Top private equity annual income rankings
RankingFund abbreviationFund managerYield during the periodoperating
1 Big private equity  --  214.49%
2 Guanfeng Sugar  --  185.00%
3 Xinbao Hongcheng  Xin Baohong  170.72%
4 Xinbao Hongcheng  Xin Baohong  147.73%
5 Dahe Investment  --  133.83%
6 Dahe Investment  --  131.03%
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RankingFund nameYield during the periodUnit net valueCumulative net worthNet dateSince it is foundedFund managerDate of establishmentAffiliation strategyRatingoperating
1 Huayu Global Bauhinia 1  439.50%  5.57  5.57 2018-05-25  144.30%  -- 2016-06-22 other  -- reservation
2 Hengli Asset Management Phase 1  309.15%  3.94  3.94 2018-11-08  65.89%  -- 2016-02-24 Securities investment trust  -- reservation
3 Bo Yuankecheng  221.85%  3.90  3.90 2018-11-09 --  -- Securities investment trust  -- reservation
4 Luoshu CTA Phase I  178.59%  2.85  2.85 2018-10-26  57.29%  -- 2016-07-04 Securities investment trust  -- reservation
5 Dafan Private Recruitment No. 1  177.93%  1.04  2.93 2018-11-09  119.68%  -- 2016-08-29 Securities investment trust  -- reservation
6 Zhixin 354  143.61%  2.79  2.98 2018-05-30  233.67%  -- 2017-06-29 Securities investment trust  -- reservation
7 Good deed 1  142.46%  1.52  2.32 2018-11-02  112.23%  -- 2017-07-03 Securities investment trust  -- reservation
8 Gold? Annoyed?  140.77%  1.11  2.11 2018-08-10  215.49%  -- 2017-11-09 Securities investment trust  -- reservation
9 Snowball Value Selection 2  134.75%  1.88  2.88 2018-10-31  59.49%  -- 2016-01-18 Securities investment trust  -- reservation
10 Virtual cloud number one  133.49%  1.53  2.46 2018-11-02  111.22%  -- 2017-05-23 Securities investment trust  -- reservation
Top Sun Private Equity Show
Deya Investment President: Zhang Mingli

30 years of experience, has a full range of accurate recognition of the market, the industry is very well known.

Deya aggressive
Mature and sophisticated, after star
Cumulative increase:563.58%

Private equity champion: Huang Ping

Chuang Shixiang Investment Director, China Sunshine Private Equity Champion for two consecutive years

Creation of the world
Former death squad, today's defending champion
Cumulative increase:98.54%

Gold medal secretary: Chen Yu

General Manager of Shennong Investment

Shennong 1
Gold medal secretary, great record
Cumulative increase:135.77%

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Guest: Gao Yi Assets Qiu Guolu

Character tag: Xueba + the first batch of investors

Working time: 20 years +

Abstract: It is very difficult for a fund manager to start a business. There are seven things to open, and one must not be less.

Guest: Thousand joint ventures Wang Yawei

Character Tags: China's most profitable fund manager

Working time: 20 years +

Abstract: Three months of the trip to the United States, meditation has made me jump out of China's relatively closed market.

Smart investment studio

Features: Quantitative algorithm driven

Z quantified intelligent financial team support

Abstract: Good at mining big data and trader behavior, and has important achievements in technical analysis, event-driven and other fields.

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askHow did the money fund break the position?

answerStrictly speaking, there is no such thing as a monetary fund, but why is there such a statement? In fact, the so-called monetary fund bursts and bank runs are similar. Suppose a large client wants to redeem the purchased money fund, and the base does not currently have enough cash to pay the redemption amount. In order to deal with the redemption, it is bound to sell the financial assets held at no cost. There may be losses and damage to the interests of other holders, causing a greater redemption tide, just like the forced liquidation of leveraged products, so the image is called “explosion”.

askQiao Xing private debt is a breach of contract, what exactly is a private debt?

answerPrivate debt refers to a kind of corporate bond that is issued and transferred in a private way by small and medium-sized enterprises in China. It is scheduled to repay the principal and interest within a certain period of time. It is not issued in public, so it is a private debt issue and there is no administrative license. A private corporate bond is a bond issued by the issuer to a small number of investors with whom it has a specific relationship. The private placement of corporate bonds is small, and most of its investors are financial institutions such as banks or insurance companies. However, we also saw that most of the investors in the Qiaoxing private debts that defaulted were not financial institutions such as banks or insurance companies, but many small and medium-sized investors subscribed for most of the bond shares through the Caibao platform. In essence, Qiao Xing private debt is actually more biased towards the nature of public offerings. However, due to the cloak of private debt, the overseas private placement of Qiaoxing was basically ineffective in terms of supervision and review. Regarding the qualifications of the bond issuer, the operation status, the use of borrowing funds, and the debt guarantee arrangement, many investors are unaware of it. Strictly speaking, this is a violation of the regulatory principles and laws.

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