First volume

Time is a must, and the weather is changing. Twenty years of Fanghua flow, the flow of years of struggle extraordinary. In 1998, the public fund was launched; in 2018, the public fund was in its prime. The trillions of capital are both in place and the management is heavily blamed. Who is Zhaomin’s collection? The fund manager is in the process. I want to know how to feel, and it seems that the letter is like a beggar.

Who is the fund manager? The pillars of the public recruitment, the elite of the industry, the foundation of the people. On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary, Fang Dangsheng is not easy to live, and the capital is hot and prosperous. The Financial Industry Fund invites the fund manager Ya Yan to take the identity of the mountain and the participants. Or to look back on the past, or talk about it, or talk about the industry, or give pointers to research. There are a lot of salty collections, a total of grand celebrations, high-profile words, lead jade throwing bricks, fingers of the moon, the boat of the sea, can not open investors new wisdom, benefit the development of the industry, and how lucky!

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