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Noon high-end manufacturing stock (001707)

OpenStock type high risk

690 billion short-term wealth management fund initiated rectification

Unit net value:
0.8770 2018-11-19
0.8767 Latest valuation
0.8770 Cumulative net worth

Near March:1.04% Nearly 1 year:-15.27% Date of establishment: 2017-06-08

Fund Manager:Shi GaofeiManagement company:Nuoan Fund Management Co., Ltd.

Fund size: 52 million yuan (2018-09-30)Financial sector rating:--

MoreHistorical net worth
Deadline Unit net value Cumulative net worth growth rate
2018-11-19 0.8770 0.8770 1.04%
2018-11-16 0.8680 0.8680 2.24%
2018-11-15 0.8490 0.8490 2.29%
2018-11-14 0.8300 0.8300 -0.60%

status:Open subscription open redemption

purchasing price:

Estimated purchase cost:0yuan

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Analysis of fund investment strategy and operation during the reporting period
During the reporting period, the Fund's net growth rate was 0.70%. Specifically, during the reporting period, the Fund's position was 91.61%. The top three industries with heavy positions were TMT, banks and light industry. The average market capitalization of each industry accounted for 53.58% and 20.16% of the net asset value, respectively. 6.94%. From the trend of the stock market in the third quarter of 2018, the shockdown has become the main trend of the market, so the position and structure are the main reasons for determining the fund's income. Domestic economic data was stable in the third quarter, household consumption was weak, and real estate data was not good. The Sino-US trade war continued to be the mainstream risk of this month. The domestic focus event in the third quarter was the promotion of local debt processing opinions and the promotion of consumer promotion policies. As a result, financial markets appeared... More

Performance Data date: 2018-11-19
Nearly 1 week Near January Nearly March Near June Nearly 1 year since this year Since it is founded
Interval return 6.56% 11.72% 1.04% -4.26% -15.27% -8.26% -12.30%
Similar average 2.47% 7.20% -0.76% -16.47% -19.80% -16.89% 1.76%
Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index 2.79% 5.09% 2.01% -15.59% -20.05% -18.27% 229.46%
Similar ranking 16/649 95/644 180/633 32/613 138/534 87/650 373/650
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