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Private custom

Professional risk assessment system, “Thousands of people” plan your asset allocation plan

Global configuration

Covering A-share, Hong Kong stocks, US stocks, bonds, gold and other major assets, effectively diversifying investment risks

Dynamic adjustment

Track global market ups and downs, choose the best time for intelligent optimization

Steady win 4

Yield in the past three years

The combination of medium and low risk large-category assets is relatively large, suitable for conservative investors.

Balance 1

Yield in the past three years

Equilibrium allocation of assets with different risk characteristics, suitable for stable investors

Growth No. 2

Yield in the past three years

Get a reasonable return in a more aggressive configuration for growth investors

Aggressive No. 4

Yield in the past three years

Equity-based assets, cross-regional hedging risks, suitable for enterprising investors

Gold Financial Fund Supermarket Hot Money Fund, which is expected to have the highest annualized rate of money fund management
Equity fund/ What are the stocks, let the fund come? More>> Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 nearly one year increase:
Hybrid fund/ Both investment and investment, both offensive and defensive More>> Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 nearly one year increase:
Bond fund/ Investing in bonds, the benefits are truly "steady growth" More>> One-year time deposit rate:
Monetary fund/ 0 risk, 10 times current savings income, flexible access More>> Demand deposit rate:
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