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How much is it enough to be decent? The answer is beyond your expectations...

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2019-04-14 15:17:56 source:Chinese wealth help

  As China’s population ages, the problem of old-age care is becoming more and more serious.It is predicted that from 2018 to 2023, China will enter a stage of rapid aging.Under this megatrend, can we rely on pensions to provide decent retirement?Before retirement, how much does it cost to protect the quality of life after retirement?How do we do a good old-age plan?

  China Fortune Network invitedChinaStock investmentVice President of the Fund Industry Association, Zhong Rongsa, and Director of the World Social Security Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Zheng BingwenDiscuss the above issues together.

  How much is it enough to be decent and old?

  If we don’t plan for old-age care when we are young, we can only rely on pensions to live after retirement, can we care for the elderly?

  A large part of the retirement income of the elderly comes from pensions, and the essence of pensions is that young people give money to the elderly. However, under the aging trend, more and more elderly people are spending money, and the number of young people paying for it is limited. If you only expect pensions with the same overall distribution system, it may be difficult for older people to achieve decent retirement.

  Then,How much is it necessary to save before retirement?

  Zhong Rongsa: "The Fidelity Fund has done this survey for young people.The survey result was 1.63 million yuan.If according to the current first-tier cities, the annual salary of young people is 100,000, the inflation rate is 3%, and the bank is current.Deposit interest rate1.7%, it takes 60 years to save 1.63 million; if you pressBankingIf the product is 5% of the income, it will be stored for 30 years; if it is 16% of the annualized income of the public fund's partial stock fund, the time will be shorter.But in fact, 1.63 million is not enough for us to support.

  If you want to ensure the quality of life after retirement, how much does a city resident have to save when he retirees?According to the formula, the result is: 5.7 million!

  How much is it enough to be decent? The answer is beyond your expectations...

  Zhong Rongsa: "When a person is young, he should make an overall plan and arrangement for the elderly in terms of life and finance;There must be a sense of saving money and investing, turning ‘short money’ into ‘long money’.To getcapital marketIn order to earn enough pension money, the benefits of the compound interest. ”

  What can the pension fund give you?

  Pension fund and traditionEquity fundwithBond fundDifferent,it isFOF FundIs an asset allocation.

  Zhong Rongsa: "For example, traditionalFund managerIt is equivalent to a violin solo, and the pension fund is equivalent to a symphony orchestra. The scores, rhythms, and conductors of a symphony orchestra are different from the original violin solo. ”


  FOF (FundofFunds) is a fund that invests exclusively in other investment funds. FOF does not invest directly in stocks or bonds. The scope of investment is limited to other funds. By holding other securities investment funds, indirectly holding securities assets such as stocks and bonds is a combination.Fund productsNew varieties of funds for innovation and sales channel innovation.

  The simplest feature of the Pension Fund is to provide a one-stop solution for personal retirement.At its core, it is in line with the arrangement of pension assets and the control of the risk of retracement.

  Zhong Rongsa: "It is equivalent to providing you with a nutrition package. Instead of eating red meat, you only eat meat. You should also consider eating vegetables, fruits, dairy products, etc. The basic principle of the pension fund is, Different age groups can directly match the different age stages of the pension fund products, allowing more people to participate consciously in pension planning and investment."

  The core problem to be solved by the pension fund is the downturn curve.As the target date approaches, gradually increase the proportion of investment in fixed-income assets and reduce the proportion of equity-based assets to better realize the asset allocation of investors at different ages.

  such as:A 30-year-old person holds a larger proportion of possible stock funds (equity) in the portfolio.

  How much is it enough to be decent? The answer is beyond your expectations...

  A 40-50 year old person must lower the position of the equity fund to meet the demand for withdrawal, because he began to take cash in his 60s, so the proportion of solids in the portfolio is relatively large.

  How much is it enough to be decent? The answer is beyond your expectations...

  How does the pension fund earn money from the market?

  The top design is very important in the academic, industry, and government sectors.For the pension fund, top-level design and system design are the key, and taxation is the core.

  Zhong Rongsa: "Why is the core of the pension fund a tax? That is to say, in the years when you accumulate pension before you retire, the money is not allowed to be taken. Only when you retire can you take it. As a fund manager, when he is a hand When the funds are in the 10, 20, and 30-year period, will he still be like a retail investor in the secondary market? It will not be. So, only the 'short money' will be turned into 'long money'. Let the fund manager really invest in the long-term, in order to really earn the money in the market."

  In addition,The investment in the pension fund should be used in a fixed investment manner.

  Zhong Rongsa: "In fact, the fixed investment solves the problem of investors' difficult time. For example, a young man in his 20s, if he decides to invest 1000 yuan a month, if he insists on 20 or 30 years, then regardless of the fund. Whether it is ups and downs, in the end he is actually making money, and he can also get compound interest in the capital market."

  Zhong Rongsa also said that he hopes to mobilize the enthusiasm of Internet third-party platforms including WeChat and Alipay in the future, promote the sales of pension fund, and provide investors with richer and more convenient choices so that more young people can go ahead of time. Prepare for the elderly.

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