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Do not hesitate to pay for the blood, and strive for the first opportunity. The pension fund has become a "place of competition" in the industry.

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2019-04-15 03:26:13 source:Securities Times

The pension fund has becomefund company"The land of competition."

Although issuedPension fundsThe size of the first fundraising is not large, and it is still unknown how much the tax deferral policy can play a role in the development of pension funds. However, a large number of fund companies regard pension funds as the key direction for future business development. Large companies are arranging, and medium-sized companies are building their own characteristics of pension FOF according to their respective endowments.Competitive advantages. And some smaller companies that have not yet qualified for pension funds are also looking for diversified developments in the pension sector.

  Be the first to build a first-mover advantage

  And scale barriers

For large companies, pension funds are projects that need to be developed and invested heavily. Southern Fuyuan stable and pensionFund managerHuang Jun believes that the pension FOF has extremely high requirements for research, wide product coverage, high cost of change and configuration, and all configurations must be based on highly deterministic research in order to carry out medium and long-term layout. He said that in the initial stage, investing resources at all costs to ensure the construction of a reliable research system, and finally achieving a virtuous circle of investment performance, management scale and research resources, is the key to increasing the competitiveness of pension FOF products.

Many corporate pension fund investment research teams are unprecedentedly luxurious.GF FundThe asset allocation investment team has more than 10 years of experience in global asset allocation.Social securityDomestic investment veteran with combined management experience and more than 10 years of FOF operational experience.Central European FundThe pension investment team members have an average age of 13 years and are in large scale.Insurance companyManage the experience of trillions and billions of levels.

There are also some companies that want to build a competitive advantage based on their own situation.Invesco Great WallChen Wenyu, deputy general manager, said that the company's foreign shareholder Jingshun Group has rich experience in the pension business. They maintain close communication with foreign shareholders and share the advanced experience of foreign parties.

  Want to build

  Pension fund full product line

In the interview, the reporter learned that most fund companies hope to establish a comprehensive pension fund product line covering target date and target risk products.

Huabao Fund has laid out a target risk-based pension fund, which will continue to focus on the target risk and target date in terms of both the target-risk type of equity and non-equity ratio and the decline curve of research stability. Product line perspective, enrich product line.

Chen Wenyu said that the Invesco Great Wall has a layout in both the Target Date Fund (TDF) and the Target Risk Fund (TRF). The product line includes products with different target dates and different risks.

  Agricultural Bank of ChinaAlso said that they have developed a series of pensionsFund productsLine planning, including target date funds and target risk funds with different risk styles.

Sui Lei, the fund manager of the China-Europe Fund, said that the company will gradually improve its layout and introduce diversified pension investment products with reasonable fees, clear structure and convenient services to meet the needs of investors of different ages and different risk preferences for pension investment products.

There are also fund companies that are currently unable to declare products, and they also expressed their desire to develop pension funds.HSBC Jinxin FundThey said that they will lay out ordinary products, not FOF, but will use the direct investment of stocks to realize the function of pension funds, thus enriching the product form of pension funds.

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