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    Fund comparison:

    Fund comparison is the financial communityOne of the featured features,you canEnter the fund name or codeIn the comparison box, the fund is comprehensively compared from the following aspects: basic information, performance, scale change, giant rating, investment portfolio, etc.

    basic information
    Fund type
    Purchase status
    Redemption status
    Unit net value
    Cumulative net worth
    Asset size (100 million yuan)
    Date of establishment
      Fund manager
      Date of appointment
      Income during employment
      Income statement during the term of office
        Last week
        Last month
        Last three months
        Near half a year
        since this year
        Nearly a year
        Nearly three years
        Nearly five years
          Net trend
          Time period: from 2017-03-20 to 2018-03-16
          Yield trend
          Time period: from 2017-03-20 to 2018-03-16
          Scale change trend
          Similar ranking trend in recent March
          Giant spirit rating