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    In addition to the Chinese aunts, central banks have also shot! Gold and gold stocks have risen

    2019-02-08 10:56:52

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    In the sound of firecrackers, one year old, the spring breeze warmed into the Tusu, and the golden pig year finally came.

    Every year, many people love to buy some gold to add joy. Against the background of the Fed's slow interest rate hike, many professional organizations predict that gold prices are expected to rise again in 2019, and gold stocks will have good investment opportunities.

    Buying gold scenes "good"! Chinese aunts have shot again?

    Even the price of the gold 999 rose from 345 yuan per gram to 353 yuan, but the front of the trans-belt counter is still "people mountain people sea"... this spectacular, it must be that my "Chinese aunt" is back; this scene , or the same recipe, the same taste!

    Central bank purchases record

    Not only are consumers buying gold, the scene is very hot, and even central banks have also shot.

    Recently, the World Gold Council released the "2018 Gold Demand Report". In 2018, global gold demand increased by 4% to 4345.1 tons, which is basically the same as the five-year average of the global market. Under the condition that global demand for gold ornaments is basically stable, The recovery in demand in the Chinese market has set a new high in three years.

    The data shows that in 2018, the global total gold demand was 4345.1 tons, compared with 4159.9 tons in the same period of 2017, slightly lower than the average demand of 4347.5 tons in the past five years. The central bank purchase is almost the only bright spot in the global gold market demand in 2018. The volume of gold purchased by major central banks has increased by 74%, reflecting the need for further diversified asset allocation by emerging market central banks.

    It is worth noting that the global central bank has once again become a big buyer in the gold market, and the amount of gold purchased has set a new record after the end of the Bretton Woods system, which is nearly doubled compared to 2017. In recent years, central banks' gold reserves have shown an increasing trend. The Russian central bank only increased its gold reserves by 275 tons in 2018, making it the fifth largest gold reserve country in the world.

    China is the largest market for global gold. According to the latest data from the China Gold Association, China ranks first in the world in terms of both gold production and consumption. Specifically, domestic gold production in 2018 was 401.12 tons, compared with 2017, the output was reduced by 25.02 tons, down 5.87% year-on-year. It has ranked first in the world for 12 consecutive years since 2007; the actual consumption of gold in the country in 2018 was 1151.43. Tonne, an increase of 5.73% compared with the same period of last year, has been the world's number one for six consecutive years.

    Gold and gold stocks have risen silently

    In fact, gold investment targets, including gold and gold stocks, have begun to rise silently.

    Since October last year, the gold price has started a new round of upswing, and the COMEX gold futures have risen more than 10%. Recently, the price of gold has increased slightly, and the monthly increase in January was close to 4%.

    Driven by the rise in gold prices, gold stocks also showed a large increase. Domestic gold leading stocksShandong GoldIn December last year, it rose more than 11% in a single month, which is a bright spot in the relatively sluggish A-share market.

    If the Fed cuts interest rates, how can gold go in 2019?

    On Wednesday, 6th, the US Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen said in an interview with CNBC that the Fed must rely on the latest economic data to determine whether its next policy is to raise interest rates or cut interest rates. If the global economic growth really weakens and spills over to the United States, then the next step is definitely to cut interest rates.

    This echoed her position three weeks ago. At the time, Yellen said at the National Retail Federation (NRF) annual exhibition: "If the global economy declines and spillovers affect the United States, we are very likely to have witnessed the last interest rate hike in this round of interest rate hikes. It’s perfect for the US to raise interest rates once or twice, but nothing is in the default path. I expect the Fed to take a breather and assess the current economy before the next move.”

    On Thursday, Fed Chairman Powell also said at the press conference after the Fed that the US macroeconomic environment is strong, but it also mentioned the slowdown in overseas economies, especially in Europe. He said that if the UK hardly breaks the European Union and causes financial market turmoil, it will hurt the US economy.

    In this context, more and more people believe that the gold market is expected to usher in a big bull market.

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