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Monetary fund yields fell below 2.5%. Which investment instruments can you choose?

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2019-04-15 03:38:12 source:China Fund News Author:He Wei

Tianhong Yubao has cultivated nearly 600 million customers. along withMonetary FundThe yield rate continues to decline. Will it still attract the people after the release of Tianhong Yubao? What investment tools can the Citizens choose to achieve stable investment income?

Recently, Tianhong official said that it will be cancelled from April 10Tianhong Yubao CurrencyMarket fund personal trading account holding quota and single-day subscription limit. It is worth noting that the money fund headed by Tianhong Yubao has a clear downward trend. The data shows that as of April 12, the fund's annualized rate of return on the 7th was 2.285%.

OneBond fundThe manager said thatCentral bankMonetary policy is moderately accommodative, and it has also increased the intensity of economic stimulus policies, which has led to a short-term interest rate down. This isGoods baseAccording to Wind's statistics, as of April 12, the average 7-day annualized return rate of 668 money funds was 2.42%, which was at a historical low. At the same time, the monetary fund's rate of return has been at historically low levels for some time.

What are there?Financial productCan you maintain a high rate of return? In recent years,BankingThe scale showed a gradual contraction, and the interest rate was also affected by the macroscopic decline, but the yield was higher than the money fund. Wind data, in the bank financing products sold,Construction bank(Quotes601939,Medical stock)(Hong Kong stocks00939),Agricultural Bank of China(Quotes601288,Medical stock)(Hong Kong stocks01288),Bank of Communications(Quotes601328,Medical stock)(Hong Kong stocks03328The expected annualized rate of return of products such as products exceeds 3%, and the expected annualized rate of return for some 90-day products reaches about 4%.

last yearNet redShort fundDebt baseKim can also pay more attention. Monetary fund positioning is a cash management tool that needs to respond to real-time needs, so it will be equipped with more liquid currency instruments, such as deposit receipts. The short-term debt fund belongs to the bond fund, and the investment target is concentrated on the bond. The income and fluctuation level of the bond are higher than the deposit receipt of the same period.

Followed by short debtFund portfolioThe term is more flexible. For all products configured by the IMF, the remaining period of the portfolio cannot exceed 120 days. A short remaining period represents a small price volatility and low asset returns. However, the combination period of short-term debt funds is relatively flexible and is not subject to 120 days.

Wind statistics show that as of April 12, short-termPure debt fundThe yield has been much higher since the beginning of this year than the money fund. The average yield of short-term pure bonds is 0.86%, and the average yield of the money fund is 0.76%. If the investment period is lengthened, the medium and long-term pure debt fund will have higher returns, and the average yield will reach 1.1%.

In addition, third-party sales organizations have launched a robust portfolio of benchmarking money funds that can achieve higher investment returns through intelligent selection. It is understood that, and slowly launched the top three currencies, from the market of 600 money funds to choose the three funds with higher yields, from time to time to adjust positions to achieve higher returns; financial management Rubik's cube launched a stable combination, the agency chose the fund more For flexibility, including money funds, bond funds that invest in interest rate bonds, and bond funds that invest in credit bonds.

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