• The details of the sanctions are released! The United States vows to let Iran collapse. Rohani: Oh, we will proudly break the sanctions.

    Yesterday, the United States announced the specific details of the second batch of sanctions against Iran. Individuals, entities, planes, ships, banks, etc. were spared. So far, the sanctions that the United States had previously withdrawn due to the Iranian nuclear agreement have been fully restarted. ......

  • EPA comes out through the world's largest free trade zone EU and Japan "holding warmth" against US trade protectionism

    As the United States withdraws from the TPP, the Trump administration launches a trade war, and the former good partners EU and Japan are inevitably hurt. ......

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Inflation is quietly approaching. It’s time to hold some gold.

For the gold market, inflation is a very important aspect. In the case of higher inflation, gold as an inflation hedge tends to attract more attention. Black pointed out that this shows that the market is skeptical about the ability of the US government to pay its debts, and that inflation is slowly returning to the market.

2018-11-10 13:22:40

Gold price risk is biased downwards, paying close attention to these two positions

In early trading on Friday, the US dollar index fluctuated and traded near the highest level on November 1. As a result, the short-term pressure on gold fell and the price of gold fell below the support of $1,220. Analysts pointed out that gold is currently under moderate pressure, the Fed resolution did not bring significant fluctuations in gold prices, gold short-term or face a downside.

2018-11-10 13:21:27

New York's December gold fell more than $16 on Friday

2. On Friday (November 9), the US consumer confidence index for the University of Michigan in November was 98.3, slightly better than the expected 98, but weaker than the final value of 98.6 in October and the average of 98.5 in 2018. The US October ISM non-manufacturing PMI index released on Monday (November 5) was 60.3%, slightly lower than the previous value of 61.6%, but higher than the expected 59.3%, but the data had little impact on the market.

2018-11-10 13:17:30

Crude oil hits the longest losing streak in history. Gold recorded the deepest decline this week.

Spot gold fell sharply on Friday (November 9). The US market hit a low of 1206.72 US dollars per ounce, hitting a four-week low. The price of gold broke through the 1220 and 1210 barriers and recorded the biggest daily decline this week. 2. On Friday (November 9), the initial value of the University of Michigan consumer confidence index for November was 98.3, slightly better than the expected 98, but weaker than the final value of 98.6 in October and the average of 98.5 in 2018.

2018-11-10 13:15:33

Gold survey: market divergence Wall Street turns to bearish retailers continue to be bullish

Kitco's weekly gold survey released on Friday (November 9) showed that in the face of next week's gold trend, Wall Street professionals adjusted their previous bullish attitude to bearish, but ordinary investors continued to be bullish. Colin Cieszynski, chief market strategist at SIA Wealth Management, said traders are not lining up to buy gold because of falling energy prices and the Fed's continued rate hike.

2018-11-10 13:15:03

The storm continues: the US dollar broke through the 97 mark in one fell swoop. Gold fell by 17 dollars.

On Friday (November 9), spot gold suffered severe selling pressure during the trading hours in New York City, falling to the lowest level of $1206.13 per ounce since October 11, falling more than $17. With major European currencies such as the euro and the pound plunging sharply against the dollar, the US dollar index broke through the 97 mark in one fell swoop, hitting a high of 97.02.

2018-11-10 13:13:15

South African gold production plummeted by 19%. Can gold bulls stand up straight?

In October, the US PPI monthly rate growth rate hit a six-year high, which made it difficult for the gold price to maintain its upward trend. In the past two weeks, the gold market has been playing a short-selling battle. The net position in the two weeks has increased by more than 60,000 hands. It is the two consecutive weeks in which the gold speculative net position has increased continuously since the Brexit in June 2016.

2018-11-10 11:20:50

The third quarter gold ETF sell-off limited the rebound

Metal consultancy GFMS said on Friday (November 9) that the third quarter gold price spurred investment demand, but the sale of gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs) limited the rebound in related demand. Demand for quarter gold coins increased by nearly 20% to 73 tons from the second quarter, up 16% year-on-year; demand for gold bars fell slightly to 175 tons in the third quarter and 176 tons in the second quarter.

2018-11-10 10:00:22

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