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    The scale of public funds has returned to 14 trillion. The base of goods has soared by 750 billion in two months.

    2019-04-15 01:06:31

    Daily Economic News

    In February 2019, the A-shares counterattacked and went out of a wave of super-expected bull market. The enthusiasm of investors entering the market was high, and the public fund industry shouted that “the fund was sold well”.

    The China Fund Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the China Foundation) released the latest public fund market data in February 2019. As of the end of February, 122 fund management companies managed a total of 14.29 trillion yuan of public fund assets, the first two of 2019. In the middle of the month, the size of public funds has risen by 1.26 trillion yuan.

    The scale of the rise has been fully blossomed in various fields, including equity funds, hybrid funds, money funds, bond funds, and QDII funds, which all experienced different scales in February. The money fund is still the main force for setting up a large-scale banner.

    The scale of equity funds has risen two times in a month.

    After the Spring Festival this year, the A-share market was warm, especially in February, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 13.79% in a single month, and the Shenzhen Composite Index rose more than 20%.

    According to the scale of public fund released by China Foundation, the scale of equity fund products has risen for two consecutive months since the end of this year. As of the end of February, the size of equity funds was 948.514 billion yuan, an increase of 11.52% from the previous month, compared with 824.463 billion at the end of last year. The size of the yuan rose by more than 15%.

    From the perspective of hybrid fund products, at the end of February, the size of hybrid funds rose by 8.4% to 1.5 trillion yuan, a figure that was 10.14% higher than the size at the end of last year.

    In terms of the number of funds, in the current liquidation of funds and the normalization of transformation, overall, equity funds did not increase excessively. As of the end of February, the number of equity funds and hybrid funds was 946 and 2,397 respectively. Equity funds increased by 4 from the previous month, the number of hybrid funds did not increase and decreased, and the number of funds in a single month decreased by 4.

    According to the data of the China Foundation, as of the end of February 2019, there were 122 fund management companies in China, including 44 Sino-foreign joint ventures and 78 domestic-funded companies. Securities companies or securities companies that obtained the qualifications for public fund management were 13 There are 2 insurance and management companies, and the total assets of the public funds managed by the above institutions totaled 14.29 trillion yuan. The last breakthrough of 14 trillion yuan was last August.

    The cargo base set off a banner for the rise in size in February

    The scale of the equity market is on the rise, and the consolidation field is not inferior.

    It is worth mentioning that the largest fund fund in the public fund industry is still an important promoter of the flag of rising size in February.

    According to the data of the China Foundation, at the end of December last year, the size of the money fund reached 7.62 trillion yuan, which was a year of shrinking from the previous month. Since 2019, the size of the money fund has risen successively, and it has grown more than two months. 750 billion yuan.

    Specifically, at the end of January this year, the size of the money fund was 8.15 trillion yuan, an increase of 7%. By the end of February, the size of the money fund continued to climb to 8.37 trillion yuan, equivalent to an increase of 0.22 trillion yuan. It rose by 2.68%.

    The apparent increase in money funds also made the proportion of the fund's total fund size at the end of February reached 58.59%.

    The rise in the size of bond funds is more stable than that.

    According to the data of the China Foundation, the scale data of bond funds has risen steadily for many months. As of the end of February, the debt-based scale was 2.44 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 2.22%, an increase of 7.64% from the end of last year.

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