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    Public offerings, brokerage QDII performance over-the-counter: 3 public fundraising QDII yields over 20%

    2019-03-14 02:28:15

    Securities dailyZhou Shangyu

    Since the beginning of this year, compared with the stock market that has been turbulent in the domestic market, the global overseas market represented by US stocks and Hong Kong stocks has leaped forward. As of March 13 (Beijing time), the Nasdaq index, S&P 500 and Hang Seng Index rose 14.4%, 11.36% and 11.46% respectively during the year.

    Affected by this, the brokerage department, the public fundraising department QDII has also risen this year, which is not inferior to other wealth management products in the industry. During the year, the public fundraising system QDII temporarily “lead” the brokerage system QDII with an average yield of 4.66% with an average yield of 7.6%, and the return rate of 3 public fundraising QDIIs exceeded 20%.

    Public fund QDII during the year

    The average yield is 7.6%

    For investors, in order to be free from the central bank's annual limit of 50,000 US dollars per exchange, you can choose QDII products for overseas investment. As one of the main channels for overseas investment, QDII's investment scope mainly includes money market instruments in overseas securities markets, bond products, listed equity products, registered public funds, and financial derivatives listed and traded.

    Compared with the starting amount of the brokerage department, the banking department, and the private placement department QDII ranging from 10,000 yuan to one million yuan, the threshold of the public fundraising system QDII is only 10 yuan to 1000 yuan, and the public offering QDII has no closure period, and can be purchased at any time. Or redemption, the funds are not available for more than one week, and are favored by many ordinary investors.

    according toOriental wealthChoice statistics, as of March 13, this year, a total of 243 QDII products are running in the public fund market, with an average yield of 7.6%. Among them, there are 3 products with a yield of more than 20%, 77 products with a yield of more than 10%; 226 products recorded positive returns during the year, accounting for 93%. The top three of the rankings are from Huaxia Fund's products, which are “Huaxia Mobile Internet Hybrid (QDII) US Dollar Cash”, “Huaxia Mobile Internet Hybrid (QDII) US Dollar Cash”, “Huaxia Mobile Internet Hybrid (QDII) RMB”, revenue The rate is 26.87%.

    In addition, there are 4 products with a yield of more than 19%, one from the Bank of Communications Schroder Fund, and three from the E Fund, which is the “Bank of China Securities Overseas Chinese Internet Index (QDII-LOF)”, “Yi Fangdazhong Certificate of Overseas Chinese Internet 50 (QDII-ETF), "E-Factor's Standard Biotech RMB (QDII-LOF)", "E-Factor's S&P Biotechnology US Dollar (QDII-LOF)", the annual yields were 19.83%, 19.47, respectively. %, 19.47%, 19.45%. The bottom line of products, the yield is -1.8%.

    Emerging market risk appetite rebounds

    Hong Kong stock QDII is worth looking forward to

    Compared with fund companies, brokers' QDII products are very small and rare, but the performance of this year has been remarkable. According to statistics, as of March 13, the average yield of QDII products of 11 brokers with data available this year was 4.66%, ranking third after stock-type products and FOF-type products. In the same period, the stock product income was 11.12%, the hybrid product was 3.78%, the bond product was 0.93%, the currency type was 0.25%, and the FOF type was 6.58%.

    Specifically, among the 11 brokerage firms QDII with data available, “Guangda Global Flexible Configuration (QDII)” performed best, with a yield of 9.65% this year; the second to fourth places were all funded. The products of the company are covered by the company, which is “Guangdong Asset Management, Zhizhi Lugang Tongzhi, No. 1 Renminbi”, “Guangfa Asset Management, Zhizhi Lugang Tongzhi, No. 1”, “Guangfa Asset Management, Zhizhi Lugang, Tongzhi 2 No., the yields were 8.68%, 7.73%, and 7.44%, respectively. In addition, only three products fell in yield, but the product yield with the largest decline fell by only 1%.

    According to the latest disclosure of the QDII investment quotas issued by the SAFE, as of February 27, financial institutions such as banks, trusts, insurance, securities (including fund companies and securities companies) received a total of 103.23 billion US dollars QDII quota. In April last year, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange announced that it would re-approve the QDII quota. After three years, the frozen QDII quota finally ushered in expansion. However, since June last year, the QDII quota has not increased.

    Regarding the current trend of QDII products, Shanghai Securities believes that the Hong Kong market is gradually reflected in the current Chinese policy's attractiveness to the economic base and valuation, and the risk appetite of emerging markets has rebounded. The Hong Kong stock market QDII is worth looking forward to. At present, the price of gold is in a strong range in the current market environment. The global economy is booming, the prospects are bleak, and the risk of lower-than-expected economic growth is increasing. The Fed’s statement slows interest rate hikes and restricts the phase of gold price factors from weakening. Looking at the long-term trend, the current gold price is in a bottoming out trend, and it is possible to continue to pay attention to the gold QDII fund in the near future.

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