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    45 Keyac Fund Fund Waiting Sites What are the issues to be aware of in order to participate in the board?

    2019-03-14 09:21:56

    Financial investment newspaperLiu Qinghua

    What are the issues to be aware of when participating in the science and technology board through the public fund?

    The science and technology board is gradually getting closer and closer. In the secondary market, venture capital and other related concept stocks have also been heated up. Since the science and technology board will implement the investor appropriateness system, the public fund has become a convenient way for many investors to participate in the science and technology board, and the fund company has also actively applied for the relevant fund of the science and technology board. According to statistics from the "Finance Investment News" reporter, as of March 13, about 45 Science and Technology Board funds have been reported. For investors who want to participate in the science and technology board through public funds, they need to pay attention to various factors such as the scope of investment, fund type, operation mode and managerial strength.

    By means of public funds investment, the board is the first choice

    On March 13, the China Post Venture Fund reported to China Post's Selective Hybrid Securities Investment Fund. According to statistics, this is the 45th fund in the industry.

    The report that “the first batch of science and technology boards passed the audit will appear in the middle of June” will further increase the board. Since the science and technology board has set a threshold of 500,000 yuan of assets and 2 years of securities trading experience, for more investors, it is the first choice to invest in the public fund to invest in the board, plus the company's stocks give priority to public offerings, etc. Institutional placement, the advantages of public funds are further highlighted.

    The "Financial Investment News" reporter from the CSRC announced the relevant administrative statistics related to the statistics, since the first batch of science and technology board direction fund reported, less than three months, there have been 45 funds in the direction of the board to report, very The obvious feature is that these funds have the words “technical innovation” or “kechuang” in the name.

    Pay attention to the name, category and mode of operation

    So, how should investors choose the funds related to the science and technology board to invest?

    First of all, it can be seen from the fund name that some funds use the “Kechuang Board” directly in the name, and some funds only use the words “scientific and technological innovation”. Galaxy Securities said that the funds in the direction of Science and Technology Board mainly include the Science and Technology Innovation Fund and the Science and Technology Innovation Fund. There are differences between the two. In general, the Science and Technology Board Fund refers to at least 80% of the fund's assets and even all of the investment in the board of stocks, which is similar to the "Hong Kong stocks" fund must have more than 80% of the assets invested in Hong Kong stocks.

    The technology innovation fund refers to the fund assets invested in the science and technology stocks and the same type of stocks on the main board, small and medium-sized board, and the GEM, seeking to invest in technology innovation stocks in the entire Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets.

    According to preliminary statistics, there are about 20 funds currently using the word “Kechuang Board”. Many companies have reported on the “Kechuang Board” fund and also reported “Technology Innovation” funds, such as Huaxia and Guangfa.

    Secondly, there are also differences in the types and operation methods of the science and technology related funds. In terms of fund categories, according to the range of stock positions, the fund is classified as a fund, and hybrid funds occupy the mainstream, reaching 42, and the other 3 are equity funds. From the perspective of operation mode, it is divided into open operation and closed operation, and closed operation takes a three-year cycle.

    According to the statistics of the reporters, there are a number of fund companies such as Dacheng, Zhongjin, Jiashi, Boss, Yinhua, China Merchants, Yifangda, Penghua, Guangfa, Fuguo, Huaan, etc. The first batch of submissions was submitted on February 27th, and the latest progress was received on March 6th. The open-operated science and technology board fund includes the selection of GF Electronics, and the selection of Huaxia Science and Technology.

    Some analysts believe that closed-end funds may be listed on the exchange in the future. After the official development of the future science and technology board, the relevant index of the science and technology board will appear, and the relevant index fund of the science and technology board will be born. At that time, the investors can choose more varieties when investing.

    Fund management strength is the key to gaining income

    The election fund is the fund manager. At present, the companies that declare the Science and Technology Foundation Fund are basically domestic first- and second-line fund companies, but there are still some differences in the strength of investment research. Investors can refer to the list of fund companies' investment ability published by third-party fund research institutions for screening; At the same time, after the release of the relevant issuance materials of the fund, it will be considered in combination with the management ability and historical performance of the fund manager.

    Industry insiders reminded that investment science and technology fund needs to pay attention to related risks. From the historical experience of the development of the Nasdaq market and the Shenzhen GEM, the stock market with the emerging industry companies as the main target usually faces large fluctuations. The characteristics of the science and technology enterprises also determine their stock prices. The volatility may not be small, and the volatility of the relevant funds may be inevitable.

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