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Financial industry profit fund fund gold investment advisor Yang DelongYang Delong

Observed:Shanghai Stock Exchange set up a board

Summary:Can Kechuang board become the Chinese version of Nasdaq...View details

Financial industry special product eyesight fundPreferred selection

Public offering for 20 years:2015-present sailing

Summary:After five years of recuperation, the public fund will regain its vitality...View details

Financial sector - public fund for 20 yearsPublic offering for 20 years

activity:Public offering 20 years of essay winning list

Introduction:What is the "excellent" investment, in addition to making money?View details

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Professional risk assessment system, "Thousands of people" plan your asset allocation plan

Global configuration

Covering A-share, Hong Kong stocks, US stocks, bonds, gold and other major assets, effectively diversifying investment risks

Dynamic adjustment

Track global market ups and downs, choose the best time for intelligent optimization

Steady win 4

Yield in the past three years

Combine medium and low risk large-area assets, which is suitable for conservative investors.

Balance 1

Yield in the past three years

Equilibrium allocation of assets with different risk characteristics, suitable for stable investors

Growth No. 2

Yield in the past three years

Get a reasonable return in a more aggressive configuration for growth investors

Aggressive No. 4

Yield in the past three years

Equity-based assets, cross-regional hedging risks, suitable for enterprising investors

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On duty

Wei Fengchun, a financial special fund analystWei Fengchun
Wei FengchunFinancial fund fund special analyst

Affiliated company: Analyst of the chief macro strategy department of Bosera Fund
Areas of expertise: macroeconomic research, strategy analysis.[Latest point of view: maintain positive attention to the bond market]

Financial Special Fund Investment Wu GuopingWu Guoping
Wu GuopingFinancial special fund investment

Affiliated company: Chairman of Rongrong Investment Management Co., Ltd.
Good at: use all kinds of financial tools to grasp the basic quality and technological mutation in advance.[The latest view: the rise of the sun is a new sign]

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Profit Treasure Help Center

Profitable treasure is a comprehensive investment service platform built by the financial community (Nasdaq: JRJC) covering comprehensive, rich and massive wealth management products. With a leading investment research service team, the company selects high-quality wealth management products to meet the investment and financial needs of various users. Really "making money easier."

The surplus wallet is a wealth management value-added service payment account provided by the financial sector profit treasure. The recharge threshold is as low as 1 yuan, the stable income is calculated on a daily basis, and the real-time cash withdrawal is achieved. The fastest one-second payment is received. The fund transaction is supervised by Minsheng Bank, and the card is imported and exported. Make sure your account is secure. Support payment services such as transfer funds, regular wealth management, and stable profit.

Customer Service Hotline:400-166-1188

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