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    3000 points are not afraid! There are more important opportunities than the index rise and fall

    2019-03-14 18:16:12

    Financial sector fundHk

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    Shanghai index (day) (000001)

    The Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets continued to decline. The Shanghai Composite Index fell below 3,000 points. The Growth Enterprise Board fell 2.5% and fell below the 10-day line. Individual stocks were in a bit of green. Recently, the hotspots all rebounded sharply. The risk of strong stocks continued to release. The two stocks fell more than 100 stocks. .

    Every shock in the market will trigger different voices. For the current market trend, the market has a different voice. Some think that this round of increase is already the “final escape space” of the GEM. Some people think that the adjustment is a natural phenomenon in the rise. The future index rise stage may come to an end, but the market sentiment It has not dissipated, and the pursuit of structural opportunities is more important than the rise and fall of the index.

    In response to today's market adjustments, the financial sector funds connected to a number of institutions for the first time. Industry insiders said that the recent adjustments were mainly due to factors such as profit taking, check-out, and stock index futures delivery, which had a certain impact on market sentiment. Under pressure. The industry insiders have also expressed their views.

    Dong Chengfei, deputy general manager and research director of Xingquan Fund, said that since the beginning of this year, the domestic A-share market has been eye-catching, and the market has recovered faster than the most optimistic investors at the end of last year. Market sentiment went straight from winter to summer. This rapid recovery is mainly due to the huge decline in stocks in the past few years and the low equity positions of market participants. In the case of a slight improvement in the large environment, the risk appetite of investors has risen rapidly, rather than basic. Face support. Although from the overall market perspective, the current water level is acceptable in the long run, and it can bring positive returns to investors, but in the short term, local bubbles are also rapidly accumulating, and it is foreseeable that the subsequent market fluctuations may increase. . (Full text reading)

    Sun Jiandong, general manager of Beijing Hongdao Investment, said that the importance of this adjustment is not the extent of the index adjustment, but that the adjustment process will further clarify the structural differentiation of the internal stock market and promote the stock market capital and the whole society. Configure a big transition to "dealer + technology growth". In addition, this adjustment also reflects the guidance of curbing speculative junk stocks, avoiding the market self-strengthening to the track of pure profit-free denominator and pure speculation, which is conducive to promoting both the monetary and denominator to become the mainstream of stock selection investment. The industry related to the traditional old road is welcoming the "end of the end", the speculation of junk stocks is difficult to sustain, the funds in these two aspects gradually flow out, "brokers + technology growth" will become the focus of multi-party funds. (Full text reading)

    Guo Wen, general manager of Hongyi Yuanfang Fund, said that some adjustments have also occurred during the course of singing. This is a very normal phenomenon. In addition to the excessive rise in the cause of the decline, the published economic data is also weak. From the recent data, the overall situation is not as much as expected. For example, manufacturing PMI data, export data, and financial credit data are all below market expectations. For the market, the big judgment is that the market has not finished, and will continue to improve after the adjustment. Due to the adjustments on Friday, the market's digestion may take some time. After the adjustment, the board continues to be optimistic about the GEM, and it is still stronger than the blue chip. Adjustment means that the market will follow further differentiation and hotspots and plate switching. "Full text reading)

    Li Zegang, general manager of Beijing Heju Investment, said that the recent stock market did have a rapid rise in sentiment from pessimism to optimism, but fundamental changes in fundamentals still need to be observed. After the short-term market has rapidly increased, we generally hold a neutral judgment. It is expected that the market will be in a relatively wide fluctuation in the future, and the strategy will be flexible. (Full text reading)

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