suspension is not the most likely option, but he "is absolutely impossible" to rule out this possibility. Trump also threatened to declare a state of emergency to obtain funds for building walls, and he will take all legal means to ensure border security.

    Hoyer, the majority leader of the US House of Representatives: optimistic about reaching an agreement on the border issue earlier this week

    It is worth mentioning that the US House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said at the leadership symposium last weekend that he was optimistic about reaching a final agreement early this week. I expect that the House of Representatives will consider an agreement in the week of February 11; February 15 is a deadline to pass the agreement to avoid the government closing the door again.

    The first round of voting will be held at 18:30 local time on Monday (7:30 Beijing time); the last vote on Friday will be no later than 15:00 (3:00 am Beijing time Saturday); Hoyer said the schedule may change. To facilitate the participation of members of the John Dingell funeral in the voting.

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